Welcome to a Post-Racial America!

With the election of Barak Obama to the American presidency the era of post-Affirmative Action has truly arrived. The dream of Martin Luther King is now within our grasp! There is no post in the country’s government, no pedestal of cultural worship, no hall of economic success that is now closed to blacks in America! From Colin Powel to Tiger Woods, from Oprah Winfrey to Will Smith blacks have been accepted and embraced as part of the collective “Us” of America. Only an entrenched minority with no collective voice that is held in respect by the mainstream still holds to the racist ideals of the past.

Now is the time to embrace in truth King’s Dream of a color-blind society. Now is the time to focus not on promoting ANY racial group above another but on eliminating ALL judgement of race in any socio-economic activity! Let us echo John Lennon and ask everyone to imagine no one being preferred for any job, scholarship or loan merely because they belong to a particular genetic subgroup of humanity! Imagine merit and need being the sole measure for struggling students, all of them simply Human.
No one is asked to give up social or cultural habits, but to note that there is no difference between a Slim Shady or a Tupac, no difference between a Joe Nameth or a Marcus Allen, no difference between an Oprah and a Martha (except Oprah has been even more successful than Martha Stewart!) In this new age is there any place for any organization that focuses on PROMOTING a particular race? In this new age it is not required for Big Brother to force everyone to have a place at the table. Not when the heads of all the tables in the land may or may not be minorities. Not when the highest table of all is headed by a black man elected with race never being one of the largest factors in his election.
Obama’s election threatens to marginalize those of all races who have made their living by being White, or Black or Hispanic instead of being American. How can racially biased scholarships not taste like racism in this new world? How can it not be a racist statement to refer to only YOUR race as “La Raza” after Nov 4 2008?
In our declaration of Independence there is declared a basic Human right; The pursuit of happiness. We are not promised we will find it but we are given an open field to pursue it where ever the quest may lead. For one woman it led to being everybody’s big sister and the richest woman in America, for one man it led to the Presidency itself!
No gang leader or manipulative politician can make the poor child of any race believe they have no chance to escape the street today. No “champion” of the oppressed will be able to use them as pawns in their pursuit of wealth and fame in the promotion of hatred when a black man who came from humble beginnings sits in the White House with the respect of all. The time has come people, go to your computers and look up the Rev. Kings speech. Read it again and hear what he was saying all those years ago. August 28, 1963 King told us of his dream. On Nov 4 2008 America finally woke to that dream’s reality.