U.S. pulling out of ‘Durban II’ conference (Yipee!)

(HH here: Again Obama does the right thing!!! I voted for McCain myself but have been, over all, very please SO FAR with the OVERALL actions of the new administration. I have been quite dismayed to see those that I hoped where in a “mostly moderate” camp turn rabid in the hostility of their analysis since Obama took office. Every action Obama takes to show that he is willing to talk before resorting to force is seen as though it is the culmination of Bush policy instead of the beginning of Obama policy. Do you expect him to declare a secular holy war against any and all Muslims? If not then we need to work out what steps to take. Yes people like Hamas are ready to negotiate because they are weak now. But that means that the West can press harder for settlement and Obama can use any NEW violations AFTER OBAMA has held out his hand as just cause to put the boot in if needed later. Give him that elbow room! This decision proves he is not as Loony Left as people like Rush WANT him to be for their own ego’s fulfilment!!!!!)

By Ron Kampeas · February 27, 2009

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The Obama administration has decided to boycott the so-called Durban II conference out of concerns for anti-Semitism.

Multiple sources on a conference call with the White House on Friday told JTA that the Obama administration had opted not to attend any further preparatory meetings ahead of the planned U.N. conference against racism in Geneva in April.

The conference reprises the 2001 conference in Durban, South Africa that devolved into an anti-Jewish free-for-all. Canada and Israel have opted not to attend the conference, and some U.S. Jewish groups had been pressing the United States to do the same.

Preparations for a draft document so far have seen Iran leading a coterie of nations blocking inclusion of anything that might guarantee Jewish protections – including mention of the Holocaust – while inserting draconian language guarding Islam against “insult.”

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