Heretics Crusade Has a New Fan: Mansoor Muhammed of “Christ And Muhammad” Website


(note, the times in the comments are ahead because our dear bud Man the Macher lives in Hyderabad, India.)

It just seems that our playful new friend Mansoor just cannot be content even when he has the last word.  Here we have his latest series of diatribes, insults and authoritarian theocratic pronouncements.  He informs me that I am so heinously wrong that he is not passing most of my comments, but as we saw he offered to share them with simpatico “fellow travelers” who  want to wallow in the fully, most hypocritical sense of self-righteous indignation.

He is adamant that my simple discussion of science and history are on a par with the writings of a Pat Robertson or even a Fred Phelps.

Yes, he edits out the most unanswerable parts from some of the posts that he uses, and the rest  are put work to TRY to refute me.  But, he still cannot keep from answering virtually every one!  He is not content with the idea that he can delete me entirely and ignore my ignorant hateful rants :) It seems that he MUST show  me refuted, so deeply have my critiques of his fantasies been.

Even if no one but he and I know of a post he “trashes” he simply has not been able to give it a rest.  He gets more and more insulting and his typing gets more and more teenagerish with shortcuts and cell phone-style contractions as he progressively loses his cool.

This is my response, let the world see the WHOLE story…(text is as-is-when-posted, all typos by both of us have been left in unless clearly marked. Bolds within the body of the text are mine.

  • Guy DeWhitney // March 23, 2010 at 7:47 am

    Did I miss something or did you just condemn a Christian for wantonly attacking Islam, and then turn right around and promote a book (money, money, money) that attempts to shred the HINDU religion?
    Given that modern India is HALF the size it was before the Muslims “liberated” parts in a long series of aggressive wars, killing millions in the process, I find that just a BIT hypocritical.

  • theoworkshop // March 27, 2010 at 8:16 am

    yeah… i did condemn a christian for wantonly attacking Islam and yeah .. i do promote a book that attempts to shred the hindu religion. You got any problems with that? Atleast I dont talk of non sense stuff like justifying massacres done by Isreal like you. Lot of my best friends are hindus and some of them have appreciated the insight that book provides. They all know and agree that it is meant for scholarly and academic interest. Thats the kind of people i have here.

His Friends are Hindu’s and he can’t even be bothered to capitalize the name of his “friend’s" faith!

Short interlude with Jeopardy Music…

WELL, WELL, WELL! I went to see about looking at Manny’s little book, sure that I could find some quotes that would put back in his face the idea that any Hindu “friends” he might have would be understanding and supportive of his work.

BUT, after all his hype about how if he is wrong about the Hindu religion someone surely would have said something by now in review of his book let me introduce this inconvenient fact…..

Mansoor, our scrappy Muslim “scientist” is using RapidShare file hosting, which has been under fire from the law as well as many of its customers. And it seems Our Man Mansoor is an affiliate of sorts, he gets credits whenever someone downloads his file…Yep, you have to get a premium account to see Mansoor’s little masterpiece that no one has yet refuted, this gives him MORE points than if he let it be downloaded for free.

“Who the hell are you to talk about India – my country? India was divided because it had few shameless and merciless people the likes of you living here.”


From Wikipedia:

“During the last quarter of the twelfth century, Muhammad of Ghor invaded the Indo-Gangetic plain, conquering in succession Ghazni, Multan, Sindh, Lahore, and Delhi. Qutb-ud-din Aybak, one of his generals proclaimed himself Sultan of Delhi. In the 13th century, Shams ud din Iltumish (1211 – 1236), a former slave-warrior, established a Turkic kingdom in Delhi, which enabled future sultans to push in every direction; within the next 100 years, the Delhi Sultanate extended its way east to Bengal and south to the Deccan, while the sultanate itself experienced repeated threats from the northwest and internal revolts from displeased, independent-minded nobles. The sultanate was in constant flux as five dynasties rose and fell: the Slave dynasty (1206-90), Khalji dynasty (1290-1320), Tughlaq dynasty (1320-1413), Sayyid dynasty (1414-51), and Lodi dynasty (1451-1526). The Khilji dynasty, under Ala ud din (1296 – 1316), succeeded in bringing most of South India under its control for a time, although conquered areas broke away quickly. Power in Delhi was often gained by violencenineteen of the thirty-five sultans were assassinated—and was legitimized by reward for tribal loyalty. Factional rivalries and court intrigues were as numerous as they were treacherous; territories controlled by the sultan expanded and shrank depending on his personality and fortunes.”

And here again we have Manny the Macher’s parting defamation:

“Note: For those of you who do not understand the cause of my outburst just leave a comment leaving your email ID and i will show you this dewhitneys demonic comment that i have trashed ( he had put it at some other place) This is the guy who would love to see the world burn.”


    • Guy DeWhitney // May 23, 2010 at 12:01 pm

      You declare that you ” see or … know God through science and logic”
      Can you give me a quick example of the Qur’an speaking of quantum mechanics in ways not tracable to other religions (Hindu, Buddhist, Judaic, Greek, etc…) of earlier periods?
      It has pretty much been proven IN THE LABORATORY By EXPERIMENT that all the universe is one thing, a concept central to most Eastern religions long before Islam appeared. Give me an example that does NOT appear in the Gita or other pre-500CE texts?
      I note that you also say you are liberal of mind, would you care to give examples of what YOU consider “liberal” thinking?

    • theoworkshop // May 23, 2010 at 1:15 pm

      I thought someone forwarded my threat to the FBI.”

    So, you admit you made a threat? Thank you, you have made any future lawsuit much easier should it be required.


    theoworkshop // March 27, 2010 at 8:06 am

    • @Guy DeWhitney

      I am trashing your comment. If given a chance i would trash you too. Don’t you dare visit this blog again.

    • Guy DeWhitney // May 23, 2010 at 9:17 am

      Your threat has been forwarded to the FBI.

    • So u mean to say that u wud “consider” believing in the Quran if i show u something about Quantum mechanics? are u sure? are u sure that u wudnt cookup another excuse and say “show me this .. show me that …only then i wud beliv”. think about it.
      • havent anyone told you that Quran is not what u call a reference book for Quantum mechanics?

        It is a book of religion which makes use of science to drive things into thick skulls of humans

        You cant just declare “I will beliv in the Quran only if it tells me something about the string theory or the loop – gravity theory” etc. By having such attitude u are only narrowing ur choices.

        my suggestion – before making demands read atleast some .. if not all of science related stuff present in the quran. for a start u cud read some from this blog itself.
        article 1

        article 2

        article 3

        article 4 part 1

        article r part 2

        article 5

        article 6

        article 7

        and oh.. yeah hindusim does give a clear picture of how universe was created. step by step and class graphical. You see there was this great man like thing long ago .. from his eyes comes the sun ..from his nose came the moon.. from his skin grew the trees like hair… and something important comes from his rear end too..- check out the upanishads. so u see.. we do have a big bang theory here wherein all things were united in that big thing before each of the cosmic things came out of his body.. u want to go publicise this as proof that this supports the big bang theory?

        and mmmm… unlike you i condemn Israeli aggression and massacres on Palestine. If Palestine and Israeli were to switch roles then i wud condemn Palestine too I think this example should be enough to show my liberalness…

      • Guy DeWhitney // May 23, 2010 at 1:25 pm

        *… GuyWhitney’s blahs…*

        I was showing that you cannot find a scrap of anything to support your theology in modern science.
        Let me put it this way, if everything in the universe is ONE thing, then your Allah cannot be separate from it as the Qur’an claims (and the Bible for that matter)!

      • theoworkshop // May 23, 2010 at 1:40 pm

        @ GuyDeWhitney

        GuyDeWhitney – I was showing that you cannot find a scrap of anything to support your theology in modern science

        Oh yeah i do and i dont need to shove the scraps of what i have to appease u. there is enough of it everywhere. go find it urselves if u want to.

        u said – Let me put it this way, if everything in teh universe is ONE thing, then your Allah cannot be separate from it as the Qur’an claims (and the Bible for that matter)!

        who the hell are you to decide this? God?? or a noble prize winning scientist? stop behaving as if u ve done some great research in physics and universe and have come to the conclusion that “God can be or cannot be separate from the universe” Learn to just go with whatever proofs u have and dont jump to radical conclusions such as these. this only shows how un- liberal u are.

      • Guy DeWhitney // May 23, 2010 at 2:07 pm

        “If Palestine and Israeli were to switch roles then i wud condemn Palestine too I think this example should be enough to show my liberalness…”

      • About all it shows is how tribalistic you are. I have been looking at you silly blog, have seen nothing new so far at all, certainly nothing to make me think you have any serious understanding of science, or theology outside of the bi-polar political-mafia you call a religion…I have ssen the same kind of silly-science fantasy from Christians, and others too, so do not think that I single out Islam.
        And as to forwarding your threats, to the FBI or WordPress, Why should I not do that, and still make non-threatening, non-harassing comments on a public blog? I do not think that WordPress will be on your side when you threaten and order away someone who has followed the rules.

        Your comment is awaiting moderation. <—Notice that the most telling comments have never been approved.  The Girly-Man (he started the personal insults, I figured the least I can do is show more imagination than calling him “dumbass” back. : – )

    • Guy DeWhitney // May 23, 2010 at 2:12 pm

      • ““If Palestine and Israeli were to switch roles then i wud condemn Palestine too I think this example should be enough to show my liberalness…”

        About all it shows is how tribalistic you are.

        The only way that is not a lie, as far as I can see from your threats and libelous retorts, is that you define “switch roles” to mean that the Palestinians would then be Jewish and the Israelis Muslim!

        Prove me wrong; in clear terms condemn for us ANY living Muslim for any heinous act they might have commited in YOUR eyes!
        Can you do it?

      • theoworkshop // May 23, 2010 at 3:12 pm

        yeah i absolutely can do it. take salman rushdie for the matter or gengiz kahn (THE famous gengiz kahn)…. mmm osama bin laden …then lemme see.. all his cronies in the hundreds..the terrorists of pakistan and india too…then we have the lashkar and oh al – queda … i condemn all of these. i hope u arent dumb enough to ask who all these people are.


    • Here we go again, notice there is no definition of what is and is not a terrorist!

      and oh.. by switching roles i meant ROLE on Battle field u dumb ass and not religion. as in the MUSLIM Palestine driving away Jewish israel and flattening out their homes with state of art US sponsored weaponry and constructing concrete walls and lining up Jewish women and children for target practice while all along poor Jewish Israel retorts with home made rockets if available or with evergreen stones if rockets arent available. If this was the scene i would still condemn the MUSLIM PALESTINE and support the JEWISH ISRAEL cause..

      as for your rest of comments i am trashing them as they arent worth replying – senseless without a head or tail as usual. hey i guess u hold a record here at my blog – the guy with the most trashed comments. Keep up the gud work!

      I most certainly will! You prove that I must be hitting a nerve in your paranoia to get such a dedicated attempt to hold the shreds of your “academic” dignity around your naked theological butt!

        • Guy DeWhitney // May 23, 2010 at 3:18 pm

          LOL, riiight, I notice you missed Hamas there, no condemnation for the group that has a charter declaring theri intent to do what you just claimed you oppose, drive Israel into oblivion…
          Hmm, care to elaborate? And WHAT is it that you condemn those mentioned FOR? Specifically please…

        • theoworkshop // May 23, 2010 at 3:25 pm

          yeah u noticed it right… i do condemn all unjust acts of aggression done by anyone whether it is Muslims or christians or hamas or whatever ( now dont come whining like a kid saying i missed out hinduism here .. ooo u are sooo triablistic etc etc).

          you said -Hmm, care to elaborate? And WHAT is it that you condemn those mentioned FOR? Specifically please…

          am i a News channel for u? Dude take a hike. go turn on CNN or whatever ..( God i missed out BBC and Al-Jazeera – I am so news tribalistic!.. ooops sorry channelistic! )

        Too bad he could not take the time to answer the question, given that he holds the absolute truth in his, probably waxed, butt cheeks I was sure he would share his hard won superstition Islamic Wisdom(tm) with us as freely as flow the gaseous emanations of a constipated Imam!!!

        • Guy DeWhitney // May 23, 2010 at 8:16 pm

          I do imagine you are a bit biased in your news sources; I get my spectrum of data from (in part): Haaretz, al-jazeera, jerusalem Post, al-arabiya, Isvestia & Pravda, BBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, C-Span, Huffington Post and the David Horowitz group of blogs…I no longer WRITE for NewsReal Blog since the editor, David Swindle, decided I was too ready to attack idiots on the far right that were acting tribal and partisan as well as the ones on the Left.

          That said, Wow, you are slippery, you really do not want to give a clear answer do you?

          Let me make it easy if not painless for you. Just give simple, basic answers regarding the following; I do not think you can. Just try to force youreself to remember that more no than yes is a no, and more yes than no is a yes; these are not questions that a civilized person shoud have to think abot for a moment:

          Do you desire to see the Shari’a applied in lands that are not Muslim governed already?
          Yes, or No?

          Do you feel it is just for a Muslim to kill a non-Muslim for persecution (of the Muslim BY the non-Muslim) that falls short of violence or its actual threat? Yes, or No?

          Do you consider ALL people not actively in uniformed service to their country as civilians? Yes or No?

          Do you condemn ANYONE who kills ANY children deliberately?
          Yes or No?

          Stop tossng in weasel words like unjust and innocent. Civilians are civilians, you should not need to qualify it.

          Oh, and of course you trash my comments, yo have no answer to them that even you can pretend will sound sensible…You choose to censor me to try to gain an unfair advantage in the debate but all you do is show yourself to anyone not already brainwashed that you are a disingenuous-minded barbarian who doesn’t even understand the civilization he desires to rape. Since yo seem to need to answer me I guews you feel I have points that need to be SEEN to be refuted, apparently even at the cost of appearing arrogant and as slippery as a politician caught screwing the mailman to anyone not already singing in your choir, so to speak.
          I also have the ability to save my comments and repost them, with your idiocy attached, on MY blog! …Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        • Guy DeWhitney // May 23, 2010 at 8:28 pm

          “i meant ROLE on Battle field u dumb ass and not religion. as in the MUSLIM Palestine driving away Jewish israel and flattening out their homes with state of art …weaponry .”

        • So you condemn the Arabs for attacking Israel in 47 and 48 then? Good I am glad to hear you believe that Israel did not “deserve” to be attacked by forces that far outnumberd and out-gunned, I always get a kick out of that, just remembering with all that advantage and aggression, they still got their asses handed to them in return for defying international law, custom and basic human decency.
          Or do you want to go back to 1850 and lay outy a timeline to show that most of the “Palestinian” narrative is fantasy?
          I do not recommend it, I have quotes, do you?

          “Who can challenge the
          rights of the Jews in
          Palestine? Good Lord,
          historically it is really your
          Yusuf Diya al-Khalidi,
          Mayor of Jerusalem,1899.

          “It is manifestly right that
          the scattered Jews should
          have a national center
          and a national home and
          be reunited, and where
          else but in Palestine, with
          which for 3,000 years they
          have been intimately and
          profoundly associated?”
          Winston Churchill, 1920

          “Of the total of 418,000 dunums (quarter-acres)
          acquired by Jews in Palestine [between 1878 and
          1914], 58 percent was sold by non-Palestinian [Arab]
          absentee landlords and 36 percent by Palestinian
          absentee landlords, for a total of 94 percent.”
          —Palestinian-American historian Rashid Khalidi

          “Palestine is a term the Zionists invented!…Our country for centuries was
          part of Syria.”
          —Local Arab leader Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, to the Peel Commission in 1937.

          “Those good Jews brought…prosperity over Palestine
          without damage to anyone or taking anything by
          force.” —Syrian Alawi notable’s letter to French Prime
          Minister, June 1936

          “No one doubted that the Arabs had benefitted from
          Jewish immigration. Their numbers had almost doubled
          between 1917 and 1940, wages had gone up, the
          standard of living had risen more than anywhere else
          in the Middle East.” —Historian Walter Laqueur

          “The Arab states do not want to solve the refugee problem. They want to
          keep it an open sore, as an affront to the UN and as a weapon against
          Israel.” —Ralph Galloway, former Director of UNRWA, August 1958

          “All the Arab countries want to keep this problem looking like an open
          wound.” —Ana Liria-Franch, regional representative in
          Cairo for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, 2003 16

          “If Arabs return to Israel—Israel will cease to exist.”
          —Gamal Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt, 1961

          Had enough yet?

          Your comment is awaiting moderation. <— This is one of those "senseless" posts that Man the Macher has to censor to appear even partial sane.

        • Guy DeWhitney // May 23, 2010 at 11:05 pm

        • who the hell are you to decide this? God?? or a noble prize winning scientist?”


        Notice this is from the man who has been arrogantly proclaiming to posees the whole truth and nothing but, but can show no more evidence than the Flat Earth Society!

        (Guy DeWhitney) I am merely repeating what Nobel Prize (the real ones for science, not the political one) winning scientists who learned from God’s word made tangible…the universe, since you insist on living in a midieval mindset of superstition. I myself do not have to assign an agency, I merely inform you of the shape of Space/Time/Mass/Enery phenomenon that we call everything from “The Universe” to Fred the cat and Uncle Bill’s carnation.

        I am not making things up, the most bizarre implications of QT have been TESTED, and ofund to uphold not your world, and not the world of the Christians and Jews. But this new view of reality, one that we have obtained for the first time DOES have room for something that fills the bill of what we could call “God”!

        • (Mansoor)“stop behaving as if u ve done some great research in physics and universe and have come to the conclusion that “God can be or cannot be separate from the universe” Learn to just go with whatever proofs u have and dont jump to radical conclusions such as these.”


        • (Guy DeWhitney) I have been studying both science and theology in many forms for over thrity years, and have simply drawn a thumbnail of the new information about the REAL reality.

          You still seem to live in the one where devils live in your nose and teh God that knows all that will happen and controls those events can be offended when someone does what that God “doesn’t want them to do.”

          IF you can believe THAT combination then you are about as logic-challeneged as any Fundamentalist, Literalist Christian or Jew!

          Since you have shown no familiarity of your own with any of the advances in the last 60 years of quantum theory I have to assume this is just another of your strawman attacks.

          The last time I looked, mathematical logic was applicable to solving problems in the reality I live in. Why do you get so shaky and upset at the thought of hard numbers and test in a lab proving that the Judeo-Christian and Islamic Gods cannot exist AS ADVERTISED in Torah, Bible and Qur’an?

          I do believe it is your attitude that is un-Liberal… the [Classic L]iberal refuses to just submit to ANY pretend rule of a supreme deity but, instead looks at the facts and tries to find the patterns that have been inherent in the universe since its creation.

          “this only shows how un- liberal u are.”

          Actualy you are teh one displaying un-liberal tendencies. It was the Enlgihtenment that brought Europe and America out of the darkness of superstition into the light of a reason that did not seek to deny the TRUTH’S that God had filled our world with in an attempt to uphold a barbarian faith that NEVER had much of a grasp of the world outside of the religious/social …

        • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        I am not holding my breath!
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