Stepping into the void, the Head Heretic on Abortion, abortion rights and the Right to Life

ABORTION I am SOO tired of this idiocy!!!

I just read another article about the abortion/pro-choice issue.
The two sides just can’t seem to THINK for a moment lest they agree on ANYTHING that the other side believes.

Sigh, both sides are idiots whose agendas obscure reason!

On one side we have pro-lifers who have pulled a “humanity begins at fertilization” faith out of thin air. Nowhere in history will you find ANY group that believed such a thing! In fact if God feels we are fully human right at the moment of fertilization why is there NO WAY TO TELL THIS EVENT???? That is a pretty hard hoe to row wouldn’t you say? Also up to half of all fertilized eggs do not implant or miscarry before the woman even knows she is pregnant. These two things together would seem to show that if God feels humanity starts at fertilization then He has no problem with abortion!

On the other side we have the pro-choicers. Amongst whom I nominally count myself. They have gotten so used to reacting based on what the Anti crowd does that they have lost all sense. They have managed to get themselves in a position of backing extreme late-term abortions simply because they refuse to back an inch on the idea of a woman having total control of her body. A position with which I must say I am in full agreement…but only to a sane limit.

Why don’t both sides get a clue and solve the problem?

If we look back through time we find that the first trimester is the most common time for societies to decided that someone is “home” in a woman’s womb. This is when the fetus starts to look more like a potential person than a mutant frog with gland issues. They felt that a soul could not hook in until there was something there that at least looked Human. Surprise, that IS just about when the central nervous system is coming alive and the embryo starts to be more than a developing lump of tissue. No society that I know of placed the moment earlier!!! Some didn’t even acknowledge the baby’s humanity until it had survived a prescribed number of days and was named. These were CHRISTIANS and JEWS and MUSLIMS! People of the same Book that these modern fools say tells them that the moment the sperm hits the egg it is a person with full rights.

Here is my proposal.

First trimester: abortion is by demand. A woman does have a right to control her body and reproduction.

2nd trimester: abortion may only occur with a doctors clear recommendation to avoid harm to the mothers health.

Third trimester: Now this is the key, 8 and 7 and even 6 month premies live and grow up and thrive. HOW can any thinking person deny that that is NOT A PIECE OF TISSUE anymore?
In the third trimester it should be LEGALLY a person. The mother should be viewed by the law as though she was holding a baby in her arms 24/7. If there is a threat to the mothers health or life in this time the doctors would have to use the same criteria they use when dealing with conjoined twins deciding who lives and who dies when that choice MUST be made.
What is wrong with this? It satisfies everybody. The pro-lifers will not accept the idea that until the kid breathes it is just a piece of meat with no consequence. And neither can anyone of sense and humanity.
The pro-choicers will never accept a return to women being chattel, which is the only way to control what they do with their bodies. This is also a position that the reasonable person cannot accept.
So why not use sense and reality to settle things INTELLIGENTLY? “Total victory or nothing!!” they all cry while women’s lives are ruined over zygotes and babies who should have rights die.