Ibrahim Hooper Sent Me – Part 3:

On the 15th of last month Heretics Crusade posted a story about a group called the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association (CMSA). In that post I looked at the results of some basic internet research on the association and its executive committee.

Some of the results of that research were a bit alarming. But it was the reaction by the association to my articles that set off the most alarm bells.

The first reaction by the CMSA to my piece was to add a 2nd Information on Islam link to the one that directed viewers to a hard core Shiite website: al-Islam.org. The new link was to IslamiCity.com a whitewashed bastion of Mr. Rodgers style Taqqiya.

At that time the CMSA made no other changes to their site. Their Mission still had its shady goals and the group still claimed to represent Congressional employees that might well be hostile to the politics of the groups leadership.

But then after I did a follow up piece on the changes to their information page both links vanished for several days. Now a new information page is up along with a number of alarming changes to the transparency of the group’s leadership.

To recap the earlier stories; I found that the executive committee of the CMSA ranged from bland to positive to all but forthrightly Islamist. Of special note were Mouaz Moustafa, Communication Director and Diala Jadallah, Community Outreach Coordinator.

These two are connected with completely political and partisan factions that are in no way moderate to my mind or open to sharing their voice with more “open minded” Muslims. Yet these two are the very ones in charge of Community outreach and communications!

How alarming should it be then when I find that all information about the Executive Committee has been scrubbed from the CMSA website? That is right, no names listed, not even the positions to be held. Nothing.

Since they do not seem to answer “kafir” emails how does the public find out about this possibly unconstitutional group?

We not only have a Muslim organization of Congressional employees that has leaders with anti-Semitic and Islamist sympathies but they are now hiding who their leaders are from the public!
And how does the CMSA pick their leaders? I do not know how the current crop got their posts but here is the most recent information on elections from the CMSA website itself:

“Association members become eligible for voting in elections by attending at least one Association event or contributing to an event’s production (i.e. financial or in-kind donations, program planning and coordination, etc.) in the year of the election.
An Association member is eligible to run for an Executive Board position if they have attended and/or contributed to the production of at least two association events in the year of the election.”

On the surface it seems innocent enough. But one of the things I noted in my earlier stories was that the Events page was blank (still is). So was the News page (now gone).

So how do Muslim staffers with differing politics find out about the events? The CMSA has not answered a single email of mine. How do we know they answer the emails of all people claiming to be Muslim?

If there are any Muslim employees of Congress that have been given the cold shoulder on event information of voting rights please email me.

Ibrahim Hooper in a panic offered up the CMSA (because of its Shiite associations?) for investigation. With my acceptance of that invitation I have found that the CMSA indeed might desire to bring an intolerant, anti-Semitic, Islamist influence to Congress in the guise of their mission to, how did they put it again:

“Represent the social and political concerns and initiatives of the Muslim American community to Congressional Members, staffers, and other Federal officials. CMSA will allocate balanced attention to both domestic and international affairs that are relevant to the Muslim American community and the larger Muslim world.

• Provide authentic representations of Islamic principles and Muslim practices to government officials and pubic(sic) affairs organizations. CSMA strives to present Muslim traditions in a way that recognizes the plurality of religious thought and diversity of cultural practices in the American Muslim community.

• Act as an intermediary between the Muslim American community and Congressional Members, Offices, Committees, and other Federal departments and agencies. To facilitate engagement between Federal officials and Muslim leaders, CMSA collaborates with America’s mainstream, moderate Muslim organizations that specialize in advocacy, community organizing, media, public affairs, or research.”

I find this a bit disingenuous. In their past personal and professional lives the Committee members charged with communication and community outreach have shown no such willingness to entertain a “moderate Muslim” outlook much less represent it.

Now it seems that the CMSA is not too happy with CAIR for prompting this disclosure. CAIR is NOT one of the organizations listed under National Organizations and Networks on the new information page.

Given an opportunity to distance themselves from the “Taqqiya Muslims” the MCSA has chosen to hide from the public eye rather than answer questions. Their facebook page has been deleted and their Leadership has been scrubbed from their website. They do not answer my emails asking for information despite a promise to include their views in my subsequent stories.

Committee members Mouaz and Diala seem to me to be blatantly partisan and sympathetic to anti-Israeli and anti-American foreign groups. I do believe this is why their names have been removed from the site.

The group whose communication arm they control openly organizes Congressional employees in the name of a religion and claims to represent people that certainly did not give them that right. It looks like Ibrahim was right all along.

Next time I will look at the new information page and see how “moderate” the new list really is

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