Obama shakes out the Dems

(HH here: Well I am finally ready to admit it. My natural optimism and tendency to give the benefit of the doubt have been fully and totally replaced by a sad reality confirmed.

During the election I looked at all that was presented by the nominally sane…and was not troubled. Obama seemed like he might grow from a politician to an actual statesman. He seemed to be a Left of Center Liberal. The few bits of truly shocking info was either from radical Right sources or was simply too hard for us to swallow whole; things like the Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers et al. But Obama said that Ayers was just a guy in the background of his childhood, never close, never a friend.

But toward the end of the election troubling news began to come out of repression of dissent in Orwellian fashion as well as an anti-Clinton supporter purge. The only Clintonions to survive were those on the far Left it seems by now.

In the early days of his presidency he did little, but many of those little things seemed like the right things. When drone strikes in Pakistan continued and Obama authorized the rescue with violence of the captives of Somali pirates he seemed to be proving his moderate ways.

Now Obama still does little. Except to talk more than any recent President. And to demonize any who disagree with his policies. And lie. Or at the least distort in his favor to an extent only exceeded by Communist commissars.

Meanwhile anti-Israel chic becomes the default position for far too many high ranking figures in his administration. Meanwhile out and out Marxist after Marxist is exposed in his administration. Meanwhile Obama is co-sponsoring U.N. resolutions the enforcement of which would violate the First amendment!! Meanwhile the leader of a major Marxist publication is advising the FCC on tech law, and Obama himself! Meanwhile Obama claims that ACORN and its fall are not even on his radar…and implies they should not be on any major media’s radars either! Meanwhile Obama sits for over a month on a vital report regarding troops for Afghanistan. Then stalls some more when the report is leaked. Then says that the “vital war” of his candidacy suddenly does not need to be won. There are just too many meanwhiles.

There are just too many “whose side is he on’s and too many people (like Iranians) asking “Where’s Obama?” when they look for American support even if it is only words.
From his training at ACORN (which he pretends didn’t happen) to the new proof that his “distant acquaintance” Bill Ayers at the LEAST co-wrote “Fathers” with Obama to all the avowed Marxists and radicals (NAMBLA association for crying out loud???) he has appointed to posts that are significant in power but un-confirmed (or vetted) by Congress.

Just too many strange things to give more benefits of doubt. Too many things to deny any longer that just as Bush was a Right-Wing tool that hornswoggled a lot of Conservative voters so Obama has hidden his Left-wing (that means Communist not Liberal Virginia, look it up) agenda and associates under a guise of moderate Liberalism.

Liberal and Conservative are constructive ways to look at healthy political thought. Leftism and Rightism are just different tactics to impose total control based on a “revealed Truth” on a given society.

I consider myself strongly Liberal, I respect no convention or tradition that does not show respect for the concepts of individual rights, worth and equality under the law; the hallmarks of Liberal thought. But at the same time I hold Conservative views on aspects of our culture that work and have been shown to work time and again. Things like the separation of Church and state, free speech, free press and freedom of religion and the checks and balances of the Constitution.

Each new issue I examine with a Liberal heart that has an eye to not disrupt social conventions that work and work well. Things like the convention of marriage itself. I happen to think that it can mean a lot more than one man and one woman but the institution itself is a universal Human one from the depths of time. I see no reason to end it or alter it beyond the limits of how many consenting adults of which sexes can participate.

On the other hand the Rightist is sure in their bones that their society is the best it can be when all is said and done and any attempts to disrupt the status quo are treason regardless of the merit. To follow the revealed religious truth is to please God and so any worry about “morality” is moot in the light of your righteousness. We see this attitude today in hard core radical Christians as well as far too many Muslims.

To the Leftist society is an experiment that must be run mercilessly along the lines of a revealed Truth. Until all of society is run along these lines in toto there are to be expected “disruptions” and “negative influences” that will result in “unfortunate” responses by the State. But worry not, when the Truth is finally shoved down each and every throat and every “citizen” is afraid to deviate THEN paradise on Earth will prevail….They promise! To get there we must first dismantle ALL existing non-“True” institutions without mercy and clear fallow ground to build the new republic.

The right path is usually taken by Religious groups seeking political power, Radical Christians, Conservative Muslims etc…while the Left path is the province of Atheists and Agnostics who are not seriously ready to let go of a personal God. They invent new Human gods to follow to heaven or Hell: People like Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler and the current and former leaders of North Korea.

Yet toe to toe they are equaled by those produced by the “religious” mentality; Can Osama Bin Laden or fanatical Christian leaders of the past (over three hundred years ago during the religious wars) show any difference from the atheistic group than a lack of modern weaponry?

Liberals and Conservatives need to stop treating each other like enemies and see how similar they are. I do not know any Conservatives that do not agree with “Liberal” advances like Blacks and women voting and holding equal rights. I do not know any Liberals that do not appreciate the benefits of a good family or strong, fair laws that hold people responsible for how they affect other people. But you will find Leftists and Rightists who will argue each of those points with a vengeance and refuse any compromise since they hold the “Truth”.

God (or Goddess) help us all to promote the Conservative! To promote the liberal! And not to fall into Leftist or Rightist traps of hate and self-righteousness! Or may we do it without any gods at all….but let us do it and soon!

My hope is that this detour into Obamaland will simply shake out as many of the Leftists hiding in the Democrats as the trek to Bushville shook out Rightwing nuts in the Republicans.

And Libeals need to learn the difference between the Right Wing actions(deciding to invade Iraq) and the Conservative ones; MOST of the patriot act. while Conservatives learn the difference between Leftist and Liberal; quick check for Conservatives, if something feels good and does NOT contradict long standing Constitutional opinion it is probably Liberal.If it feels good on the surface but is a de facto middle finger to the concept of equality under the law for all and unfair in order to be “fairer” then it is Leftist.

The end result should be a Democratic party that remembers what Liberal means and starts to apply it again.

I hope.)

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