Fundies to the Left of Me, Fundies to the Right of Me

Here we go again. Some evil moron shot an abortion doctor, in church no less. Now so called Christians are having trouble condemning this act wholeheartedly. Sound familiar? Ever notice how a fundie Communist and a fundie Muslim and a Fundie Christian all seem to sound alike on certain issues? This is a perfect example of how BOTH sides in the abortion debate have long since abandoned any moral high ground to slug it out in the swamps of reactionary evil.

And in this corner, weighing in at two hundred ninety pounds, clutching a Bible in one hand and a bag of pork rinds in the other we have the Pro-“life” movement. P.L. had a long day trying to fix the tractor a while ago and got a bit of sunstroke. He imagined that there was a new chapter in the Bible where Jesus reveals that a fetus becomes a soul-bearing person at conception. He imagines that this makes any and all fertilized eggs people (assuming they are not among the half t two thirds that God decides to abort in the first three months.). This fills P.L. with such holy rage that he must ignore Jesus’s commands to respect secular law and love your enemy and not judge and go out to, if not actually murder, not totally condemn the murder of a doctor that performs abortions AT ANY STAGE late or early.

This misogynistic bruiser foresees a society where all women of child bearing years are constantly monitored for pregnancy. Once found pregnant P.L. would have them treated for nine months as though a breathing, crying, FEELING and THINKING infant was in their arms, partaking of their food and drink and “entertainment” injestibles. Any activity that would be seen as harming to said infant would land them in jail for child abuse. And actual abortion would be charged as a murder at any stage.
Take a bow Pro “Life”ers!!!

And in THIS corner, weighing in at 98 pounds of quivering Vegan goose flesh we have the Pro-“choice” contingent wearing birkenstocks and hemp cloth cargo pants with an “end the Zionist Genocide in Palestine” t-shirt. Not content to try to sell a “live the way I tell you or God will be mad at you in the next life” ploy they have the merciless attitude of an insect as they contemplate the horrors of anyone who furthers their cause of destroying what IS so THEIR ideal utopia can be built. P.C. excused Lenin, justified Stalin, S(he) fawned over Hanoi and genuflected to Pol Pot and Guevara. But the least crimes of the “establishment” P.C. greets with howls of “evil” and “criminal” while funding dinners with people who beat their subjects for fun in support of “humanitarian causes”.

Not content with the common sense ruling of Roe vs. Wade P.C. has fought tooth and nail, using disingenuous dialectic that would have had Stalin open mouthed in envy to justify/ignore actual murder going on in the name of legal abortion.

Most reasonable folks are on the same page about the utter lunacy of P.C.’s opponent but few really analyze the heartless evil that also underlies the hardliner “liberal” stand.

Let us be clear here. This is NOT ABOUT FIRST TRIMESTER ABORTIONS AT ALL. Nor is it about 4th or even 5th and 6th month abortions.

P.C. shows his/her sunstroke by covering his/her ears and going “lalalalalalalala” when you mention the FACT that 8 and 7 month preemies are surviving in numbers far greater than they are dyeing. Poor soul-dead P.C. cannot make the simple contemplation of the difference, if any, between a woman who miscarries in her 7th month and produces a live baby and a woman who, in her 7th month CHOOSES to take the almost certainly VIABLE infant with thoughts and dreams and everything but a fully developed lung to survive and KILL IT for her convenience.
P.C. will never ask Why she did it 2,000 times last year in the U.S.

I have asked again and again in my writings for someone to tell me what medical condition a woman might have that would REQUIRE the the removal of a 7 or 8 month LIVING and VIABLE (not talking about proven severe birth defects) but allow her to have it PARTIALLY delivered. Why not just deliver it and take it to preemie ward and let it have it’s chance? CONVENIENCE!!!!!!!!

WHY won’t P.C. admit that a woman who CHOOSES to get pregnant and not abort; CHOOSES to carry for more than 6 months and not abort but then in the 8th month decides to abort has very little if any moral high ground.

The best possibility I can come up with is a woman who gets diagnosed with cancer at 7 months and needs to begin therapy at once that would harm the baby. But then again WHY couldn’t the doctors take the same track as with conjoined twins at this stage and abort only if the fetus seemed certainly non-viable out of the womb. WHY not deliver it and give it a HUMAN CHANCE then begin cancer therapy? Why? Because the Lefties are just are cruel and heartless to a baby that would be crying on the floor if their “mother” tripped going up the steps to the abortion clinic as the Righties are to the woman who is raped and wants an abortion in the first two weeks.

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