You Can Have “Faith” in Jesus or Mohammed: I Believe in Bugs Bunny!


One thing seems to be consistent about religions all through human history; faith in the literal truth of the religion’s doctrines and dogmas is strongest in the least educated and least widely experienced, while the “elite” tend to range from religious beliefs with agnostic admissions to full-blown, cynical atheism.  This aspect of societal religion tends to favor the more partisan of each camp; the “masses” are peer-pressured to “show faith” and not think too much, while the “elite” are pressured in the same way to deny ALL aspects of deity and belief and God(s).  For those of us to whom seeking understanding of God in a REAL sense, as opposed to a political or emotional/security sense, this is a bit of a hindrance.

To try to avoid the almost inevitable miscommunication that occurs when attempting to discuss God let me define my own terms; belief is not the same as faith; faith is something that causes grief and only causes good by accident, belief is what built civilization as we know it.  Faith is defined in Western culture as belief in something unseen, unproven, un-EVIDENCED other than by certain scriptural testimonies; this is a fools game at best! 

This pseudo-religion has taken over much of the world’s “Faithful” by taking advantage of that tendency of the masses to desire a simple creed with authority to follow; just so they do not have to ponder things that they do not have the experience or education to ponder with any confidence.  It is not enough, their preachers say, to belief in the bridge over the canyon, you must have absolute faith that it IS there… sound of crunching bones at the bottom of the canyon.  And if the snake oil social system from perdition they are selling fails the test in the real world then it is the fault of the poor soul who failed to “show enough faith”!

As you can see Virginia, I have never completely gotten over my desire to seek God and lead others to know God better! mea culpa.  I still care,  I just recognized that all the “named religions” had been co-opted by pirates, parasites and otherwise religious reactionaries who become their own enemies fighting the first two. 

Belief on the other hand is based on facts and experience and yes, even intuition, if that intuition has a good track record; if every time you had something very bad happen in your life, and you had ignored a strong, distinct feeling to avoid the situation, eventually you would “believe” in it enough to listen; even though you have not had the “faith” for years to gamble on it not being coincidental indigestion!

I have beliefs, I have no faith; I like it that way.  Faith has to be blind, and the blind tend to step on things, including other people’s toes, property, pets and even bridges that are NOT over canyons.

This is not to say that I do not think that many of the things that can fall under either label are good, or useful; far from it!  In the documentary film about the life and death of comedian Andy Kaufman (Man on the Moon) there is a scene where he is waiting to undergo a faith healing in India in full belief, from things he has seen and read and experienced, that he would find healing; but he sees from where his stretcher is laid that the “healer” is faking the procedure, and his belief dies. 

Of course the proponents of “faith” will tell us that if he had continued to have FAITH, instead of merely believing, the placebo effect would still have worked and he might have found healing; I do not disagree, but I find that level of blind faith an evil, black magic; one that is less a slippery slope than an escalator to horrific abuses that we have seen over and over again in history when people forget the reality of their fellow man and treat them solely according to “faith.” Q.E.D. Virginia, Q.E.D.!

Bottom line? The true God lovers are recognized in spite of their religion, not because of it; every one mostly stays in the religion they were born in, in some religions it is almost impossible not to, yet there are good, godly people wherever you find human hearts and human tears.  Unless you want to have faith in the notion that God made you to be born in the faith you believe in just so YOU could be “saved”, while anyone not so favored was caused by the infinite power of Deity to be born in an unGodly cult; if you do, there is a quote from the Christian’s Bible that I believe is appropriate: “Jesus Wept”!

Save the Planet; Environmental Activists Are Combustible


If anyone had any doubt that the environmentalist movement was dead in soul and corrupted in body should find the CFL trend the straw that broke the camels back.

Today mercury levels in fish, both fresh and saltwater, are so high that they should be viewed as occasional treats; and be denied to children and pregnant/nursing mothers completely… in fact it is now considered "wise" for women of child-bearing age and intent to simply not eat a huge swath of marine products.

Mercury is not like sulfur dioxide, the other main pollutant of concern in the modern world.  SD is absorbed by the environment and in a very short time, if there is no ongoing influx of new SD, will vanish completely. In contrast mercury is a heavy metal and once in a system, eco of biological, it stays there virtually forever; toxic, heavy and stuck in your cells.  Today there are laws and movements whose intent is the removal of virtually all mercury from the products and industries of the world due to mercury’s longevity.

So of course this is the best time to introduce a mercury containing light bulb!  Formerly the chief source of household mercury contamination was thermometer breakage; how many thermometers have your broken in your lifetime compared to light bulbs?  Not only that, but the thermometers had mercury in a liquid blob; very easy to identify and clean up; the bulbs contain significant amounts of mercury but in a form that, once broken, will disperse quickly and NEVER be completely cleaned without a full hazmat assault!

Here is a little gem of horror for the tree hugging, global warming worshiping sheep out there; you can almost see your children’s gums turn black, can’t you? In this link you will find a report from the California state government recycling department In it we find regarding mercury lighting that…

"Mercury Lighting Usage
•670 million per year discarded nationwide
•About 25% get recycled"

"•Projections [are] for 300 million new CFLs"

"Current situation for public
•Infrastructure for recycling consumer lamps does not exist
•No convenient options for public
•Almost no retail take-back
•2-4% participation in HHWs
•Direct mail back to recyclers cost prohibitive ($2-3 per bulb)"

There you have it, on ALL other fronts, switches, thermometers, etc. are being banned and exchanged for non-mercury containing products while the CFL industry is humming away, filling our homes, schools and businesses with fragile yet seductive glass packages of permanent toxicity for us and our children.

The state of Maine has a web site dedicated to mercury reduction, exchange and removal. For the most part this site is very open and above board on the subject:

"We all can help prevent mercury pollution by buying mercury-free products whenever possible and by recycling any mercury-added or mercury-containing products when we no longer need them. One step Maine has taken is to ban the sale of mercury fever thermometers in Maine. Non-mercury thermometers which work just as well are readily available. Another step you can take is to buy an electronic thermostat instead of a circular mercury thermostat when building a new home or updating your heating system. There are programs throughout Maine to collect mercury-added products and other household hazardous wastes for recycling and proper dispsal so that the mercury from these products does not end up in our air, water, or soil."

But at the end of the page dedicated to CFL disposal we learn that the energy savings fully offset the mercury because…

"That means a lot less carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides going into the air and causing problems like climate change, acid rain, ozone and contaminated fish"

Problems like ozone? It is statements like that which show us the total Luddish ignorance of the current "environmentalist" movement… facts and science mean nothing compared to their holy good intentions. The fantasy of climate changed caused by humans is hugely more significant than the measurable and undisputed PERMANENT poisoning of their own bodies and babies with each bite of hormone-free, gluten-free, guilt-free sushi!

The only thing in that list that is in any way a significant problem, or even in the same league as mercury, would be sulfur dioxide; but that is a separate issue and, once reduced or eliminated has effects that disappear in only a few years.

But to the tree-huggers of today CO2 is our biggest concern while Mercury and sulfur dioxide can poison us all; just so long as the AGW faith is preserved.  When the dark lines on our gums become endemic will it become a fashion trend, a thing to be proudly displayed showing your dedication to the holy AGW cause?  Will the same thing happen with the birth defects and just plain stupid children with minds dulled to moronhood by a heavy metal never meant to be in their system in ANY significant amount.

Congressional Muslim Staffers Hold “Moderate” Victimology Session on Capital Hill


The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association(CMSA) is holding the next in their moderate Muslim Taqiyya session at the Rayburn Building in DC; from their twitter account…

"Muslims in America: Myths and Realities A discussion on faith Tuesday, August 31 10:00 – 11:30 AM Rayburn House Building – Room…"

And there the tweet ends… is this a tactic to confuse and delay critics who might attend? Or just poor twittering?

Dr Liepert of Calgary Council of Imams Declares Koran History Not Holy Writ


My Dear Virginia, let me introduce you to Dr Liepert; an apologist for Stealth Jihad in Canada who is …

"Dr. David Liepert

…a member of the Calgary Council of Imams who helped craft the Canadian Council of Imams Declaration, and spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Calgary. He is also Vice-President of the Faith of Life Network and author of Muslim, Christian and Jew: Finding a Path to Peace Our Faiths Can Share."

The good Dottore is a skilled dispenser of smoothly crafted phrases designed to skim the edge of truth and lie, while giving an unequivocally false to fact message. Here is my take on his classic Moderate Muslim ™ apologetic in today’s Huffington Post… This article will probably grow several times after I publish it… I will be looking individually at the Imams who signed this document and see how much we can find out of what they say to the Ummah, as opposed to us Kafir.

"Reclaiming Islam from Extremists and Fear-Mongers: Why the Canadian Council of Imams Declaration Matters

Thanks to al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, Islamophobia is at an all-time high."

It always helps a "big Lie" to start it off flat-footed and shamelessly right up front, then hammer away at it as though it is as undisputed as the existence of something called gravity. Once again let us link the representative data from the FBI’s own statistics on hate crimes; I should just put this section of this post on an F-key!

This is the iron skillet calling the almost new aluminum pan black! Let us look at some actual data, instead of opinion shall we Virginia?

6,489,000 Jews in US more or less; 2.2% of the population – CAIR claims that there are 7 million Muslims in the US for, about 2.2 % (is that why the CAIR number is much higher than all other estimate, to equal the Jewish presence? Just a thought.)

So then, Virginia, all we need to do is compare the anti-Islamic crime with the anti-Jewish crime 1 to 1 for us to see who is getting the short end of religious bigotry:

  Incidents Victims Offenders Percentage
All anti-Religion: 1,519 1,732 632 100%
Anti-Jewish 1,013 1,145 353 66%
Anti-Islamic 105 130 85 7%

(Addition 8/11; Please take note Virginia that the anti-Islamic crimes were committed on average by only 1.2 persons per crime while the anti-Jewish crimes were more often group efforts with an average of 2.9 offenders per incident!)

Even if we use the figure for Muslims in the US given by the American Religious Identification Survey of 1.3 million (about a fifth of the CAIR number) gives a weighted comparison of anti-Jewish = 66% and anti-Islamic = 105 incidents times 5 for weighting = 525 out of 1,519 incidents equaling 35%, barely half of the anti-Semitic rate! Q.E.D.

Back to Liepert:

"Violent extremists have succeeded in distorting the common perception of who Muslims really are. Most North Americans now equate Islam with violence, and think Muslims are bent on world domination."

It is hard to think otherwise when the Muslim media, schools, and clergy are virtually under the control of these same violent fundamentalist’s visions of what Islam should be.  Would it matter much if the average Catholic were peaceful in nature if the majority of the clergy from Priests on up were of another opinion regarding things like mercy, humanity and innocence? Wait, it didn’t matter much did it? But they reformed; they reformed!

In passing, do not fail to notice the enforcing of the Me, Victim, You Evil bi-polar attitude.

"In reality, the overwhelming majority of Muslims are an exceptionally…"

Exceptionally? Holy people have a humility before, not only God, but their fellow man as well, co-religionist or not, that transcends the day to day attitudes of the common clay…

I fail utterly to see that trait in the words of this man. Forgive me if I sound "bigoted" to you, but I feel the thing we call Holiness transcends religion; and my experiences in Life have never failed to reinforce that view.

"…peaceful and tolerant people who seek to live in harmony and happiness with their non-Muslim neighbors."

Believe it or not Dr Liepert, I agree with this completely; but as I said, it is the LEADERSHIP that is tainted and corrupt, not the Ummah, but it all amounts to the majority of Islam being seen as cannon fodder against the West.

"But as the saying goes, all it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing."

Again, I totally agree, but despite my known sympathy for the steep learning curve the Ummah faces to break free of the perverted clergy I see that same steep curve as making it MORE important that they DO begin to stand up en mass and get on with it; the curve will only get steeper; the stronger the chain, the more it MUST be broken!

"The Canadian Council of Imams Declaration is a major step by the good people of Islam to stand up and take back their religion and their religion’s public image from fanatics."

I do not see it that way at all; I see the self-same self-serving clergy trying to pull the wool of "moderate" over their Islamist wolfskin; again!

"The members of the Canadian Council of Imams are the scholarly elite of mainstream Islam in Canada, and they decide what Muslims are taught in our mosques."

Like I said, these are the ones that make sure a majority of Mosques dispense Islamist teachings, preaching’s and literature!

I debated a non-Muslim Islamic "consultant" in Virginia last month, who told me that the Quran commands Muslims to fight with Jews and Christians. I replied that the verse he quoted came in response to a rumored army that had gathered in the north bent on Islamophobic genocide. The verse wasn’t telling Muslims when to fight: they marched north expecting a bloody battle to the death. At the time it actually prevented bloodshed by telling Muslims when to stop fighting."

So, the passages of the Koran are merely historical records? They are not to be held as exemplars of behavior or guides for modern Islamic law? Is that you position? Will you preach that position in Mecca on your next Haj? Can I see the video if it survives?

"The "consultant" also quoted a scholarly treatise in support of violent expansionary jihad from the eighteenth century, and I reminded him that most of mainstream eighteenth-century Christianity also perverted the Bible to support the slave trade."

And what if he had quoted a respected, modern Imam’s fatwa defending the very real modern Muslim slavers? Would you have declared that this was not "the traditional way Muslims have seen it"?

"During a different discussion, another so-called expert claimed Muslims were bent on destroying churches. I told her about Caliph Umar, a Muslim warrior who refused the Christian Patriarch’s offer to pray in Jerusalem’s main cathedral after Umar had conquered the city, "so future Muslims would not declare it a mosque, that it remain a church forever."

My good Dottore, you just refuted yourself! This one lone Muslim leader followed his inner humanity and did something to PREVENT the traditional response from the Ummah that would have destroyed and rededicated the Church! Isn’t it amazing Virginia, what an innocent look can make people swallow?

This strikes me with thoughts of a similar quote from about a hundred years ago…

"You can’t say the whole town approved of the lynching of those three boys and their fathers! No Sir! Even the Niggers admit there were no more than three hunnerd people, men, women and children included there, screaming and cheering them on… And you NY boys know right well that this town has a population of 520 as of last July!"

Excuse me while I spit, that left a bad taste in my mouth!

"It all got me wondering whether people who dislike Islam are really the best ones to provide your information about either Muslims or Middle Eastern history."

And someone with a history of seeming lies, distortions and half-truths in favor of a white-washed Islam is?

On to the declaration…


We, the imams who have signed below, hereby affirm and declare the following fundamental points:
1. We believe in the oneness of Allah (God) and in the oneness of humanity and that all the Messengers of God, including the final Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), have taught human beings how to come closer to God and closer to one another. Islam is a religion of nature and humanity, one that teaches that a person cannot be a good Muslim until he/she becomes a good human being. All human beings are equal, and all of them are the children of Adam and Eve (peace be upon them). The best Muslim is the one who is good to his/her family and neighbors and one who avoids harming others with his/her hand or tongue.

[GDw; But the Koran and Sharia define a Good human being as a Muslim, so a non-Muslim is not fully Human until they submit to their inborn Muslimness!]

2. We believe in peaceful coexistence, dialogue, bridge building, and cooperation among all faiths and people for the common good of humanity.

[GDeW; but the Koran, hadith, and Sharia define "the Good of Humanity" as being a world under Sharia!

Islam does not permit the killing of innocent people, regardless of their creed, ethnicity, race, or nationality.

[Nice word, Creed, it side-steps the fact that the Koran demands that to be "religious", you must accept the major tenets of… ta da, ISLAM! Ditto to be "innocent"]

The sanctity of human life overrides the sanctity of religious laws. Islamic rulings do not — and should not — contradict natural laws.

[GDeW; This just says that Islamic law cannot contradict Islam!]

Islam is a religion that promotes peace, justice, equality, dignity, and freedom for all human beings.

Surely, it defines Humans as Good Muslims and Good Muslims as Humans, of course they promote their own welfare! But wait, aren’t they supposed to be all religious and such? Where is the humility?

3. We believe in the preservation of all the necessities of life. Islam upholds the sanctity of religion, life, intellect, family/society, and property.

[GDeW; And defines religion as Islam, family/society as Muslim families and Muslim societies, and property as belonging to the Ummah not the kafir!]

4. We believe that the well-being of our fellow citizens is the well-being of Muslims, and that the well-being of Muslims is the well-being of our fellow citizens.

[GDeW; And Islam does not recognize non-Muslims as fellow citizens! This is explicit in Koran, Hadith and Sharia! The Dhimmi status is the highest a Kafir can hope for in a Muslim society.]

Being law-abiding people is part of the Islamic practice, and following the pristine teachings of Islam leads to good citizenship.

[GDeW; and the pristine teachings tell the Muslim that ALL MANMADE LAWS ARE INVALID BEFORE SHARIA! Good citizenship is ONLY good Muslim Citizenship.]

5. We believe in gender equity [note that – equity, NOT equality; there is nothing in any of the wordxs definitions that talks about equality, only about "fair" judgments under some unstated set of rules, Islamic in this case; we know already about Islamic laws regarding women] and each man and each woman’s divine right to education [as judged by Shari’a standards], social contribution [as judged by Shari’a standards], work [as judged by Shari’a standards], and treatment with respect and dignity [as judged by Shari’a standards]. Men and women complement each other, and healthy [as judged by Shari’a standards] relationships between them are essential to a healthy [as judged by Shari’a standards] society.

6. We believe that it is the right of every individual adult person to determine for themselves their conduct towards and within their society (for example, in matters of dress or good manners), and their personal conduct in matters of faith and belief as well, as long as their conduct does not threaten the common good [as judged by Shari’a standards, NOT by man-made laws]. Likewise, we believe that every society must be allowed to express and celebrate humanity’s profound cultural diversity, as long as the expression of that diversity does not include the compulsion of any individual to violate their own human rights [in other words, does not force them, or tempt them, or allow them to violate their Islamic responsibilities], or their personal values [those who choose to violate Shari’a are either criminally insane or simply evil], or their human [Muslim] nature, or otherwise threaten the common [Islamic] good of all [Islamic] people.

7. We believe and strongly encourage Muslims to seriously engage in civic life and contribute to their communities and society as much as they can.

[GDeW; no doubt, right up to the point where they can seize control of the machinery of State, and declare Shari’a supreme.]

Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi (Canadian Council of Imams/Faith of Life Network)
Imam Ismail Fetic (Bosnian Islamic Centre of Hamilton)
Imam Dr. Arafat Elashi (Scholar & Lecturer in GTA)
Imam Dr. Ziyad Delic (Canadian Islamic Congress, Ottawa)
Imam Habeeb Ali (Canadian Council of Imams, Secretary)
Imam Abdul Hai Patel (Canadian Council of Imams, Interfaith Relations)
Imam Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Al-Nadvi (Alfalah Islamic Center, Oakville)
Imam Hafiz Faizan-ul Haq (West End Islamic Center, Mississauga)
Imam Yusuf Badat (Islamic Foundation of Toronto)
Imam Omar Subedar (The Islamic Society of Peel, Brampton)
Imam Ashraf Baddar (Faith of Life Network)
Imam Abdullah Hatia (Islamic Association of Saskatchewan, Regina)
Imam Mohamed Arif Desai (Masjid Darul Iman, Markham)
Imam Prof. Abdulvehab Hoxha (Albanian Muslim Society of Toronto)
Imam Sikander Ziad Hashmi (Islamic Centre of Kingston)
Imam Mohamed Nafis Bhayat (Jame Masjid, Mississauga)
Imam Mahomed Iqbal Subrathi (Markaz-ul-Islam Masjid, Edmonton, Alberta)
Imam Anver Moallim (Jami Omar – Ottawa)
Imam Michael AbdurRashid Taylor (Islamic Chaplaincy Services Canada)
Imam Dr. Aly Hindy (Salaheddin Islamic Centre, Toronto)
Imam Tarek Abu Noman Mohammad (Islamic Center of Cambridge)
Imam Zamir Ahmed Chohan (Islamic Foundation of Toronto)
Imam Jamal Hammoud (Muslim Council of Calgary)
Imam Abdul Raaoof Kabar (Muslim Council of Calgary)
Imam Ahmad Abdul Kadir (Muslim Council of Calgary)
Imam Hafiz Asim (Brampton Islamic Centre)
Imam Ahmed Ibrahim (Brampton Muslim Community)
Imam Ahmad Kutty (Islamic Institute of Toronto)
Imam Abdool Hamid Akbar (Islamic Institute of Toronto)
Imam Nedzad Hafizovic (Bosnian Islamic Centre, Toronto)
Imam Shabir Ally (Islamic Information Centre, Toronto)
Imam Ayman Al-Taher (International Muslims Organization of Toronto)
Imam Mohamad Khatib (Muslim World League, Toronto)
Imam Muhammad Kamaruzzaman (Danforth Islamic Centre & Baitul Aman Masjid)
Imam Refaat Mohamed (Barrie Mosque)
Imam Alaa Elsayed (Islamic Centre of Canada-ISNA)
Imam Khaled Alazhari (Ottawa Mosque)
Imam Mohammad J. Qazi (Masjid al-Farooq Islamic Centre, Mississauga)

These “moderates” are popping up like flies!


I need to be twins, or maybe triplets; I can’t keep up with all the false faced "Moderate Muslims" drowning out the real reformers in their religion!

Here is the latest in the "Taqiyya blog" of one Dr. David Liepert a "prominent North American Muslim"; I got interested in his writings from an appallingly weasel worded article on Huffington Post.

"Taqiyya, al Qaeda and  Islamophobia

DateMonday, August 16, 2010 at 04:30PM

Taqiyya, and the way it’s abused is an excellent example of the unholy (although it’s likely unintended) alliance between al Qaeda and radical Islamophobes."

Notice how a false black and white distinction is made here that isolates the supposed negative influence of Islam to less than one percent of Muslims and all non-Muslims who are critical of the ACTIONS of Muslims.

"Taqiyya is the Arabic word that denotes God’s promise that a Muslim won’t be judged a sinner if forced to renounce Islam under duress or torture, and makes explicit a wonderful promise: that God judges humankind lovingly and justly by our intent in the context of our capabilities."

Ah, but capabilities to to just what? To whom? Why? Those are questions that threaten the good Dr. as a Muslim and so will fall under the aegis of Taqiyya and never be answered honestly… by Western standards.

"Taqiyya to al Qaeda and the less than 0.1% of Muslims who follow their debased ideology is permission to lie."

No, it is not the straw man you have propped up in order to set a match to; it is permission to lie to "protect" or advance Islam, nothing more or less.

"Taqiyya to Islamophobes has become permission to call “liar” any Muslim who doesn’t support their hate filled agenda, and that’s the problem: because that means an Islamophobe can always throw out anything a Muslim says that they don’t agree with, or that they don’t want to hear."

Here again we see not only the stark My Way or the Hell Way attitude toward "thought crime" but also a continuation of the name calling, and propagandistic labeling. This is written from a RELIGIOUS PERSPECTIVE? I don’t think so, it reads more like political hot air that smells of masculine bovine digestive processes! To be stark myself it reads to me a lot like the German propaganda in the 30’s and Soviet propaganda in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s,50’s, 60’s, oh why go on; Putin is still doing it!

"But does Taqiyya actually give Muslims the rights al Qaeda and Islamophobes claim?"

Regardless of actual lineage we can see that the good Dr. understand you must hammer away at the "big Lies" until they take hold; then keep hammering them until they acquire quasi-mystical acceptance among "right thinking" people. Pardon me Virginia while go take an ant-acid; my stomach is a bit nauseated.

"Many Sunni Muslims claim that it is solely a Shiite practice, and consider the question answered. However, that response is to some extent dishonest because the practice is rooted in the Quran, which is shared by both. Based on 16:106, it is obviously a promise that AlLah makes to all Muslims that He will be merciful.

However, 3:28 tells Muslims not to take those outside our faith as “protecting friends”, unless the action itself protects Muslims, and 40:28 introduces a believer who must “hide his faith” among non-believers.

There are also Hadithi which pertain: including one in which Muhammad (peace be upon him) declared, “War is Deceit” and another recounting the assassination of Ka’b bin al-Sharif in which Muhammad (pbuh) gave the assassin permission to use a ruse.

But when you actually examine the evidence, it becomes clear that there is no permission to lie given to Muslims, and that al Qaeda and Islamophobes who say otherwise are lying themselves."

Well, no; if you look at all the most "reliable" translations you find evidence that goes BOTH ways. Either interpretation seems to be valid from the extant texts used by Muslims.

"The Ayah that pertain to Taqiyya are profoundly restrictive regarding exactly where the deception lies, who is being deceived and why. In each case, it is only one’s Muslim faith that is hidden, and it is only hidden from those who would do a Muslim harm because of it in order to prevent it. It is never used to give a Muslim an unfair advantage in anything."

No, it isn’t. judge them by their fruits!

"An Islamophobic [Guy DeW: more insulting, black and white labeling piled on, don’t we call that chauvinism if a Jew or Christian does it?] website shows just how dishonest the author is willing to be. They translate 3:54 as saying, "And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers." and claim “The Arabic word used here for scheme (or plot) is makara, which literally means deceit.  If Allah is deceitful toward unbelievers, then there is little basis for denying that Muslims are allowed to do the same.”

Sorry Dr. (of what by the way?), that is not the case; translations by Muslims and non-Muslims are divided.

"However, Makara doesn’t mean deceit, it means “plot” or “scheme” in the context of a superior plan or undertaking, which only proves you can’t take the word of someone who dislikes Islam about Islam: which shouldn’t surprise anyone."

Now that you have seen that the Dr. is distorting the facts should it surprise you that he wants you to blindly take HIS word?

"Likewise, al Qaeda and radical Islamophobes both claim the Hadithi in question give blanket permission to Muslims to lie, but actually reading them does the opposite.

“War is deceit” is said to have been declaimed in the context of the assassination of Usayr ibn Zarim and his 30 men after they were given safe passage. But when one reads the story it becomes clear that Usayr and his men were the first to offend, and clear that the transmitter went to pains to make that clear."

In other words it is cool to cheat a cheater, and rob a robber, and murder a murderer? That is a small step to cheating someone you think has cheated you etc… and one more tiny step to cheating anyone who is not "on your side", sorry Doc, I can’t buy it!

"Likewise, after getting permission to use a ruse, the transmitter actually went to great pains to show that Muhammad bin Maslama went to great lengths to avoid actually saying anything false: his words are recorded exactly."

Tape or digital recording? You do know that any digital recording can be tampered with.. what did you say Virginia? The good Dottore did not mean that, he meant that HIS scripture is pure and accurate and untainted despite hundreds of years before their being written down and the many different versions that have existed? Ok, I guess I should not be surprised.  Oh, and it is all false anyway… go to the horses mouth!

"And Ka’b’s final words to his own wife indicate that he might even have had an inkling what was going on, but had been overcome by his own greed."

And of course THAT makes it all ok? Sorry again, no sale here, try further East.

"The bottom line? Muslims don’t have permission to lie, and anyone who says otherwise are bearing false witness and spreading lies about Islam.  And that’s against the rules of every religion, no matter which book you follow."

And so says someone who has absolutely NO ulterior motive for you to believe him… And I have some wonderful land in Florida to sell you…

CAIR – Partisan Over Religion – Religious in Their Partisanship


Today on Hussam Ayloush‘s personal website (Hussam is the executive director of the los Angeles CAIR affiliate) I found this post from a piece on the Huffington Post … Oh my Virginia, what is the world of “Holy Men” coming to?

There is a quote whose source I have not been able to track down that goes something like this:

A true Holy Man[or woman] is known in spite of their religion, not because of it.”

This means Virginia, that the thoughts, and feelings, and actions of the truly holy can be recognized across the lines of dogma and doctrine and other man-made fantasies meant to bolster ego more than help people to grow closer to God. In this day and age no where is this more evident than in the realms of Televangelism, Creationism, radically militant Hassidic Jews and mainstream Islam.

Articles exposing the philosophies and excesses of the first three abound across the media from the Leftist to the moderate to the almost conservative; this piece is about a new wave of holy disingenuousness rising across the Western and Eastern worlds.

Let us introduce Kamran Pasha and his piece from Huffington Post as echoed by our good friend Hussam and my response:


You are very imaginative Sir; have you ever considered a career writing fantasy? Or maybe creating advertising copy for cigarette companies would be more to your taste?

The ADL, which was founded in 1913 as a powerful voice against religious discrimination in America, has over the past decade become increasingly xenophobic toward the Muslim community, which its leaders seem to view as a threat to Jews due to its lack of support for Israel.”

That is very interesting. I would imagine though that their attitude comes more from the steady rise in anti-Semitism worldwide, especially in Israel, in those same ten years.

Lack of support”? Is that what you call Muslim leaders, spiritual and political, spouting genocidal rhetoric and fake history as they train their children to be robotic martyrs to the cause of eliminating Israel? Are you under the impression, Sir that no one can read Muslim news sources, or listen to Muslim leaders speak; or see records of Friday sermons declaring Israelis inhuman and all the hateful rhetoric of a nascent fascism?


“As a Christian friend who works in the Obama Administration lamented to me recently, the ADL has in essence become the “Pro-Defamation League” when it comes to Islam and Muslims.”

Does the same obviously bigoted friend of yours walk up to his Jewish friends, and tell them that CAIR is unfortunately almost exclusively anti-Semitic in its slant on everything? No? Why ever not Sir?

Here is where it really starts to get good!

The recent comments by Abraham Foxman, National Director of the ADL, against the proposed Muslim community center in New York are the latest in a long line of incidents where members of the ADL have promoted bigotry and discrimination against Arabs and Muslims.”

This is the iron skillet calling the almost new aluminum pan black! Let us look at some actual data, instead of opinion shall we Virginia?

6,489,000 Jews in US more or less; 2.2% of the population – CAIR claims that there are 7 million Muslims in the US for, about 2.2 % (is that why the CAIR number is much higher than all other estimate, to equal the Jewish presence? Just a thought.)

So then, Virginia, all we need to do is compare the anti-Islamic crime with the anti-Jewish crime 1 to 1 for us to see who is getting the short end of religious bigotry:

  Incidents Victims Offenders Percentage
All anti-Religion: 1,519 1,732 632 100%
Anti-Jewish 1,013 1,145 353 66%
Anti-Islamic 105 130 85 7%

(Addition 8/11; Please take note Virginia that the anti-Islamic crimes were comitted on average by only 1.2 persons per crime while the anti-Jewish crimes were more often group efforts with an average of 2.9 offenders per incident!)

Even if we use the figure for Muslims in the US given by the American Religious Identification Survey of 1.3 million (about a fifth of the CAIR number) gives a weighted comparison of anti-Jewish = 66% and anti-Islamic = 105 incidents times 5 for weighting = 525 out of 1,519 incidents equaling 35%, barely half of the anti-Semitic rate! Q.E.D.

“In 1993, the ADL illegally spied on American citizens who had spoken out in sympathy with Palestinians, generating a watch list of 10,000 names of private citizens and over 600 groups, and then selling the list to South African intelligence agents…

“Do not do unto others what you would not have others do unto you.”

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Good advice!

“To Mr. Foxman and the rest of the ADL leadership, I ask if in your hearts you would want people to accuse innocent Jews of being enemies of the state?

Would you want Jews to accept vilification of their entire religion if a handful of Jews ever did something wrong? Would you want Jews to tacitly accept the lies that bigots had projected on to them? And finally, would you want Jews to be forced to shut down their synagogues because of the misguided passions of a mob?

Would you want this done to Jews?

If the answer is no, then I ask as your Muslim brother that you follow the wisdom of Rabbi Hillel and the sages of Judaism.

Do not do the same hateful thing to my people.”

Pretty words Sir, but… By their fruits shall ye know them…

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