Who is Guy DeWhitney? What is The Heretics Crusade?

It has been just over a year since I started this blog.  Despite numerous distractions and diversion it has been a good year for the blog, if not for our sadly Post-Enlightenment PC culture.  I take this opportunity to repost an updated version of my second post explaining why I had begun a project like Heretics Crusade.


Why start this blog now? Aren’t there enough "they’re out to get us" blogs? Yes, there are too many RADICAL blogs on the Left AND Right. It is time to let the Moderate Majority have their say.

Despite what it might look like in these times, the focus of this blog is NOT Muslims. It is  focused on exposing and answering ALL serious efforts at instilling totalitarian controls onto free Western society.

In school Thomas Jefferson was my greatest American Hero. My opinion has not changed on that in over 30 years.  Beginning with the Phoenicians, then three waves of Greeks, The Etruscans, the Romans, the Celts, The Gauls, etc., etc., etc., migration after migration of peoples left the Far East.

They Left behind a land where the Whole is more important than the parts, to found nations where the individual and his or her contribution to society would matter. Greece, Rome, England, America a great rolling progression of Enlightenment values growing and evolving toward a bright future where every is able to have peace and safety and above all, a voice.

I sit here writing in Southern California, at the peak of the Western Wave. I feel the momentum and legacy of the millions behind me who sweated and bled and died to put me here. It is my responsibility to do all I can to see that their legacy does not fail. That the barbarians never again "sack Rome" allowing the advent of another dark age.

For long in the 80’s I found myself concerned with keeping an eye on, and talking about, radical Christian efforts in this country to edge our culture into a theocracy. While this movement seems to have peaked a year or so before the end of the reign of Bush II there are still folks dedicated to putting God in the classroom, creationism in our books and demonizing gays and abortion.

Currently the project near and dear to their hearts that concerns me the most is efforts by conservative Christian organizations to co opt the Air Force as a proselytizing force. Needless to say I do not view this objective lightly.

I also watched with some worry activities by the Soviet Union and China. Then, the Soviets collapsed, and it seemed that the only thing to seriously worry about besides our few fanatics was the possibility of China becoming aggressively expansionist (not a likely event).

Sept 11th 2001 changed that. Like just about everyone else I was somewhat aware that the "Muslim World" was something less than civilized to my jaded California standards but figured that as long as they didn’t poop in my backyard I had no reason to spy into theirs. Then the thousand Great Dane sized load of FU landed in New York, D.C. and Penn.  and I thought that maybe it was time to look into this Islam thing.

In exploring the information available it took a long time to vet the sources before I could trust them. A large obstacle to this was that fact that, like Soviet Communism, the people who first saw things as they were came from the far right of the political spectrum. Just as McCarthy was totally wrong in how he dealt with things, he was totally right about the extent of Soviet infiltration in the government, and Hollywood. We find today a number of unsavory voices shouting to the rooftops a message the basics of which everyone should hear does more to make people constructively deaf than convert them to reality. People look at who is talking, and ask why they should listen to such voices on THIS subject.

For the record, the pillars of civilization that I regard as inviolable are: Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, equal treatment before the law of everyone; men and women, regardless of race, creed or sexuality. I support the right to bear arms, and have served with pride in the armed forces of my nation but, I oppose the very concept of a "draft". I feel that any nation that cannot fight it’s battles with a volunteer army has no right to fight them. And this includes wars of defense.

I support the right to abortion but, cannot support late term abortion in any but blatantly cut and dired cases, which I have yet to EVER hear of.

In general I regard myself as a leftish moderate who is not afraid of guns. Anyone who tries to peg me into a political category from one or two opinions is almost certain to be wrong. In fact I refuse to identify with any party since a party is nothing more than a slate of opinions pre-packaged to avoid a voter’s having to take on that horrible job: thought.

In the course of this blog I will be posting articles and videos of all sorts that highlight both the fight of totalitarians to blind and enslave us, as well as the efforts of those who will not be bound or controlled to keep the West free in mind and soul.

And yes Virginia, I EXPECT to get attacked from the partisans on BOTH sides.  All I have to say is; AVANT Crusader, AVANT!

Moderate Religious commentary. Blogging the Bible? Blogging the Koran? How about BOTH?

I started looking at Hot Air’s Blogging the Koran and decided to read the original Slate: Blogging the Bible first. That was yesterday afternoon! It is now 10:00PM. The writer, David Plotz (yes, that IS his real name) is fantastic. Here is a small sample of his comments:

“Koheleth begins by deploring the “solitary individuals,” who spend all their time working but have no one to share their wealth with. This flows into the following glorious passage:

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up the other; but woe to one who is alone and falls and does not have another to help. Again, if two lie together, they keep warm; but how can one keep warm alone?

This is an out-of-fashion sentiment for our individualistic era—like something from a Swedish government pamphlet, circa 1975. But my God! It’s phenomenal! Let’s talk about the killer line of the passage: “How can one keep warm alone?” My all-time favorite Slate article is this 1997 essay about marriage by the late Herb Stein, written right after the death of his wife. Stein described watching couples walk by the sidewalk cafe where he was sitting. He asked why the wives were important to their husbands.

First, she is a warm body in bed. I don’t refer to their sexual activity. That is important but too varied for me to generalize about. I refer to something that is, if possible, even more primitive. It is human contact. A baby crying in its crib doesn’t want conversation or a gold ring. He wants to be picked up, held, and patted. Adults need that physical contact also. They need to cuddle together for warmth and comfort in an indifferent or cold world.

When I read Stein’s article 10 years ago, I wept, imagining him with no one to cuddle with anymore. And I almost cried at this passage from Ecclesiastes, thinking of all those who don’t have someone to keep them warm in bed.

The chapter closes with a smack at the ostentatiously religious: “Be not overeager to go to the House of God.” The implication, if I read the surrounding verses correctly, is that the prayers and offerings of fools are worthless. ”

Find the rest HERE! Warning! It is addictive!

The Blogging the Koran was a bit too partisan for my taste. I would like to see a true moderate Muslim do the job over.

How to chose sources

Often when I am perusing various news sources and blogs for items to post and comment upon I will find interesting and pertinent stories posted by online magazines or blogs that, on the whole, do NOT reflect the values I defend and uphold. Yet these sources do often have articles that are neither badly spun nor inaccurate. Should we only accept news items from sources where we agree with the editorial voice of that source? To do so can limit almost to extinction sources of information on some subjects.

Just as the bad behaviour of Mr. McCarthy in the 50’s damaged the voice of Anti-Communism and delayed the recognition of the extent of infiltration if the only voices that speak are not heard due to their known biases.

What do you do when a lot of the stories you are interested in have not been picked up by mainstream media due to their controversial nature? Worldnet Daily is a good example. While a conservative Christian news source they have a number of interesting stories and perspectives. But they also have a strong undercurrent of jingoistic partisanship. Do not expect to see any articles about Obama that Rush Limbaugh would disagree with. But outside of their editorials their reporting tends to be just that, reporting. They simply focus on things the rest of the media ignores. Such as the persecution of Christians that is on the upswing around the Muslim world.

To me the language of the story has a lot to do with how credible I make it out to be. Obviously partisan language will make me reject an otherwise pertinent story. This blog takes no sides in politics beyond preserving the basics of our Western way of life. Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and equal treatment under the law for everyone.

With all that said I would like to speak about some of the very active and important blogs out there. There are many, from the moderate to the rabidly Rightist. Not all have been successful, not all deserve to be. Some do. The two I would like to chiefly address are Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs. Two that 90% DO but when they don’t it makes my teeth ache.

For a while now I have eagerly followed Robert Spencer’s work. I have for the most part found him to avoid the rabid partisanship we see all over the political spectrum from the Left to the Right. But then with the taking of office of Pres. Obama his tone changed.

Where I see certain actions and words by the administration as being crafted to send a message in terms the RECEIVER of that message I can’t understand why people like Robert Spencer seem to see nothing but dhimmitude. This, to me, is why Amadinijad got so uppity. He understood that Obama was telling him that we would talk but only when IRAN stepped up to the plate properly. What could the Dinner Jacket say to his people then? The Iranian people are not fools. There is a strong undercurrent of modernity festering under the mullah’s hands. They know that the West has legitimate issues with Human right etc. What is the “great Leader” to do? Bluff bigger! Make the IRANIAN conditions for talks so unreasonable as to render them impossible to attain. Obama backed him into a a corner with an unagressive gesture! Now it is IRAN that seem to the world to be the one that will not co-operate.

What bugs me is that great voices like Spencer can’t see that he is playing the same divide to win treason game that he and his friends have accused the Left of playing.
Yes Obama had a Muslim of questionable associations speak at his inauguration but remember this; Obama was not just making a show for Americans, he was making a show for the world. The Muslim he chose to PRAY was a woman! I ask MR. Spencer for one moment to think about how that played to the PEOPLE in Saudi Arabia, in Sudan, in Pakistan. We have seen the Wafa Sultans, Tarek Fatehs. They do exist and there are a lot more that do not speak. There are hearts and minds to be won behind the propaganda curtains.

Yes, I too worry that the Leftists will come out from under their rock and delay further the proper response of the West to our times. But I have been heartened often by the moderate, considered way Obama is moving forward piece by piece. I like a lot of what I have seen and haven’t seen a lot that I can’t stand. I do not subscribe to the Ann Coulter/Rush Limbaugh school of logic that demands that any statement or action by an “opponent” be dissected in the most partisan and negative manner possible.

Lets be frank here, hard-core partisan politics is a sign of mental illness no matter what color you are in the political rainbow. To live life as though one basic way of looking at every problem would solve ALL problems is just crazy. You might as well teach that all problems of geometry, spherical or plane must be solved with…algebra!

Any ideology, especially in the Western world, that can on one hand support a multi-party constitution while on the other hand they spend most of their time trying to give one party a total lock on all exercise of power.

Leaders on the Left and the Right pay lip service to the idea of Democracy but if you judge them by their actions they seem to want nothing more than to disenfranchise all voices in opposition to theirs. This is not limited to Liberal PC fascism. The Righties are just as quick to clamp down with the thought police. They just call the offenses by a different name; unpatriotic, radical, treasonous.

I have to say I find it very hard to refer to or link to an article on Atlas Shrugs. The intelligent and witty style of expose is, in my opinion, massively diluted in effect by the associations Ms. Geller keeps as well as her tendency to veer into completely partisan fugue states. It does her credibility no good among the masses to have a prominent, intriguing link to a site selling a Young Earth Creationist book. To an undecided reader this link alone will likely cause anyone who checks it out to completely ignore anything she has to say about radical Islam as coming from a hopelessly biased source. Added to this the ragingly anti-Obama rhetoric and you have a wonderful site that seems to go out of it’s way to shoot itself in the foot. And all simply to gratify Ms. Geller’s emotional attachment to a single, distinct shade of the political spectrum.

Please do not get me wrong. I admire the energy with which she has pursued a worthy cause. I find her intelligent and witty in extreme and pretty cute to boot. I am sure if we sat down and had a chat we would get along famously as long as we avoided a few subjects. Who knows, in person she might be open to discussion on subjects where she seems unyielding online.

My point is that we are facing a rise of tidal proportions in totalitarian thought. Many diverse voices need to come together to get the message out. But those voices need to be ones that a large percentage of the population are willing to listen to. It would have done no one any good if one week before Pearl Harbor the most virulently racist journal in the nation had reported in detail the Japanese plans.
It becomes important for us to chose which things are most important to us. Which do we value more? Our personal grudges or the freedom to pursue those grudges in the future? The time has come for anyone who wishes to be HEARD in this fight to be aware of the face they present to the general public. This is not about preaching to the choir or gaining speaking fees. At least it is not supposed to be. That is one of the things the opposition accuses ALL anti-Radical Islam voices of being. Shills in it for the money. Tools of the JOOS.

IT is certainly true that you can get more attention faster if you cater to a partisan mindview. The choir always enjoys being preached to. They will pay you to do it. But the unconverted still swarm outside your sanctuary doors! And the barbarians are at the gate.

Robert Spencer has been castigated a number of times for the publishers he uses to get his books out. For the most part I have agreed with his view that it is what is in the books that matters not who publishes them. But lately I find myself changing my mind in regards to him personally. How many bestsellers is it now? To me it would be a major step toward a wider audience if he concisely sought out more mainstream houses for his new books. Surely the hardline conservative publishers are not paying him so much more that he is willing to let millions of moderates and liberals think he is a Ditto-head.

And if they do pay more, so what? Is he in it mainly for patriotic reasons or just to be surrounded by worshipping Republicans?
When blogging on such controversial subjects I feel it is important to make a serious effort to be as objective and moderate as possible. This means not carrying over political grudges and emotional strawmen into a realm that is important to all people everywhere.

I is no skin off my nose if the creators of Atlas Shrugs choose to make money from associating with crazy people (or worse, people who make money off of people they know are crazy) but she has to understand that it makes her look insincere in her desire to actually make a difference. As opposed to making a little difference and stroking her ego a lot. Or worse making a little difference and making a lot of money.

Are we asking ourselves when we write whether what we say reflects the common values or just OUR values? One of our greatest arguments, the source of all out moral highground is that we are promoting the universal values of the West. It does our cause no good to act in a way that subverts the very values we claim to support by speaking in Partisan ways on non-partisan issues.

“If we keep together we shall be safe, and when error is so apparent as to become visible to the majority, they will correct it.” –Thomas Jefferson to Thomas W. Maury, 1816. ME 18:291