Palestinian President Warns Of ‘Religious War’

1920 Arabs attacked Jews native to Judea and Samaria and newcomers

1930’s Arab guerilla warfare aimed at ethnic cleansing of Jews

1947 UN pares down the Mandate UNANIMOUSLY assigned for Jewish homeland; make Jordan and Lebanon, and parts of several other Arab nations – JORDAN IS A MOSTLY PALESTINIAN STATE, but doesn’t want the ones in the West Bank, they are more useful where they are…and have been kept there for 60 years by Arab Leaders

1947 the majority of Arabs who flee do so at the orders of their leaders or voluntarily, 5 Arab nations attack Israel illegally.

1947-1948 5 Arab nations defeated shamefully by a small, out gunned Israel, losing large territories but, retain “the West Bank”; proceeded to violate the ceasefire almost at once

1967 Egypt announces intention to destroy Israel, commits casa beli by blockading Israeli shipping, sends the majority of its forces to the border, they coerce the UN peacekeepers to withdraw, and invite all other Arab nations to join in eliminating Israel, who shows that it is not stupid, and attacks before Arabs fully deployed; 3 Arab nation again are defeated after attacking a peaceful nation

1972 group linked to Arafat and Fatah, slaughters nine Israeli Olympic athletes

1973 3 Arab nations again attack Israel; Israel defends itself against illegal, religiously “justified” war crimes

Should I go on? Open a history book, find who did what to who, how many were killed, then pretend it is ISRAEL who is the “aggressor”
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