The Internal Conflict of the Muslim world in a nutshell.

(HH: Here is a bit of a transcript from Memritv. IN it we have an extremist debating a liberal Muslim. Note the profoundly different worldviews exposed by this short exchange.)

Yasser Qechlaq: … I welcome any dictatorship that allows me to wage resistance, in order to restore my rights and my honor. I welcome any dictatorship in the world.

‘Uqab Saqr: It is ridiculous that we call America a dictatorship because of Abu Ghuraib. In the Arab world, there are 100,000 Abu Ghuraibs, which the rulers use against their own peoples.


I hope that all Arab regimes, starting with our Syrian neighbor, will treat their peoples like Israel and America treat their own peoples. If you establish a “dictatorship” like Israel or America here, I will kiss your hands.

Yasser Qechlaq: We don’t want it.

‘Uqab Saqr: Maybe you don’t want it, but I do.


Yasser Qechlaq: If you go to America and defend Al-Qaeda, even though it is a Jewish organization with Jewish roots and culture… If you defend it, you will go to jail.

‘Uqab Saqr: You will be treated according to the law. You might go to jail, but at least your family will know where you are.

(HH: Bang and you have it, the supremacist and the civilised. Who will win?)

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