The Untold Moderate Success Story (almost) of the Middle East

(GeDw) Here is a little tale that ALL hard core partisans will avoid spreading around.  It takes away their certainty that only conflict will solve the world’s problems. 

In a way conflict IS what is solving this one, the weariness and disgust of the people WITH the conflict that is.  Just as in Ireland, the Middle Easy may finally weary of war.

And since I love to teak noses on both sides of the aisle it is too much to ask for me to not tweak them at the same time.  Take it away Michael Totten at Spirit of America:

“Why Lebanon Matters

Lebanon may be the only place in the world where you can buy a necklace with a Christian cross and a Muslim crescent moon fused together as one. What other country would even think of making something like this? I’ve never seen one before. But now I own two.

(see caption below)

Lebanon is approximately 40 percent Christian and 60 percent Muslim – that is if you count the Druze as Muslims, something they themselves don’t do. Most people who live here – but sadly not all – have had enough of hatred and sectarian violence. They desperately want to bury the past. They spent the last 15 years learning to tolerate one another without going on rampages. Now they are moving beyond mere tolerance and are learning to like each other. It’s so easy to break a truce. Much harder to break a friendship.

Beirut may not be the only place in the world where you can find a church and a mosque right next to each other. But it’s certainly a more common sight here than anywhere else. No other country has so Christians and Muslims living in the same place that you’ll regularly hear both Christian church bells and the muezzin’s call to Muslim prayer downtown at the same time.

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