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(HH here: This is the kind of thing that give me hope about China. There is a definite sense of “we are all in this together”. A sense that is vital to evolving a healthy society after the inevitable, I think, collapse of the Communist government. It may not be soon but I can’t see it not happening.
When Russia stopped being Soviet I kept waiting for this kind of reaction to the growing crime but it never happened. The Russian mindset had people flocking to be under the protection of this bully or that instead of bandng together to fight back the way people did throughout the American and Australian frontier periods.
The old men knew that their age gave them more leeway in action and the younger folks supported them. It is that spirit that will make China a true nation when their masters finally lose their grip.)

A retired teacher has become an unlikely Internet hit in China for throwing bricks at cars whose drivers were ignoring red lights at a dangerous crossing, state media reported Monday.

The furious 74-year-old last week took up position on an intersection in Lanzhou, the capital of northwest Gansu province, and damaged more than 30 cars before he was stopped by police, the China Daily reported.

Brick thrower”I just wanted to catch people’s attention and tell the drivers to think of pedestrians,” the man said, according to the report.

The unnamed man’s attacks drew wide support in Chinese cyberspace, with nearly 80 percent of 400,000 respondents to an online poll backing him, the English-language paper said.

The ex-teacher became a campaigner for road safety after a pedestrian was killed near where he lived.

He successfully lobbied for traffic lights at the intersection, but drivers continued to ignore them, the report said, citing the Lanzhou Morning Post.

So on Thursday last, he started lobbing bricks at transgressors, and was joined by two other elderly men, while other people found them more bricks and brought water.

He had planned to keep up his vigilante attack for a week but was stopped by police after one day. He was interviewed and released without charge, the paper said.

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