Got Jews?

Here we go again! No matter where I look it seems I keep seeing ads and images and news reports that try to draw a parallel between Israel and Nazi Germany. To me this about like drawing a parallel between Dirty Harry and The Manson Family. In the one case you have someone who has been known to go too far in a good cause. On the other we have a totally evil bunch who tried to justify their atrocities.

I have noticed a trend amongst the morally bankrupt whether they be an insincere “evangelical” preacher or a woman abuser or a radical Muslim. They all like to describe their own evils in great detail. But they assign these evils to their innocent victims; non-Christian(tm)s, woman and Jews.

You can learn volumes about the mindset of the radical Muslim. Just listen to what they say about Jews and apply it all, in total detail, to the speaker! You can’t go far wrong I promise.

When you hear the TV preacher talking about how no one can restrain their sinful ways without “Jayzus” they are merely confessing their own lack of inner moral values. They require an external authority to impose a decent life on them. They just “don’t get it”. Yet they claim the moral high ground in their moral weakness and proclaim those who do NOT need such a supernatural daddy figure are immoral and evil. This totally ignored the success of the totally secular Western system as seen in America.

The reason Thomas Jefferson and other notable agnostics and Deists like Franklin used a lot of Biblical imagery was that simply that the Bible contained a common language of image and theology from which express his Enlightenment era ideas. The Bible can be useful in that capacity today. It is interesting to note how many of the concepts of the New Testament are actually Rabbinical ideas that had their root in Hillel and other Jewish sages of Jesus’ time. One idea that is common to both traditions is very apropos today: Judge them by their fruits.

In every society where Jews are allowed to pursue their lives with any degree of freedom, and some places where they can’t, they bring a yeast-like effect. Simply list a series of German, British, French or American (amongst others) writers, playwrights, scientist, actors, politicians and such and you will find Jewish people represented far beyond their numbers in that society. This obviously seems to be due to the extreme intellectual tradition with which Jewish children are raised. It is GOOD for Jews to know and understand things. This puts them a bit ahead of the game in many fields over us laissez faire Goyim. I would imagine it really irks the ego of folks like Muslims whose religious and intellectual tradition is based on authority and rote memorization instead of enquiry and debate. Hence the almost pathological hatred of Muslims for Jews. And the hatred of many non-Muslims for Jews for that matter. It all comes down to an envy for a richly creative upbringing.

This tradition does not force all Jews to be moral and good people though. I think this is why you see Jewish people EVERYWHERE there are new thoughts being thought and ideas being worked with. Good, bad or indifferent if there are creative minds involved there will probably be a Jew somewhere close. Some people cannot deal with such nuances and simply blame Jews for the people’s own failings. Their small numbers and essentially non-violent philosophy makes them an unfortunately prime target for repression whenever the local authorities need a scapegoat.

There is virtually nothing similar between the situation in Israel and Gaza and the West Bank and what happened with the Nazis. Unless you want to examine the pathological insecurity of the Muslim nations and the Nazis whom they allied with in WWII.

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