Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller; ernhaftik held & heldin


Over on Jihad Watch today I got a bit of a disappointment and huge rush of satisfaction in seeing Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) stand up for their mission, their dignity and their self respect while losing a large sum of money and a major networking opportunity.

I myself had planned to attend the May 1 premier of Martin Mawyer’s film Islam Rising in Los Angeles.  I have been awaiting an opportunity to meet and network with many figures from the political and blogospheres. Now this will not be. Geller and Spencer today announced that the event has been cancelled.

I will let Robert Spencer tell the tale; I agree 100% with their decision.

This was my comment on Robert’s site:

Kudos! It is hard standing up for your principals against those that threaten to withdraw support for things you agree on if you won’t support them in things you do not like.
It also is wise to hold to the mission; Jihad Watch, not Lefty Watch even when you DO agree. Without a focus on something Liberals and Conservatives can support (anti-Jihad)the already tenuous movement would crumble.
Of course the Partisans on the Right would not mind if that happened.
Anyone ever realize that all too often in history the only thing that keeps the radicals from completely destroying all that we call civilization are the radicals on the other side? And this we call politics? I call it suicide by passionless Moderates!
Even not being able to attend the event does not outweigh the pleasure I feel from this concrete,and expensive, evidence of integrity

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