And The Oscar For Useless Paranoia Goes To… For The One THOUSANDTH Year, Please Give It Up For…RUSSIA!!!

More from our buddies in The Land of Sand…

Russia’s top general said on Tuesday that U.S. missile defense plans were directed against his country, and differences over the issue were holding up an arms treaty with Washington, Russian news agencies reported.
"The development and deployment of missile defenses is aimed against the Russia Federation," General Nikolai Makarov, chief of staff of the Russian armed forces, was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency.
"The development of these missile defense systems without question weakens our potential nuclear deterrent."

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(GDeW) And just who does this moron think wants to attack them with nuclear missiles?  Even during the Cold War the U.S. never had any real desire, or intent, to initiate an attack on Russia.  Blame Napoleon and Hitler I guess. The Russian cannot seem to get over the idea that everyone wants to invade them.

The sad part is that the only country that probably DOES want to slice off a good part of Russia is the one nation from which ALL potential threat is ignored… CHINA!

The soviet system plus nukes made the USSR a player on the global stage. Without nukes they would have been an annoyance at best…now Putin wants to dial us back into the Cold War days; it seems the need to be “respected”, whether they deserve it or not, is very deep in the Russian culture.  Let us hope they get over it soon…

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