Spread this around!!!!! Google protects Islam!!!

Here is a piece from Jihad Watch that needs to be spread around!!!

“…the best minds at Google, a pioneer and master of Internet technology, can’t seem to figure out how to wire their search box so that it pops up suggestions for “Islam is” that are comparable to the suggestions you get for “Buddhism is” or “Hinduism is” or “Christianity is.” Try it for yourself. Search for “Christianity is” at Google and a host of negative recommendations pop up:

It’s the same thing for “Buddhism is,” “Hinduism is,” etc. But when you search for “Islam is,” no negative recommendations come up — indeed, no recommendations at all:

The same “bug” appears at Google’s YouTube.

What a coincidence that Google’s “bug” would crop up in a way that shelters the world’s most thin-skinned religion from criticism! The one religion shielded from adverse judgment at Google is also the only religion that has is currently engaged in an organized campaign to stifle honest discussion about its texts and teachings that inspire violence.
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