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What is the Heretics Crusade? To start with, there are too many RADICAL blogs on the Left AND Right. It is time to let the Moderate Majority have their say.

Despite what it might look like the focus of this blog is NOT Muslims. It is ALL serious efforts at instilling totalitarian controls onto free Western society.

In school Thomas Jefferson was my greatest Amercian Hero. My opinion has not changed on that in over 30 years.

Beginning with the Phoenicians, then three waves of Greeks, The Etruscans, the Romans, the Celts, The Gauls etc. etc. etc. migration after migration of peoples left the East. Left behind a land where the whole is more important than the parts to found nations where the individual and his or her contribution to society would matter. Greece, Rome, England, America a great rolling progression of Enlightenment values growing and evolving toward a bright future where every is able to have peace and safety and above all, a voice. I sit here writing in Southern California, at the peak of the Western Wave. I feel the breath of the millions behind me who sweat and bled and died to put me here. It is my responsibility to do all I can to see their legacy does not fail. That the barbarians never again “sack Rome” allowing the advent of another dark age.

For a long time in the 80’s I found myself concerned with keeping an eye on and talking about radical Christian efforts in this country to edge our culture into a theocracy. While this movement seems to have peaked a year or so before the end of the reign of Bush II there are still folks dedicated to putting God in the classroom, creationism in our books and to demonizing gays and abortion. Currently the project near and dear to their hearts that concerns me the most is efforts by conservative Christian organizations to co opt the Air Force as a proselytising force. Needless to say I do not view this objective lightly.

I also watched with some worry activities by the Soviet Union and China. Then the Soviets collapsed and it seemed that the only thing to seriously worry about besides our few fanatics was the possibility of China becoming aggressively expansionist (not a likely event). Sept 11Th 2001 changed that. Like just about everyone else I was somewhat aware that the “Muslim World” was something less than civilized to my jaded California standards but figured that as long as they didn’t poop in my backyard I had no reason to spy into theirs. Then the thousand Great Dane sized load of F.U. landed in New York, D.C. and Penn. I thought maybe it was time to look into this Islam thing.

In exploring the information available it took a long time to vet many of the sources before I could trust them. A large obstacle to this was that fact that, like Soviet Communism, the people who first saw things as they were came from the far right of the political spectrum. Just as McCarthy was totally wrong in how he dealt with things he was totally right about the extent of Soviet infiltration in the government and Hollywood we find that a number of unsavory voices shouting to the rooftops a message the basics of which everyone should hear. But people look at who is talking ask why they should listen to such voices on THIS subject.

For the record the pillars of civilisation that I regard as inviolable are: Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, equal treatment before the law of everyone, Men, women, regardless of race, creed or sexuality. I support the right to bear arms and have served with pride in the armed forces of my nation but I oppose the very concept of a “draft”. I feel that any nation that cannot fight it’s battles with a volunteer army has no right to fight them. And this includes wars of defense. I support the right to abortion but cannot support late term abortion at all. In general I regard myself as a leftish moderate who is not afraid of guns.

Anyone who tries to peg me into a political category from one or two opinions is almost certain to be wrong. In fact I refuse to identify with any party since a party is nothing more than a slate of opinions pre-packaged to avoid a voters having to take on that horrible job: thought.

In the course of this blog I will be posting articles and videos of all sorts that highlight both the fight of totalitarians to blind and enslave us as well as the efforts of those who will not be bound or controlled to keep the West free in mind and soul.

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