An Education Into “The Religion of Peace”, Islam – In a Nutshell

Here we have a Professor at a KUWAITI university speaking his mind. Yes I said Kuwaiti, the country whose men were french kissing our troops just a few years ago when we saved them from Iraq.

This video is a comprehensive education for the ignorant Moderate and reactionarily Leftist. Watch this man’s face; see the "innocent" glee that warms his features at some of the things he says.

Remember, to Reform Islam is not to destroy Islam. Reforming Islam is all that can save it, because I am not the only soul in the West who will not lie down to what this man prays for to Allah to be our fate.

What I find interesting is how these people just know that they cannot ever compete face to face with Western forces, ideological, political, or military. They wish for dirty trickery, or even for some infidel to do their job for them; Allah willing.

It is this poor self image and lack of confidence masking as certainty that will help us to prevail.
Greece was conquered by Rome, Rome fell to the barbarian hordes but, who did the Islamic empires fall to? Answer: themselves; greed, corruption, and infighting did the deed with little to no outside interference.

Patience, education and their own inherent self-destruction is all we need to win!