Translating Jihad: Is Obama a Muslim or an Apostate?


(GDeW) Thanks to Jihad Watch for bringing this to my attention.  I agree with the conclusions, why doesn’t Obama just stand up and BE an apostate?  It certainly would not hurt him in the polls.

Translating Jihad has a nice bit from the al-Watan Voice translated from the Arabic:

“Certainly a valid question, if you understand Islamic law at all.  The author makes a couple of good points:  first, according to Islamic doctrine, all children are naturally born Muslim; second, Muslims are not held culpable for straying from Islam until they reach puberty.  Since Obama was born Muslim, as apparently all of us are, he then only has three options:  stay Muslim, apostatize before puberty (not a capital crime) or after puberty (capital crime).  The author seems to believe that Obama was a Muslim too long to have the third option (the article points that he went to Jakarta when he was at least 11, and then studied in an Islamic madrasa for two more years after that), leaving him only the first two options, i.e. he is either a Muslim or an apostate.  Makes sense to me.  To be honest, I would respect the President a lot more if he were a committed apostate, who could stand up and tell us proudly that he did leave Islam and explain to us why he chose Christianity over Islam…

Is President Obama a Muslim or an Apostate?
by Mu’ammar Ahmad ‘Abd-al-Latif Rajeh, for the Watan Voice
30 January 2010
* * *

… [Obama] was born in Hawaii to a Kenyan father and a white American mother from the state of Kansas.  His parents separated when he was in his twelfth year…

…Obama was enrolled in an Islamic madrasa for two years, then later joined a Catholic school.
Obama converted to Christianity in the United Christian Church…

…Islamic law stipulates that if a child is born with either one or both of his parents being Muslim, then the child’s religion will also be Muslim. …

…Through these Islamic judgments, in comparison with the autobiography of President Barack Hussein Obama, we find that this president is either a Muslim or an apostate from Islam according to the strongest viewpoints of Islamic jurisprudence.”

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