Who is Anita Dunn?

Is Anita Dunn a space alien or maybe a foreign spy? Is she the product of a secret lab in the Nevada desert? Is she possibly even that worst of all things: a Canadian? Glenn Beck, amongst others is talking about what Dunn has said, but I don’t see anyone discussing who she is. All I do know is that information online about her life before 1977 is nonexistent.

The White House does not list any C.V. or bio for her. The Washington Post has a profile that lists her as 51 years old but gives no birth date. It is a cheering section for her professional career more than a bio.

Basic background information on White House Communications Director Anita Dunn starts with her plum job in the Carter White House, leaving her biography half missing. I might be naïve, but I thought that presidential appointees to White House positions were important public figures. From the reactions to Ms. Dunn in the media it seems that I was wrong.

I myself find it just a little distressing to learn that a major player in D.C. seems to have appeared out of nowhere to work for Jimmy Carter’s chief of staff. I find it even more disturbing that media outlets who go over judicial and cabinet appointments with a microscope don’t know if President Obama‘s Director of Communication went to college. But no one in the press seems to care about anything other than her comments attacking Fox News and her deep respect for Chairman Mao and his statement that “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

In fact, other than the Fox comments and reactions to her praise of Mao, all I could find was this bit at WhoRunsGov.com:

Current Position: White House Communications Director (since May 2009)

Career History: Senior adviser for strategic communications (April 2008 to November 2008); Director of Hopefund (May 2006 to December 2006); Political adviser at Squier Knapp Dunn (1993 to 2009)

Birthday: N/A, Hometown: N/A, Alma Mater: N/A, Spouse: Robert Bauer, Religion: N/A, DC Office: N/A, Email N/A

I did find out that Ms. Dunn did not want a visible role in the Obama White House. Indeed, she had not wanted a White House job at all. Until her unfortunately public expression of reverence for Chairman Mao blipped the media’s radar, she had gotten her wish. Now, as the furor dies down the only one that has had little to say has been Ms. Dunn.

How old is she? Where was she born? Where did she grow up? What schooling and degrees does she have and from which institutions? What led her to be given a job in the White House by Jimmy Carter in the first place? As far as the internet is concerned, no one seems to know. There isn’t even a mention of what town she grew up in.

Color me stupid but should the media allow any president to hire without comment someone with no public history to be the director of White House Communications? Someone whose only public utterance of personal thought seems to be an admiration for Mao, the biggest mass murderer in history?

Why is it that the mainstream media have ignored the lack of even a hometown or a college degree in her public profiles? Do they know something I do not? Maybe I have the scoop this time and Glenn Beck is soon to break the story. Or Rush Limbaugh may seek Anita’s hand in marriage when her All-American background is revealed. Either way it turns out, I would like to know.

Instead of asking her who she’s kidding maybe the pundits should be asking her who she is.