Israeli girl ‘youngest divorcee’

(HH here: I know, you thought this would be about some radical Jesish sect that had merried off some pre-pubescent like the Muslims and some Hindu’s and Sihks do. But no…)

Both partners came from Jerusalem’s large religious Jewish community
A 14-year-old Israeli girl has got a divorce from her 17-year-old husband, making her what media are describing as the country’s youngest divorcee.
The divorce came after a rabbinical court ruled that their wedding met the major requirements of Jewish law.

The two sweethearts had exchanged vows in front of friends, exchanged a ring, and the union had been consummated.

(HH here: so the kids did things “by the book” and the religious authorities considered them married. Isn’t that a refreshing change from clerics that will kill young people before allowing them to take their own faith in to their hands.)

When her parents found out what had occurred, they insisted on a religious divorce, which she initially refused.

Both partners come from traditionally religious Jewish families.

The religious court in Jerusalem …n held the divorce proceeding.

The divorce will go on the girl’s legal file, meaning that when she is 16, her identity card will say she is divorced.

One consequence of this is that – if she follows Jewish religious law – she will not be able to marry anyone with the name of Cohen, who are traditionally the Jewish priestly caste.

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