Science Damaged by Climate Row


From the BBC…

By Victoria Gill
Science reporter, BBC News, San Diego

NAS chief Ralph Cicerone says crisis is a ‘wake-up call’ for researchers

Leading scientists say that the recent controversies surrounding climate research have damaged the image of science as a whole.

President of the US National Academy of Sciences, Ralph Cicerone, said scandals including the "climategate" e-mail row had eroded public trust in scientists.

His comment came at the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in San Diego.

Dr Cicerone joined other renowned scientists on a panel at the event.

‘Distrust has spread’

He said that the controversial e-mail exchanges about climate change data had caused people to suspect that scientists "oppressed free speech".

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It is about bloody time!!!  From the 90’s, when I first started looking into the “science” behind the Human Caused Climate Change scam, it looked like just that – nothing but a scam.

Then, in a purely political move, the UN panel on climate change claimed ALL dissenting scientists who participated in their report as SUPPORTERS, even when they had asked to have their names removed due to fallacious conclusions and bad data!

And the public lapped it up.  What is the source of this desire in the human mind to see things in the worst light possible, and not only that, but to REVEL in it?

Anyone with half a brain who looked at ALL the science (like the fact that the balance of ice shifts between the North and South poles… right now it is mostly in the South, so the Greenies talk about a lack of ice in the NORTH as though it means something!!!), could see that there were BIG holes in the GW scenario.

I am glad to see that the BBC and other European agencies are starting to report this as main stream news. Hopefully our own newsies will soon follow suit!

Soon the days of guaranteeing funding by including some buzzwords about global warming will be gone, and REAL science can start in on trying to understand climate once again.

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