Female Genital Mutilation: If you are a woman and NOT up in arm about this then you might as well get a sex change!

Female Genital Mutilation on British Turf
By Jamie Glazov
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, March 20, 2009

Latest reports indicate that approximately 500 girls a year have their genitals mutilated in Britain.

It may come as no surprise to the knowledgeable political and cultural observer that the poor victims of these crimes are not from Christian or Jewish families, nor from Hindu or Buddhist ones. They are to be found predominantly in Muslim households. And being Muslim is a status that gives the victims, and all future victims, the unfortunate distinction of being part of a group that society can’t help, because the lib-Left has made sure that the Muslim culture can never be criticized and, therefore, that its sufferers can never be protected or saved.

Fact: female circumcision is illegal in Britain. But this doesn’t mean that British law enforcement is doing anything about this crime that Muslim communities are perpetrating against their little girls.

The reality: five hundred girls’ genitals are mutilated every year in Britain. Not one arrest. Not one incarceration.

You think protecting little girls’ genitals is more important nowadays than protecting oneself from the charge of being Islamophobic? Think again.

Islamic women haters, therefore, are reigning free in Britain. Enraged at even the thought of female sexuality, the self-appointed guardians of Islamic purity make sure to obliterate the clitorises of little girls before the girls begin to get the concept of their own human agency and the magic of love. In a fascistic effort to deny women even the possibility of personal happiness, individuality and sexual satisfaction, these mutilators start cutting girls at the age of seven or eight—before their menstrual periods begin—so that their sexuality will be amputated forever.

Despite its gruesome terror, this crime is widely practised throughout world, for it is a crucial ingredient of Islamic gender apartheid and is known as female genital mutilation (FGM). Its ideological premise has been carefully constructed: a girl’s genital area is dirty and unacceptable. How much is amputated varies among cultures. In Egypt only the clitoris is amputated; in countries like Sudan the woman-haters are not so kind. In a savagery called infibulation, the girl’s external genital organs are completely removed: the clitoris, the two major outer lips (labia majora) and the two minor inner lips (labia minora). In Sudan, the term used for this is tahur—which means “cleansing” or “purification.”

(HH: Call me what you will but it seems to me that this ALONE is grounds for the U.N. to basically invade and take over Sudan and put it right. Imagine the institutionalized HORROR female children are subjected to daily in Sudan and Egypt etc.Of course it is not going to happen that way. Currently the U.N. would probably DEFEND the practice. The OIC certainly would.)

More than 130 million women living today have been subjected to this horrifying practice, and more than two million girls are assaulted by it each year. That is more than five thousand girls every day. Many girls lose their lives during FGM, which is often done with broken glass. Most victims suffer from chronic infection and pain for the rest of their lives. The mutilation robs women of their ability to enjoy the fullness of their sexuality and, therefore, the fullness of their lives. Approximately 75 percent of women cannot achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation; thus, the possibility of sexual satisfaction has been obliterated for millions of women in the Muslim world.

(HH: The loss of sexuality is horrific, but it is the absolutely inhuman torture of the procedure and the Attitude the girls are subjected to. You are a thing a dirty dirty thing but can be made “useful” if we mutilate what God gave you. I shudder and want to scream, cry and hurt someone at the same time. These are little girls!!!!!! )

The Muslim communities who practise FGM will not easily abandon their barbarity. The Egyptian government, for example, banned FGM in 1996, but an Egyptian court overturned the ban in July 1997. The problem is that the clitoris mutilators point to traditional teachings that sanction FGM. Islamic tradition, for instance, records the Prophet Muhammad emphasizing that circumcising girls is “a preservation of honor for women.” A legal manual of the Shafi’i school of Islamic jurisprudence, ‘Umdat al-Salik, which is endorsed by Al-Azhar University of Cairo — the oldest and most prestigious university in the Islamic world — states that circumcision is obligatory for both boys and girls.

(HH: Here we have the exposure of a lie by the hard Left. It is NOT mainly Pagan Africans that do this. The vast majority of these mutilations, by numbers, are committed by Muslims.)

Underlying this brutality is the obvious belief that the sexual mutilation of women will help keep the structure of Islamic gender apartheid in place. Keeping FGM legitimized and institutionalized is one of the most effective means to keep women subjugated and caged. The assumption is that amputating the clitoris will kill the woman’s sexual desire and thereby reduce the chances that she will ever toy with the notion of self-determination.

(HH: The funny bit is that the Islamic apologists will tell you the same thing but in different words. Those poor darling girls must be cherished and kept clean and since they can’t be chained up or watched all the time the HUMANE Islamic solution is to make them incapable of following their natural evil tendencies. THAT is the party line from the Imams.)

Thanks to the Left’s policy of multiculturalism, where no value can be said to be worse or better than any other (except, of course, if American society and culture is the subject of discussion), (HH: That is a very succinct way of describing the philosophy of the Far Left.) FGM is now being widely practised on Western territory. A study estimates that 66,000 women living in England and Wales have suffered FGM, most of them before emigrating from their home country. More than 7,000 girls in Britain alone, meanwhile, are at a high risk of being victims of the crime. At present, we know that more than 500 girls in Britain are being mutilated every year.

(HH: If your response to THAT number is not outrage and a feeling of THIS MUST NOT CONTINUE then turn in your humanitarian badge and accept your demonic hypocrite I.D.!)

This horror show demands a certain question: Where are the leftist feminists in the West crying out in opposition to this crime against their sisters being carried out on their own shores? In what pages, in what demonstrations, are they denouncing the theology that serves as an inspiration to this crime and calling it to account? Where are the Women’s Studies Departments on Western campuses demanding that Islam be confronted on these grotesque elements of misogyny? Where are the columnists of the Nation Magazine, the supposed leader of the humanitarian Left, repudiating this practise and the texts on which is based?

The Left’s cries of indignation are not to be heard because admitting the inferiority of an adversarial culture might very well legitimize Western civilization, a recognition that no leftist can allow if he hopes to retain his identity and social belonging. (HH: Again VERY succinctly put!)That’s why the leftist forces in our society do their best to excuse FGM with the tired old mantra: it’s not only Muslims that do it – as if inaction to save human beings from evil is somehow justified because a sin might exist somewhere else.

Hypothetical question: if we could have saved the Jewish inmates from Auschwitz before they were gassed, would it have been right to abort the rescue operation upon discovering that someone, somewhere, in some other place, said or did something anti-Semitic?

Yes, there are non-Islamic parts of Africa whose cultural traditions also dehumanize women and practice FGM. But Muslims are the principal religious group that practices this sexual violence against women. In Egypt, 97 percent of girls are circumcised. And there is no greater revolting image than the smug leftist turning his back on these victims because a non-Muslim somewhere sliced the genitals off of a little girl. How does this self-satisfied inhumanity save the Muslim girls who will be mutilated in the future?

We know that it doesn’t. But alas, this is only another chapter of a long dark story – the story of the Left, with its hands drenched with complicity in human blood, sacrificing human beings on the altar of utopian ideals.

[Editors’ note: Jamie Glazov’s new book, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror, provides an analysis of the Left’s silence about Islamic gender apartheid. To order a copy, click here.]

The Real Message of the Bridges TV Tragedy is that even this guy can’t really “get it” though he tries

(HH: Full disclosure; the author of this piece is rumoured to have his own issues with violence and women but I cannot confirm or deny that. The piece itself is very interesting as much for the mostly good analysis as for the appalling blind spots it shows to an Western reader.)

by Mauri’ Saalakhan
It is written that the preferred act of Iblis (the enemy of ALLAH, The Almighty, and all humanity) is the breakup of families, and causing separation between people in general.

The family, the nucleus of society, could be described as the most important institution in human civilization. The strength of a nation is determined in large part by the collective health and well being of the sum total of its families. It therefore makes sense that this would be a priority target for the Shayateen (Satan and his hordes).

(HH: It should be noted that to a Muslim a “family” means a MAN and his children and whatever woman or women he is married to at the moment. This is not a controversial statement at all. I merely relate established precedent in sharia law.)

The institution of family has been under siege around the world throughout most of human history. It serves in the modern world as a barometer of the troubling dichotomy that exists between material progress and social advancement. Racism, classism, sexism, materialism, and the often deadly and life changing social malady known as “spousal abuse,” are all manifestations of this troubling cross-cultural, world wide dichotomy!

Here in America, a week doesn’t go by without numerous reports in the mainstream media of horrific attacks committed by former lovers on former lovers. The victims (more often than not, young women of varying socio-economic and cultural hues) sustain serious injury or death at the hands of men who, for a variety of reasons, do not know how to love, or when to let go.

While the vast majority of these cases involve non-Muslims (Christians, Jews and others), rarely, if ever, do the religious beliefs of the assailant make the news. But in Post 9/11 America, whenever a Muslim is involved, religion will often become a front page issue!

A Time Bomb waiting to go off

It has now become clear, to this writer at least, that those who knew 44 year old Muzzammil “Mo” Hassan well could not have been truly shocked when he allegedly took the life of his third wife, Aasiya Zubair Hassan, 37. While they may be surprised by the way this bright young architect from Karachi lost her life, the profile which has emerged suggests that anyone who really knew “Mo” Hassan had to know that he was capable of committing murder.

The man who became variously known as Muzzammil Hassan, “Steve Hassan,” “Mo Hassan” and “Mo Steven Hassan,” was reportedly born on Nov. 6, 1964, and came to America from South Asia in 1979. He reportedly established roots in Rochester (NY), and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester in 1985. In 1996, Hassan graduated from the Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester with an MBA. Despite these achievements, however, “Mo” had problems.

Hassan reportedly had two previous marriages; both unsuccessful, and both riddled with detailed allegations of violent abuse. His first marriage was to a Caucasion convert named Janice, with whom he bore two children (a son and daughter); the second was to a Pakistani woman named Sadia. Neither marriage lasted long.

(It’s been reported that Sadia’s family recently sacrificed two lambs in gratitude that she was able to escape her marriage alive, after about a year of unhappy matrimony.)

After Hassan’s marriage to his third wife, Aasiya, with whom he also had two children, they settled in Orchard Park, on the outskirts of Buffalo, New York – a predominately white, middle class community of about 30,000 residents.

On February 6, 2009, after years of documented abuse, Aasiya Hassan filed for divorce from Muzzammil Hassan. Six days later, Hassan reportedly walked into the Orchard Park police station to report that they could find the body of his 37 year old wife at the offices of Bridges TV, also located in Orchard Park. Hassan has since been charged with second-degree murder, and is currently being held without bail.

According to people who saw her in repose, Aasiya was buried with the unmistakable marks of raw brutality – i.e., gashes on her face and body, and with her head delicately repositioned over her body, because of the brutal way she had been murdered and decapitated at the company that she helped found with her estranged husband.

As details emerge regarding the troubled life she led with “Mo” Hassan, Aasiya Zubair Hassan has become a tool of convenience for some of the most vehement critics of Islam in America, and a lightning rod of recrimination within the Muslim community itself.

The failure of a community

In her report on the tragedy, Asra Nomani quotes Afshan Qureshi, the president of Saathi, an advocacy group in Rochester for domestic-violence victims, and a leader in the local Muslim community who helped Hassan’s second wife. “Our community failed. We punished the victims. People said the first marriage failed because the girl was American, the second marriage failed because the girl wasn’t patient enough and then, look, the third wife is happy. Everything is OK. The community is an accomplice in the story of Muzzammil Hassan.” Indeed it is…in more ways then one.

The tragedy was aided and abetted by clumsy attempts at secrecy; the type of secrecy routinely practiced by many communities around such serious societal issues as domestic violence and mental illness. However, both Muslims and non-Muslims were reportedly aware of the allegations of abuse in Hassan‘s third marriage. It is also known that the accused assailant was prescribed psychiatric medications for mood swings, and may have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Salahuddin Malik – a former State University of New York history professor, and currently chairman of the council of trustees at the Islamic Center of Rochester – reportedly believed in Hassan’s [Bridges TV] vision, and didn’t think a history of domestic violence should preclude him from realizing that vision. He reportedly stated, “You don’t want to get involved in personal matters.”

(HH: This is one of those appalling blind spots I spoke of. This bozo knew the man was a nutter but because it was something a Muslim considers “private” he jumped on board and helped this guy become a role model.)

Another Buffalo area Muslim leader reportedly told the Buffalo News (incredulously), “I think of Aasiya as a martyr.” Later adding, “If only Aasiya would have made some noise.” The problem with this line of thinking is that, while Aasiya repeatedly failed to follow through with formal charges against her abusive husband, she did make some noise…but to no avail.

(HH: 700 club types aside I think we can all agree that while the Muslim community immediately around him was primarily responsible the non-Muslim apathy toward crimes in “ethnic” contributed as well.)

Malik’s wife, Sarwat Malik, a physician who was also familiar with Muzzammil Hassan’s history of domestic violence, correctly opined that this dynamic [community silence and inaction] comes with a high socio-psychological cost:

“Everyone is suffering in silos. This should change. Women are battered in all cultures, and the common factor is the social sanction of violence against women.
(HH here: Umm no lady, YOUR community was criminally silent. our communities abhor such things which is why Western husbands who kill their wives usually try to hide the fact or go on to kill themselves. They do not brag about it or glory in it like Muslims and some others do.) As a community, we must bear a collective responsibility of keeping everyone safe. It cannot be done by a few organizations. It must be done by all, working together. We need to make it a whole community affair. Everyone must speak out that violence will not be tolerated.”
(HH again: Well you THINK lady? Welcome to something called reality!!!)

Dr. Malik’s observation reveals one of the core lessons connected to the Bridges tragedy. A genuine community must behave like a community…everyone bears a “collective responsibility” for keeping everyone else safe.

There are a number of other closely related lessons which also emanate from this terrible tragedy. In Part Two, insha’Allah, we will examine some of these ‘secondary issues of import.’