Geert Wilders on Capitol Hill: another hatchet job from the Left

The Faith Divide

From the Washington Post a little piece by Eboo Patelan who brings us together so others can drive us apart.

“There is a foreign element threatening America. He believes the Qur’an promotes violence.”

In other words, he has actually read it, and understands the Islamic concept of Abrogation

“He creates videos of Muslims committing terrorist acts and hopes mainstream media plays them.”

No, he COMPILES videos made by Muslims promoting terror and films of Muslims committing terror then compares that to the texts that the Muslims mentioned above who promoted and committed the terror say is the REASON they committed terror. IS this too hard a concept for Mr. Patel?

“He is committed to the clash of civilizations — Islam vs. the West.”

My take on it is that he just wants the Muslims to stop clashing against our civilization; he could care less what they do in their own lands. 

“Britain, our primary ally, denied him entry, claiming he was a threat to public order. “

Nice touch there, a simple statement cum indictment that totally ignores the fact that the "threat to public order" represented by Mr. Wilders in Britain was the result of a threat by the only Muslim member of the House of Lords to rally 10,000 Muslims to physically prevent Mr. Wilders from entering Parliament! But, Wilders is the threat, not the Muslims to Mr. Patel!

“Now he wants to come here.  This foreign element does not speak Arabic. He does not pray five times a day. He does not have a beard. He is not even a Muslim. He is Geert Wilders, a Member of Parliament from a right-wing party in the Netherlands.”

I am still waiting for someone to tell me what makes this man so "right Wing". He speaks in defense of freedom of religion, against anti-Semitism, against people who are against LBGT and women’s rights. Sounds like a Moderate Liberal to me!

“Why he’s so interested in amplifying Osama bin Laden’s message that Islam promotes violence and division I don’t know.”

Yes you do Mr. Patel!  He wants to bring to light the fact that the best financed and most influential voices in Islam today are the most extremist. i.e. Saudi, Wahabi influenced madrassas and mosques. Bin Laden remember? He wants to STOP the spread of THAT version of Islam and give the moderates of the religion the space to reform it from within; instead of fear for their lives from the moment they reveal they are TRULY moderate. 

“And why he’s being invited to screen his offensive film Fitna in the ornate LBJ room in the U.S. Capitol confuses me too. My friend Keith Ellison, an African-American Congressman from Minnesota and a Muslim, compared it to screening the horribly racist film The Birth of the Nation in the White House.”

Hmm, the film I KNOW OF as The Birth of The Nation is not a compilation of actual films, statements and acts made by those whom the film attacks! The last time I looked it was not a collection of accurate news accounts of the activities of blacks and their own justifications for violence and crime! This kind of extreme hyperbole is not accurate nor  useful in this situation. Shame on you Mr. Patel!

“A lot of people are mad about this. But I don’t think this is the time to get mad. I think this is the time to think strategy, and to remember core American values.”

… Read the rest if you have a strong stomach or enjoy un-spinning the distortions of someone who surely is evil or evilly ignorant.

“Please e-mail On Faith if you’d like to receive an email notification when On Faith sends out a new question.”

Oh yes people PLEASE email them and tell them what you think of this one sided attitude that already knows the truth without looking.

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5 Responses to Geert Wilders on Capitol Hill: another hatchet job from the Left

  1. Susan says:

    I'm an American woman of middle eastern ancestry (my paternal grandparents were Orthodox Christians who immigrated from what is now Syria to the US to escape Muslim oppression) who has lived in Amsterdam for many years. I am fluent in Arabic (both classical and levantine) as well as Dutch. I think I'm uniquely qualified to comment on Mr. Patel's article, which I found disappointing because it lacked any factual basis.

    I met Geert Wilders twice several years ago before death threats to him by Muslim radicals forced the Dutch government to keep him under lock and key because it feared yet another assassination within the borders of the Netherlands (Pim Fortuyn and Theo VanGogh were previously murdered because of their negative opinions of Islam and Muslim immigration into the country). Mr. Wilders is not a thug, nor is he far-right or a fascist (which is what Mr. Patel and other members of the press are calling him when they use the term "far-right"). Wilders can be undiplomatic and dramatic in his discriptions of Islam; that being said, the concerns he has are those of many Dutch citizens and legal aliens living in the country.

  2. Susan says:

    Continued from Previous Comment….

    The mass migration of Muslims–mostly from Turkey and Morocco in the case of the Netherlands–has had a huge negative impact on Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Europe in general. Dutch taxpayers have been forced to pay huge sums to support a people who largely refuse to integrate and, in some instances, don't hesitate to bite that hand that literally feeds them by insulting Dutch people and Dutch culture. In Amsterdam, women (including me) and homosexuals hesitate to go out at night for fear of being assaulted by roving gangs of Muslim youth. 70% of all violent crimes in the country are committed by Muslims; and, the police do little about it for fear of reprisals and for fear of exposing the ugly fallacy that is political correctness and "diversity".

  3. Susan says:

    Continued from Previous Comment….

    Perhaps even more offensive than these facts is the position of most Dutch politicians (excluding Wilders), and the Dutch government in general. Rather than listen to the fears and concers of the native Dutch, like Mr. Patel, these parties attack as a biggot and fascist anyone who dares to expose the reality of the situation, including Mr. Wilders. In fact, it's fair to say that the Dutch government and press was in part to blame for Pim Fortuyn's murder because they wrongfully painted him as a Nazi and did so with reckless abandon.

  4. Susan says:

    Continued from Previous Comment….

    I got a particular chuckle out of Mr. Patel's quote from Congressman Ellison, a Muslim convert, that Mr. Wilder's film "Fitna" reminded him of the DW Griffith film "Birth of a Nation". Fitna is merely a collection of film clips in which Muslim clerics preach violence against the West and non-Muslims, without any addtional comments or editiorializing from Mr. Wilders. With that in mind, I think Mr. Ellison's characterization is more appropriate coming from someone from my background than from a Muslim convert. If Fitna is analogous to "Birth of a Nation", the Muslims depicted are analogous to the KKK and we non-Muslims are the innocent victims.

    If Congressman Ellison is offended by Fitna, perhaps he should have studied his chosen faith more before deciding to convert; beter yet, perhaps he should work from the inside to stop those who exercise the ugliest side of Islam that has become all too familiar over the past decades to the entire world.

  5. Susan says:

    Continued from Previous Comment….

    In summary, I'd like to use the old saw that Mr. Patel is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts. Unfortunately, however, Mr. Patel, like many others journalists who have opined over "Islamophobia" in the past several months, has no facts. In the future, his work might be fortified (and therefore more respected) if he were to do some serious research before slandering someone in the press. As it stands, he, like many other journalists, comes off like an un-thinking shill of the liberal left and hsi editorial contributes little, if anything to critical discourse about clash of the West with Islam. Oh for the days of real journalism!

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