Obama gives the term “Gay Abandon” a new twist!

(HH here: Most of the LBG (I don’t know any transgendered myself, I think.) I know fall anywhere from Conservative Republican to Liberal Democrat but Strangely in many cases it seems to me they have a more balanced perspective on politics than their straight fellow citizens. Political polarization does not seem to come with a desire for your own sex. However the more publically activist the gays I know are the more they tend to be Left-wing.

As with many “Liberal” causes in this day and age Leftist ideology has had a disproportionate influence on the Gay community due to Leftwing targeting of “useful” opposition groups (Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, minority religions, etc.) to be added to their power base.

According to the Left’s action manuals political power is NOT to be gained in order to use it to pursue the will of the voters. No, it is gained solely to be used to promote the goals of the Left’s leadership instead. The people are assumed to never know what is good for them. In fact according to Radical Orthodoxy if left to themselves the “proletariat” is most likely to move to the RIGHT. In other words though the people would like more security and stability the goal of the Leftist is to create enough INstability and DIScontent that the people are accepting of the radical changes the Leftists intend.

In this light it should not surprise anyone in the LBGT community that the President only talked as though he was their friend. When it comes to action the mantra of Obama is “Don’t think YOUR message is allowed to mess with MY message!”

And so when NBC’s Chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood was asked if the administration was concerned with “the left as a whole,”because of a sense that Obama had not followed through on Liberal concerns Mr. Harwood replied “Barack Obama is doing well with 90% or more of Democrats so the White House views this opposition as really part of the Internet left fringe… For a sign of how seriously the White House does or doesn’t take this opposition, one adviser told me those bloggers need to take off the pajamas, get dressed, and realize that governing a closely divided country is complicated and difficult

So there you have it, Mr. Obama either has a staff that lies as they see fit or Mr. Obama himself suffers from an extraordinary inferiority complex. In His eyes having won the Presidency by 192 electoral votes, Democratic control of BOTH houses and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate AND a Republican party with no clear leadership puts him in the position of, let me see how did the staffer put his excuse for the WH’s arrogant dismissal of the Gay community’s concerns? Oh, here it is, “governing a closely divided country is complicated and difficult“.

If that is what you call a “Closely Divided Country(tm)” then what pray tell will the administration do if they have to govern without complete Democratic control? Will they simply sit in the corner and weep at the complications and difficulty of governing a TRULY divided country as Bush and Clinton, and Bush and Reagan and, hmm, Can anyone tell me when the last time it was that a President had this much impetus behind his party?

See, that is the key, his PARTY. The plain fact that is emerging from the fog of the election is that Obama and his cadre are NOT Democrats as most people understand them. They are Leftists and NOT Liberals at all. Historically Leftists USE Gays, they do not LIKE them. Once they have power the Gays are among the first to be targeted as “politically unreliable”. Even Gay icon Barney Frank, a homosexual himself, shows more loyalty to the Leftwing agenda than to the Gay community. Mr. Frank feels that the Gay community needs to go embarrass their LOCAL politicians and stop joggling the elbow of the Radical Messiah.

Mr. Frank needs to go look at the historical record for Gays wherever the hard Left has won control in the world. He is buying the rope that will be used to hang him and his lover.

President Obama has been accused of throwing anyone who causes embarrassment (Rev. Wright. Jones, Ayers, etc.) under the bus in his drive for success. Now to the road kill can be added the entire LBGT community, activist or not, they have all been tossed under the bus.

After all, With his Nobel warm in his pocket to prove his love of the Muslim world it would be just rude to give comfort to those evil, sinful people. It might offend Saudi Arabia after all and THEN where would we be?)