Can You Say Provocation in Arabic?

By guydewhitneyadmin


Once again al-Jazeera shows its skill at spinning reality until reality itself gets sick and throws up its lunch…

Here Virginia, we have a video from Occupied East” Jerusalem; I want to see the rest of this video!!! I want to see what happened just before the cut! Notice the non-children with cameras all ready to shoot the results.  Notice the kids running INTO the front of the car, practically attacking the hood as the group throws stones…

This was a prepared and staged event! Those children are the victims of their parents and the Palestinian “leadership” who planned and staged it!  I want to see the whole tape! I want to hear the audio.  And the the car that hits the boys just HAPPENS to be the leader of the settler group?

I just noticed another thing about the vid… there is not one exclamation of shock or surprise or outrage..almost as if the incident was expected!  If this tape is not of a staged incident I am sure the rest will be released, right… hello? Is there anyone there?

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  1. Nathan Freeman says:

    WTF dude! Staged!?! Are you blind or you’re just an idiot?!hah!

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