How to Viciously Put Down Those Haters on the Right!


Over and over I see reports, opinion columns and commentary from the Left about the hatred, stupidity and racism of anyone associated with the Tea Parties.  I myself have never been to a TP demonstration, but I do look at all the information I can.  The actual videos I have seen show a calm and happy bunch of people, a strong contrast to the usual emotion of a Left-wing gathering.  I have also never seen any sign of the blatant racism that is supposed to prevail, especially in their signage…  Well, today Virginia we will be answering the folks with spittle flying from their red faces on their charge that Obama has inspired more hatred, venom and murderous/racist rhetoric in his racist opponents than the Great Satan George Bush II ever had to suffer. Oh, let it be known, I think Bush was/is a fool and, until a certain Chicago gentleman put his heiny in the hot seat, the WORST president in living memory! I mean really Virginia, how bloody embarrassing is it to follow someone like G.W., and in only one year have billboards asking “Miss Me Yet?” with G.W.’s beaming smirk; and in two years be TIED with him for the worst president in MSM polls?

The first claim we will demolish is that the anti-Obama signs are over-the-top and rabidly partisan compared to the Bush-era signs:


youworkforus912photo 6a00d8341c60bf53ef0133ecf23c64970b-500wi 912racecard antioslaves aprilteaparty arrogantmuslimalien assimilation912photo blackdevil912photo blackdevil2912photo drugsapjlmagana nazi6tonyramao1 racisthomophobicweirdness slavery912photo slide_1391_20046_large tpentitlement tpsandiego txtpperv

Now, if you call that over the top and hateful let us enter the Wayback Machine and see how things were in the Bush years:


wanted _44102171_afp416butt 090317-CalgaryBushProtest-13 1544055 59252901_d1a4b3ea19 76512324 Bush_Protest bush_protest_fu bush_raymondjames_p03 bushido bush-protest-shoe-052909  evil_bush_demon immokalee_photo_medium_01 jenin_tikkun_tikal MelissaAtSteeleBushProtest051130 n28_warpigs03 randydandy-PROTEST slide_1391_20046_large

okay… so it seems that the Lefties spewed at least as much venom at Bush… more from what I see.

Now, let us look at the signs that “imply violence” or “contain an implicit threat” directed at Obama lately…

unarmedthistime 912lynchmob 3917804382_4e1eaba387 gun gunman guns912photo guns3912photo keep_my_guns_large teapartyracism14 threat912photo

I do not see a lot of implied violence there, the closest is the one with his Pants On Fire… a phrase that seems to escape the Leftie who posted it under threats… he claimed it must be about “burning blacks out of their towns” (note the broken promises/lies littering the ground)

Now, once again we will compare to the above heinous examples of “Right-Wing bigotry and hatred” the mild and loving expressions of polite dissent with which the warm and caring Left-wingers showered Bush II:


save-mother-earth-kill-bush 1434350img 26450411-M BushWhackerElMarco cd6a881d86730419d2ca3fa9c0067613 Codepink Demonstrates Support Journalist Threw ia3z1tOhqX3l img9676b imheretokillbushsmall kill-all-losers kill-bush-protest-sign-zombietime paws_for_peace_fnb

Is it just me, or did those seem just a trifle more nasty, hateful and downright scary? Especially when they are coming from the political group that claims the “moral high ground” on so many issues of !!!

Ethics? WE don’t need Ethics! WE are The Good Guys(tm)!

Well then, how about the claims that labels of Nazi and comparisons with Hitler are something new to the political landscape; something heinous and in need to stamping out?

First, The anti-Obama signs that ring in the Hitler/Nazi theme…

nazi5 constitutionapjoseluismagans hitler nazi3

Hmm, not a lot there.. let us now look at the scant evidence of anti-Bush protestors using such hateful rhetoric

bush_protest_latam BushSS hitbush Stop_Bush_protest SubtleAntiBushSign _44431920_bush_protest_416ap anti-bush-protest-march-new-york-city

Wow Virginia, not much there is there? NOT!

So, now to the racism accusation… this one has a bit of truth to it, but note how an after-protest handbill left by an anonymous person and a handwritten sign by a young teen are the worst of the lot!!!

These first ones are pretty borderline, but still not bigoted, mostly just putting Obama in an uncomfortable comparison with racists of the past; in the “theft” one the victim is black and in the Uncle Sam poster Obama is NOT depicted as a gangster or thug, just a bastard… and that is certainly a legitimate political opinion…


Now we finally get to the ones that actually have something to them;


This one was just included in the list because it is so blatant… but, it was left AFTER a protest, no attribution, no claimant, could be by anyone, even a provocateur…

Here is one that Finally is no-doubt-allowed racist and stupid! But, note that it is the sign of a child just old enough to be off the leash; also, not a printed sign from any organized group…


Which brings us to the ONE sign I could find that is racist, un-supportable and simply hateful…


So, how did Bush II fair?

 120-2044_IMG  BlackProtestRepublicanNationalConveIMG_4544

Well, it seems that when it comes to hateful rhetoric, nasty slogans and just plain violent fantasies the Left edges out the Right by a nose…

  155-5568_IMGimagesCAI0AJ0L  ringobushitler15 ringobushitler17 IMG_0101 hillary_protest_photo_08

Inner city violence, Paris style: Warning, violent images

(HH here: This occurred recently on a Paris late-night bus. According to reports the violence is NOT exceptional!! Just the publicity! Both the Bus authority AND the bus union are far more upset about the video getting out than the incident itself. As ONE of the four immigrant assailants was light-skinned the media are sure it could not have been “racist” in motivation despite the clear recording of them shouting such things as “dirty French”.
I would like to think that in America the other, larger, more numerous male passengers would have made these “boys” eat their teeth. But I don’t know, the sheep syndrome has penetrated our culture enormously. For four unarmed “youths”, one of them a shrimp and only one large, to DOMINATE a busload of people is just embarrassing. That bearded fool who let himself be punched time and again should watch this over and over until he grows a pair of balls.)

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Yes, sometimes the Head Heretic gets a bit hot under the collar

(I wrote this shortly after the surge began last year. It has been slightly edited due to the fact that I am not quite as pissed off now.)

O.k. I am getting very upset at the hard-core Liberals now. I have to admit it was getting to be a bit boring being angry at the neo-cons while simply being contemptuous of the spineless liberals. But this is too much people.

Let me be clear as to what I mean by hard-core Liberal. To be liberal in almost anything is not usually bad. Just about all social progress since the beginning of man has sprung from the liberal side of our hearts.

But that does not mean that to be conservative is bad either. It is the conservatives of history who held things together and usually saw the worst threats to their societys first. Of course they made up quite a few threats as well, but that’s for another article.

By Liberal I mean someone who runs everything through a political sieve that is not particularly “liberal” but conforms to an unrealistic “ideal” against which the real world OF THE OPPONENTS must be tested. Their own inconsistencies are never examined. but because they are supposed to be in support of the underdog and have warm-fuzzy hearts we are just supposed to assume their motives are pure and their menas the best.

Take Bi-lingual education. It just is not nearly as effective in getting a person through the transition to a new language as immersion. In fact it is shown in study after study that children that are bilingually educated have a much harder time becoming fully fluent in the new language.

Now if the Liberals want to champion the little guy while making sure his kids can’t do more than clean their pools I guess they picked a good tactic. On the other hand if they want the kids of non-English speaking parents to assimilate and have the best opportunities they should put them in an immersion class for one year then mainstream them. Children are so plastic in their language even just mainstreaming them is highly effective.

Within a couple weeks they acquire a basic working use of the language and in a year they are fluent. Which method is more “compassionate”?

Now on to why I am so angry.

I think everyone would like to see Iraq concluded as soon as possible, with the possible exception of Haliburton. But if we learned anything from Vietnam is has to be that to cut and run instead of winning is a crime against both the people of that nation as well as our own. To simper away like cowards is to betray every promise of what America is about. We messed in that place now WE MUST FIX IT! That means we MUST STABILIZE IT BY WHATEVER MEANS POSSIBLE. In other words, we have to WIN.

I have watched and said nothing for far too long about the Left of the left and their garbage because of the clear and present excesses of the Right. But no more.

You had no problem yelling and whining about too few troops in the beginning, and you were right, THEN.

This is Vietnam all over again alright; a bunch of clueless cowards sabotaging any effort to win while demanding a quick resolution!

You know what I have learned in my 43 years of watching the circus we call politics? The worst things that people like that fat ass Limbaugh have said about liberals is TRUE…about the HARD Left.

Of course it is equally true that the just as fat opportunististic Michael Moore is right about the hard-core Neo-cons.

but neither is right about the whole “opposing” philosophies being evil. They are not even natural opposites, just different aspects of how we look at things.

It is obvious to anyone with half a mind that more troops would be a good thing toward making things secure. How do you tell your son in uniform that he is safer as we withdraw in humiliation before an arrogant bunch of fanatics with fewer and fewer people behind him.

The sooner we can get to a point where we can gracefully depart the better. ANY other resolution would be a national disaster for us and THEM you bleeding hearts! Think about that! If you are so freaking worried about Iraqis you should be asking for MORE troops! We still should be trying to hang everyone in the particular chain of command of things like Abu Graib (right up to the VPres. Mr. Cheney) but you need to stop being hypocrites and support a RESOLUTION to the war that is good for everyone, not just a hook you can use to gouge the opposition in the next election.

O.k. it is a civil war, so we put it down!!!!! If you actually look at sources on all sides you will see that depending on where you look people hate us or are hopeful that we might actually get off our butts and keep them safe.

Last year there was a demonstration in the streets of Baghdad with over ten thousand people. Guess what they were protesting. The violence, the killing OF IRAQIS BY FACTIONALISTS!!!! The majority of Iraqis want things to stop blowing up, little more.

We need to act decisively against military targets and PROTECT THE PEOPLE and win the war. For criminy’s sake it is a flippin’ desert, how hard would it be to secure the borders (the killer problem with Vietnam militarily) with MORE TROOPS?

The hard Left whined and moaned about inadequate armor and troops in the beginning, now the Hard Lefties want Your sons and daughters to die, well equipped but too few to survive so they can reap the political fallout here!

When are the moderates of both sides going to stop letting evil minds and hearts control their thoughts? When are the military people going to stop playing the politics game and tell everyone what they need and how they need to use it. The government should put limits on what they can do, THEN GET OUT OF THEIR WAY!

Things like Abu Graib and Guantanamo didn’t come from a professional soldier’s mind I guarantee that! They came from an evil, political worm. And those worms eat the apple from both sides! And we and the Iraqis’ keep bleeding!

Update: the Surge has worked and things are much more stable.