Dana Cloud “rebuts” David Horowitz: Her Plea? “Guilty but Protected”

guy dewhitney on dana cloud david horowitz and academic freedom in a Marxist classroom

As any would know from my post “David Come Home” I am not an uncritical fan of David Horowitz. However, my quibbles are more in the form of criticism for occasional partisanship than criticism for his main ideas.

This is especially true when talking about the campaign against indoctrination on campus. I have been and will remain dedicated to free speech in its diverse forms but I will not go on record supporting any one’s political opinion being fostered on students as “course content“. A paid professor is not getting their check to stand before a captive audience and dangle grades as incentive for political conversion to the cause of the professor’s choice. Is it not obvious that a GOOD class on feminism would be about the history of the movement, its triumphs its mistakes and its possible futures? Instead we get classes that essentially teach the scientifically unsupportable political fantasy of “gender theory” as fact; something the departments of psychology and neurobiology would be stunned to hear.

But I digress, my purpose today is to dissect a rabid attack on Mr. Horowitz’s campaign by one of the very rabid radicals he is worried about. Let us extend a warm Heretical Welcome to Dana Cloud.

Dana holds a PhD. in rhetorical studies. That is about what it sounds like, She is trained to persuade and teach others to persuade by words. Or is it? when we look beyond Ms. Clouds department profile to the faculty bio we find her masters and PhD. are in communication studies. I have to say she sure learned her lessons well. “Rhetorical Studies” sounds SO much more authoritative and “persuasive” than plain old Communication Studies doesn’t it?

Since then she has been at U of Texas teaching such diverse subjects as social movements, gender and communication, rhetorical criticism, public sphere theory, Marxist theory, and feminist theory. I think we can already see why she is in Mr. Horowitz’s sites, but wait, there is much, much, more!

From her department blurb: “Professor Cloud’s research interests lie in the areas of rhetoric and social movements, critique of representations of race and gender in the mass media, and the defense of historical materialist theory and method in communication studies.” To translate her rather obviously intentional opacity – She teaches the DEFENSE of Marxism, as well as Marxism and various Marxist based “feminist” and race based classes. I think it is now totally obvious both why Mr. Horowitz has her on his lists and why she feels it her native right to assault him “by any means necessary” with her words.

I do believe it would have done Ms. cloud good to have taken a few courses in logic and history however. As we are about to see her sense of reality seems a bit strained to even the generous minded.)

Dangerous and Loud
Getting Radical With Dana Cloud

Right off the top Ms. Clouds stands up and declares herself in no uncertain terms for her, assumed to be, sympathetic audience. She says she is dangerous and loud. Since this is a written piece and we will assume Ms. Cloud is not psychotic I guess this means she feels her words will strike hard on our inner ears and minds. Well we all have our hopes.

But what about the rest? Just what IS a “radical“? According to Merriam-Webster the definition that matches her is

“3 a : marked by a considerable departure from the usual or traditional : EXTREME

b : tending or disposed to make EXTREME changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions

c : of, relating to, or constituting a political group associated with views, practices, and policies of EXTREME change

d : advocating EXTREME MEASURES to retain or restore a political state of affairs “

OKAAAAY, I think we get where she is coming from. And this woman TEACHES her radical Marxist based “classes” under the guise of….Communication Studies???? Radical Marxism and radical feminism are subjects for communication studies? Mind you, these are not even courses analysing those ideologies; these classes TEACH them!
And, we haven’t even gotten to the meat of her “argument” yet. Take a deep breath, this may hurt a bit. Take it away Doctor Cloud!)

Coming to a Campus Near You: David Horowitz, Attack Dog for the Right March 6, 2007
DAVID HOROWITZ is a self-appointed general of the right-wing thought police.

Okay, at the bell she comes out with an immediate flurry of roundhouse punches designed to make Mr. Horowitz scurry for cover. First, the warning about the threat to YOU; then the smooth series of demonizing labels.

In reference to my above comment about Logic 101 and it’s absence in Doctor Clouds background we should wonder just how Mr. Horowitz not only appointed himself a “Right Wing” general but convinced his unwilling new sponsors to pay him 300,000 bucks a year!  The “thought police” bit we will get to later.)

In 2006, he published The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America. In it, he named me and 100 other professors as threats to national security akin to terrorists.

Only if you consider the ability of our students to get through college without having to pass a political indoctrination by people who’s ideology has totally failed in the crucible of the REAL world as applying to our society’s future security; in that case, YEAH LADY, you are an enemy of the state.

By your own words, writings and classes you consider yourself an enemy to all that is considered even close to normal and commonsense in this land. And I am not talking about silly radicalism like the anti-evolution and anti-gay crowds try to teach; I mean the little things that Locke and Paine and Jefferson were all in a tizzy about in THEIR “radical” days.

This spring, he is coming out with the next salvo in the war over the academy—a book called Indoctrination U, in which he has taken special aim at University of Texas, where I teach, among others.

Well that was all about right, given that she is the enemy in that war about like the Italians were in WWII. Frankly, Ms. Cloud’s bio and course descriptions alone are cause to take a good look at U of Texas in my opinion! Wait a minute, there are MORE radicals sucking money from Texas teaching kids how to shut off their minds and be useful idiots???

On February 17, the Daily Texan student newspaper published his op-ed claiming that there are two Universities of Texas—one a world-class institution, and another where “faculty regard themselves as activists, not scholars, and their curriculum is designed not to teach students how to conduct a disinterested inquiry, but to convert them to a sectarian ideology and recruit them to its causes.”

Let us take note now that at no time in this piece will Ms. Cloud actually try to defend against this accusation. We will be left with the feeling that she feels it is her God given right to have a salary for spreading Marxism and fantasy based political thought as “The Truth THEY Do Not Want You To Hear!

Students are being given an indoctrination, not an education,” he claims—and as examples, he points to the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, the Communication Studies Department, and the Division of Rhetoric and Writing. I am affiliated with all of these programs and a clear target in his “new” book, but the Texan would not print my rebuttal.

And we will also not get to see it because Ms. Cloud is too “big” to defend herself against such a barbarian as the (probably Satanic) Mr. Horowitz.

Many of my colleagues say that we ought not “take Horowitz’s bait.” Among scholars and activists, he is regarded as something of a kook and a windbag.”

‘Oh, look theah Muffy, it is that nahsty Horowitz (he’s a Jew you know) coming and thinking he can upset our Ivory Tower Pahty. How dreadfully boring. By the way, have you seen my new treatise on “Making law enforcement reluctant to interfere with activists in the inner city?”‘

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) has argued the weak line that disciplining faculty for supposed transgressions against academic freedom should be left up to university administrators, not politicians.

So, to this university professor the “weak” argument is that schools should actually, maybe, police themselves in regards to professors indoctrinating students? Go figure. Schools maintain a regard for their intellectual integrity, wow. what WILL these obnoxious Rightist think of next???

Then there are the organizations and professors who have devoted themselves to refuting Horowitz’s “facts” about their publications and activism. I believe this also is a wrong approach, because his “facts” about faculty syllabi and political affiliations are not in question. It is urgent that we challenge Horowitz politically.

Bring down the curtain; the Prof. just CONCEDED the entire argument!!! The only thing missing from the above paragraph is a bit admitting that she DOES indoctrinate; she admits that she intends to fight not with logic, law or sense but politics! “He has attacked the halls of Marx and wants to deny us the right to preach our holy gospel on the public dime and must be squelched not argued” is her thesis here.

Horowitz’s theatrics and demagoguery mask a very serious agenda: to discredit, harass and censor critical intellectuals and activists on our campuses.

Critical of whom? Activists seeking WHAT? These are rather important questions do you not think Ms. – um I mean Doctor – Cloud?

Just what is Critical Thought? This time lets look at the good old Wikipedia answer: “Critical thinking is purposeful and reflective judgment about what to believe or what to do in response to observations, experience, verbal or written expressions, or arguments.

O.K. that sounds reasonable; I would think everyone would like to be a person of “Critical Thought“. But what is it again that the good Prof. teaches? Marxism? Marxist DEFENSE? Radical (extreme, remember?) feminism. Gender theories that claim all sexual identity is the sole product of environment? What again do ANY of those have to do with this wonderful thing we call “critical thought” again?

He knows that universities have historically been spaces of critical thinking and dissent. Students and professors have been organizing against the war and against the greed and hypocrisy of the right, and he would like nothing more than to hound us from our jobs.

But Prof. Cloud, you have been organizing against every war not started by Marxists or Islamists since you left high school. How often do you highlight the greed and hypocrisy of the Left;  do your “critical thinking” skills not extend to recognizing that “no cause is so noble it does not attract fudge-heads” (Niven’s Law)?

If you are indeed selling obsolete Marxism and hate mongering “feminism“, as well as the demonization of Western Civilization under the guise of “fighting the good fight” then I wish Mr. Horowitz the best of luck in adding you to the roles of the unemployed.

“CONTRARY TO his image as disaffected crank, Horowitz has been increasingly successful.”

I bet Dr. Cloud wishes she could be half as effective in HER crankery

In state legislatures across the U.S., for example, he has proposed the misnamed “Academic Bill of Rights,” which purports to call for balance and openness in the college curriculum—but which, in fact, would give legislators and university administrations a warrant to police faculty on the basis of “ideological neutrality.” Los Angeles Times columnist Rosa Brooks explains that the Academic Bill of Rights is “merely a smokescreen for the McCarthyite agenda beneath the lofty rhetoric.”

So, it is wrong to make sure neither Left nor Right has preferential access to the creation of political indoctrination classes in public universities? The RIGHT solution is to only allow Left wing indoctrinations? Umm, let me get back to you about that o.k. Ms. Cloud? I hear Tom Paine spinning in his grave.

“He has national influence as well. For example, Rep. John Boehner, the leader of the Republicans in the House, wrote last year that as former head of the Education and the Workforce Committee, he told Horowitz “the committee shared his concern about bias in colleges.”

Not bad for someone whose authority is “self proclaimed” and who is just “a crank“.

“Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, a protégé of Karl Rove and architect of George Bush’s “No Child Left Behind Act,” recently appointed a Commission on Higher Education to oversee U.S. universities.

Alan Jones, writing in InsideHigherEd, comments, “Horowitz, with assistance from Karl Rove and the former House Majority Whip Tom DeLay, has briefed Republican members of Congress on his Academic Bill of Rights campaign, and DeLay has even distributed copies of Horowitz’s political primer ‘The Art of Political Warfare: How Republicans Can Fight to Win’ to all Republican members of Congress. Rove refers to Horowitz’s pamphlet as ‘a perfect pocket guide to winning on the political battlefield.’”

Well, there you have it folks, David Horowitz has the absolute GALL to actually give USEFUL advice to REPUBLICANS; and he SPEAKS to their demonic leaders, all of whom’s most extreme policies Horowitz must be assumed to worship each night at an altar to Mammon and Prescott Bush! OH MY GOD, Why hasn’t Horowitz been tried for crimes against humanity or expelled to Israel or something?

“In 2003, Horowitz started the right-wing campus watch group called Students for Academic Freedom, which encouraged students to sneak into classes to take notes and report on “suspicious” professors.”

Here we go again with the whole McCarthyesque send up; No-one is trying to pry secret commies out of the universities. These fools PROCLAIM themselves, and actually have the gall the defend their right to teach the “the defense of historical materialist theory(Marxism) and method in communication studies” with a straight face. It has been suggested that without actual evidence of the BLATANT wrongdoing of these teachers it is unlikely the schools will do anything. Pleae forgive us for not approving unfounded witch-hunts!

The thing about partisans on both the Left and Right that annoys me the most is the obsession with ignoring, or excusing, any and ALL excesses of their own side, while being hyper aware of the opposition’s every logical or moral flaw.

I have even called out Mr. Horowitz for this on one occasion, but it seems that Ms. Doctor Professor Cloud raises willful ignorance to a new and stunningly lunatic level. Yes, I know, anyone who actually has managed to convince themselves that the political religion of Marxism is a description of reality is arguably around the bend already, but she is a ‘Professor’; is objectivity too much to ask?

And THAT is the whole idea behind the campaign against campus indoctrination. As we can see, despite being as naked as the newly “clothed” Emporer,  the culprits do not plan to fold their tents and slink into the night. At least not yet.

“Even Horowitz’s brief article in the Texan emboldened a group called the Young Conservatives of Texas to call for students to report any professor who is “biased”—translation: any professor who makes any political remark tangential to class material, criticizes the war, assigns readings by feminists and Marxists, and so on—to a Professor Watch List, which has its own Facebook page.”

I would think that this would be to your taste Prof. Then your wannabe “righteous seekers” can find out at a glance which teachers will give them the straight Leftist Gospel by their inclusion on the “list of Leftist Honor“.

“The YCT’s letter to the editor published in the Texan stated, “Professor bias is a problem that must be confronted directly and vigorously if it is to be eliminated on the UT campus. For this reason, the Young Conservatives of Texas are reviving the Professor Watch List. Professors who use their authority to indoctrinate rather than to educate will be added. YCT is currently accepting submission forms from students who want a professor considered for addition to the Watch List.

This is a chilling McCarthyite tactic, and it is happening at universities across the country.”

There is that McCarthy brand again. That is almost as over-used by Leftists as Racist or Nazi.

Hmm, McCarthy, alerted by REAL Communist infiltrators, went ballistic and made a huge ass of himself trampling all over people’s rights, laws and customs for a cause that was already won by his heyday.

He wanted to be seen to out hidden Communists in positions of sensitivity despite almost all of the moles having been thoroughly exposed before he jumped on the band-wagon. In contrast, Horowitz attacks openly Marxist profs. who openly indoctrinate students with ideologies that are “radical” to say the least. The actual problem these teachers seem to have is not about being “exposed“, it is the idea of being held responsible to the school and public for what they cram into their students heads on a daily basis.

Horowitz’s activities have prompted legislators and university administrators—including those at the University of Texas and others—to implement faculty codes of conduct, and his efforts have brought a number of scholars under scrutiny.

All of which harkens back to an almost century old LIBERAL statement of faculty conduct that was universal until Doctor Cloud’s spiritual brothers and sisters began their “critical and radical” tenures:

Teachers are entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing their subject, but they should be careful not to introduce into their teaching controversial matter which has no relation to their subject.”

Again, David Horowitz’s greatest sin to these people seems to be that he caught them with their hand in the cookie jar just when they thought they could relax and enjoy a hegemony of ideas in certain departments regardless of silly things like evidence or facts.

Horowitz claimed a victory in Pennsylvania after 2006 hearings on the Academic Bill of Rights proposal led the governing bodies of Temple University and Penn State to create new faculty guidelines, with language mirroring his proposal’s prohibition of “irrelevant” political material and respect for divergent opinions, no matter how unsubstantiated they may be.

Under this requirement, professors should give equal weight and respect to creationism and evolution, or to racist views and anti-racist views.

O.K. that crosses the line lady; may I remind you that you teach people how to persuade, not how to think. You do not teach logic, or forensics, or history, or ANY subject that is susceptible to objective confirmation and analysis of any sort.

Lady, to be polite you teach SPIN; you teach Marxist doublespeak. You are a timid terrorist  in search of a revolution. Have some self respect and confine yourself to teaching effective communication regardless of content.

To be truthful though, from this article’s example, you SERIOUSLY need to look into some post grad work in forensics, and logic and um, critical thinking before attempting tenure at a responsible university.

In this atmosphere, antiwar professors aren’t safe, and a growing number of outspoken critical intellectuals are facing university firing squads. The University of Colorado has moved to dismiss American Indian scholar Ward Churchill in the wake of Horowitz’s attacks.

What part of the department’s handbook talks about how U of Texas students will come away committed anti-war activists if they successfully graduate the Communication Studies program? I would assume Doctor Cloud sees herself soon to be in the starring victim’s role here. I imagine some glimmer of actualy feelings of responsibility to her employer has her dimly aware that most of her classes are ripe for pruning if any reasonable standard is applied to her department, and is now awaiting the knock at midnight.

Other targets include Douglas Giles, a religion professor at Roosevelt University in Chicago; professor of Islam Kevin Barrett at the University of Wisconsin; the widely respected University of Michigan Middle East studies professor Juan Cole, who was blackballed during a job search at Yale; Nancy Rabinowitz, who lost control of a center at Hamilton College after it invited Ward Churchill to speak; Nicholas De Genova of Columbia University; Timothy Shortell, who lost a chairmanship at Brooklyn College over his comments about religion; and Stanford University Middle East studies scholar Joel Beinin.

Check out all the details (remember, Cloud admits these are accurate) of David’s work on this subject at Frontpagemag.com. I must save this list. If this is Doctor Cloud’s list of the most “unjustly persecuted” of her ideological cousins it must be quite a rogues gallery. I will bet that these names alone could be fodder for a whole weeks worth of blogging!

Despite his alleged devotion to neutrality in the curriculum, Horowitz has yet to call on any business school to hire a labor leader or the economics department to hire enough Marxist economists to balance out the curriculum. I don’t see him calling for critics of the petroleum industry to be welcomed in UT’s big-oil geology department.

It must be really sad to be a PhD. who knows nothing of real work, in real subjects, by people who understand more than opinions. She believes business schools do not analyse labor factors and how to handle them efficiently. She fantasizes that Marxist economics has not been shown to be, oh what is a polite term, got it – Bull#$%^ – in the real world, and accepted as such by economists who expect to work for real companies; rather than for economy killers like ACORN.

And, to top it all off in a truly Palinesque display of ignorance, she does not see how a political opinion aimed at destroying the industry is not something a TECHNICAL school of geology would, or should, teach.

Why should she be upset anyway? After all, the students of UT have Prof. Cloud and her fellow travelers to tell them ALL about how bad anyone tainted with any fraction of the Conservative Virus is.

It is obvious that his attempts to police freedom of thought are aimed at only one small part of the ideological spectrum. He would like nothing more than to see critical progressive, faculty lose their jobs—not because we advocate orthodoxy, but because we question his orthodoxy.

Freedom of thought? A professor teaching a class based in a discredited political ideology, and grading the students on how well they defend the illogic of that ideology is concerned about “freedom of thought“?

Isn’t this is a class in the “communications” department? Would she accept a class on Nazi apologetics? How about “Analyzing the heathen evil that justified the Spanish conquest of the New World“?

For the last time; whether you are Right or Left you are NOT automatically on the side of Good and Light; you have to PROVE YOUR ARGUMENT to someone other than your own choir.

Horowitz denounces teachers who tell the truth about racism and sexism, because he denies that racism and sexism exist.

This is simply slander. No-one but Marxist radicals accept her definition of either so she pretends they do not admit either can exist in their poor blighted minds. Here is an example of the double-thunked inanity that the typical Marxist “scholar” produces when asked to define Racism and Sexism:

Many sociology textbooks define racism as the belief in the inferiority of a race of people.  This is an inadequate definition for several reasons.  First, racism is not just a personal belief.  It is a systematic ideology, a world view. 

Second, the belief in inferiority is just one of many racist beliefs that make up the ideology of racism.  For example, racist opposition to affirmative action typically involves the false belief that blacks are getting special preferences,  and that blacks are taking jobs and college slots from whites

Third, racism is not only a belief or attitude.  It is also behavior or practice–the practice of discrimination, oppression, super-exploitation. 

To sum up, racism is not just the psychological hang-up of prejudiced individuals.  It is a pervasive feature of all capitalist societies throughout the world, enabling capitalists to maximize their profits and power at the expense of the working class.

You will notice that the Mexican murder victim of a Black gang member, or visa versa, is NOT a victim of racism to a Marxist’s “objective” thought processes.  Dear Ms. Cloud would probably tell us that our dusky corpse is also a victim of the White Capitalists quest for poor people’s blood and oppression. It goes on…

The myth of race. In Sociology we generally say that race is a “social construct,” which means that humans made up or invented races.  Joseph L. Graves, Jr., the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology, recently published a book titled The Emperor’s New Clothes. In that book Graves demonstrated many important points about race.  Scientifically, there are no biological races among humans.  All humans alive today are descendents of common ancestors who evolved in Africa about 130,000 years ago.  There is one human race.  Recent decoding of the human genome has shown that we all possess virtually identical genes.

SO, WHAT?  Since this information was hidden to the entire human race for its entire existence except for the last few years I would say that the above is total nonsense  meant only to make the Marxist feel, oh, so superior to the ‘silly Capitalist’ who doesn’t understand how a modern scientific result condemns all WHITES who did not understand the truth before it was revealed!!! If this makes sense to you, you too could be a Marxist Professor!

The minor genetic variations among humans display no consistent correlations with what people widely call races.  Attitudes of racial antagonism have not always existed.  The concept of race was actually little developed until a few centuries ago, and the actual word racism did not come into use until the 20th century.

More self-serving twaddle! By this “logic” no one ever had gnarly hands until Shakepeare coined the word!!!  This is spoken like a true non-student of un-Marxist history!

What is the caste system of India and like places but a form of intense and finely tuned racism? What is the attitude of the Japanese for hundreds of years toward non-Japanese but racist?  The Greeks took racism so far that just not being born to speak Greek made you “less than” them.

In fact, it was those evil old White, Capitalist, Imperialist Romans who were the closest of the ancients to being uncaring about racial factors; to them all that mattered was education and CITIZENSHIP – Pompey the Great was black, but it will take a lot of reading to find the evidence, so little did they care about skin color in ancient Rome! Of course the French have for hundreds of years been very accepting of “Frenchified” minorities beintg able to mix fully, even to interbreeding with little tension.

Race and racism were developed to promote and justify enslavement, extermination, and colonial conquest, which were the foundations of the system of modern capitalism.  For more discussion of this analysis, you can read an interview with Joseph Graves.

The invention of racism. Modern racism was developed by wealthy capitalist ruling classes and their intellectual servants. They invented races in order to invent racism.

That is, in order to justify the murder, enslavement, and conquest of hundreds of millions of Africans, Asians, and indigenous Americans and Australians, capitalists had to redefine them as members of distinct and inferior races.  This process began around the time of the first voyage of Christopher Columbus and continued through the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.

Well, that was rather twisted, wasn’t it? On with Dana Cloud’s article:

He defended former Harvard University President Larry Summers, who stepped down amid an outcry at his remarks to the effect that women are biologically impaired in math and science. In a public lecture at the University of Texas, Horowitz claimed that the fact that Oprah Winfrey—whom he called “a fat Black woman”—has made it to the top of society proves that racism is no longer a barrier to success for most Black Americans. He has argued that Blacks benefited from slavery.

Here again we can see just how disconnected from reality Doctor Cloud is; she lies about Summers’ suggesting a possibility that there might be a neurological reason women did not excel at math and science even when women are more than half of the student bodies. For this he was crucified by the likes of Cloud.

Oprah isn’t fat? She will be glad to hear it. Or is she not Black? Not the richest and arguably most loved woman in America? Or is the problem Ms. Cloud has is that Oprah does not fit HER prejudices about Black people?

And, last but certainly least on the DUH meter is the good old argument that “slavery is evil – that we all agree  THERFORE, and Ipso My Facto, NOTHING that is to be called “good” may ever be admitted to have resulted from it. AMEN”

Tell you what, get a bunch of your friends, rent a boat and go to Los Angeles. Tell all the Black folks you meet that you are there to take them back to Africa where they will be “better off“. Most Black people I know – decent, normal folks who have jobs and do not preach hate – are at the very least conflicted by the paradox of slavery being “A BAD THING (no one with decency can argue against that) and their REALLY not wanting to wake up one day in a hut in Uganda to find out their split-level condo was a bad ju-ju dream. So, the greatest evil the eminent associate Professor of “Rhetoric” [or Communications Studies] can find to hang Horowitz with is that he has a habit of stating uncomfortable truths to shake folks from their complacency; the horror.

This man obviously must be stopped soon!

These arguments are ironic coming from a former left-wing activist who was once closely tied to the Black Panthers and sympathetic with a number of radical organizations. A child of Communist parents, Horowitz spent the 1950s and 1960s engaged in radical activism. He worked at the influential New Left publication Ramparts, becoming an editor.

But after a falling out with the Bay Area Panthers, Horowitz moved rapidly to the right. By 1984, he voted for Ronald Reagan and began building a new career as a denouncer of the left.

For shame, he grew up and saw that the “noble heroes” his Communist parents had given him were not all about honor and goodness after all. Now, David Horowitz is far from a senseless Rightist; it should not be long before he settles in the uncomfortable but sensible middle after his partisanship days. How long will it be before you mature as much Dr. Cloud?

Working under the leadership of then-Assistant Secretary of State Elliott Abrams, Horowitz trained right-wing organizations and politicians dedicated to overthrowing the elected left-wing government in Nicaragua. In 1988, he served as a speechwriter for Sen. Bob Dole and socialized with Reagan, William Bennett and Newt Gingrich. Nation correspondent Scott Sherman reports that Horowitz was “part of the brain trust that launched anti-affirmative action Proposition 209 in California.”

I am getting tired of typing; everyone who cares about her one-sided arguments of guilt by association please look up all the radical Leftists Our Lord Obama has in his personal and professional closets and then let us all move on to real issues.

He has written numerous books, including Hating Whitey, in which he denounces Black activists and scholars, who he claims have betrayed the color-blind vision of Martin Luther King Jr.

I noticed that when I was 10 years old lady! Any idiot can see that the Panther’s ideology is 180 degrees away from King’s ideal. Except to those who are allied with the Panther’s in their radical goals I guess.

In his crusades against what he calls the “PC gulag,” Horowitz started the Center for the Study of Popular Culture (CSPC), and his legal arm, the Individual Rights Foundation.

Here is a good chuckle from our noble “Communications” Prof.; She “misuses” the term crusade and instead uses it correctly for the situation: “a counterattack after relentless assault by inimical forces bent on total victory“. I am sure she meant it in its PC speak version: “An unprovoked attack on the noble and righteous in nature by scum-sucking Capitalist, White Men“.

The job of witch-hunter seems to pay well. In 2003, Horowitz took home more than $300,000 in compensation from the CSPC.

According to the AAUP, his various operations take in money from an interconnected network of far-right foundations, including the Olin (a principle funder of the neocons’ Project for a New American Century), Bradley (whose founder was an early supporter of the John Birch Society), Castle Rock (previously the Adolph Coors Foundation) and Scaife Foundations. In addition, he has tens of thousands of small donors solicited via email.

David Horowitz is no penny-ante crackpot. He is a serious political operator with the resources, connections and staying power to do real damage.

He must be confronted wherever he appears, and whenever he launches his attacks—or down the road, we may be remembering the Horowitz years as we do the devastation wrought on the left by Joseph McCarthy.

Let us hope that the damage David brings to the radical Left (And Right if they get a presense again in the public universities.) is equal to that done to the Communists BEFORE McCarthy got his wind up and made anti-Communism a bad word by his conflating it with his own toxic personality.

Finally, let us hope that Prof. Cloud and her gang’s tactics cause them as much damage as McCarthy caused the Anti-Communist movement unintentionally.

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