“Queering Our Schools” and excercises in denouncing gays for the wrong reasons

(HH here: well here we go again, not satisfied with legitimate concerns like over the top sexual details in early education and the kudos for the NAMBLA spokesman we will now observe a Right Wing partisan in all his glory attempt to oust someone who needs to go while reinforcing weak personal prejudices. No doubt in order to garner votes for Psuedo-Conservatives by “worrying about the children”.)

Fifty-three Republican congressmen yesterday demanded that President Obama fire his embattled “safe schools czar,” Kevin Jennings. Mr. Jennings’ bizarre sexual agenda for American grade schools is one reason the president should dump this dangerous radical.

(HH: Quite probably, but not for all the reasons that you want. Children are to be taught, not kept in bubble wrap until we thrust them out into a VERY confusing world.)

…book he endorsed was a collection of essays by different authors who supported teaching young children about homosexuality. Mr. Jennings’ foreword explains why he thinks it is important to start educating children about homosexuality as early as activist-educators can get away with doing so. “Ask any elementary-school teachers you know and – if they’re honest – they’ll tell you they start hearing [anti-homosexual prejudice] as soon as kindergarten.” And “As one third-grader put it plainly when asked by her teacher what ‘gay’ meant: ‘I don’t know. It’s just a bad thing.’ ”

(HH: Which is a good reason to keep them in the dark about the entire subject? We should just let them wonder and fantasize and be naive prey for the first plausible line from a sexual predator? Is that what you want so you can pretend that your Victorian concept of children being “harmed” by knowing about sex “too young”? You don’t see a need to tell these kids SOMETHING? When a child that sees a fundamentalist “Christian” who peddles hate instead of the Love of God say that Gays want to come and steal him from mommy and daddy and hurt him…what do you tell him when he finds out that Timmy’s father is Gay while at the school fair?

I am sorry I can’t give you a time machine to go back to when gays pretended they liked the opposite sex and straight folk mostly didn’t know gays were real. )

As another author in the book notes: “Any grade is ‘old’ enough [for the proper education] because even five-year-olds are calling each other ‘gay’ and ‘faggot.’ ” Other writers claim there apparently is no problem getting into these discussions because, “The belief that children are not sexual beings is not substantiated by research.”

(HH: You would just ignore it? Are you under the impression that children are psychological and physiological eunuchs until puberty? Or that they have no sex based perceptions?

We still are waiting for you to explain why it is BAD for children to know the basic facts about the people they are going to become. Explain how you are NOT just harking back to when the CONCEPT of sex was seen as “dirty” and so it is “good” to keep children “pristine” of this disgusting influence as long as possible lest it destroy their “godly character”. Whew, that left a bad taste in my mouth just saying it.)

The authors of “Queering Elementary Education” don’t seem to be bothered by the dearth of evidence to justify their position in favor of teaching children about homosexual relationships. Because they do not provide the names of teachers who told various anecdotes included in the book, there’s no way to check how many of the stories are secondhand exaggerations or even pure fiction.

(HH: spoken like a true disconnected adult. How long has it been since you paid any attention to what the children around you were saying? If you have kids or grandkids of your own how can you NOT know what they babble on about that they pick up from the adult world?

Or is it just that in your little world homosexuality is so hushed, so obviously shameful to even contemplate that the kids don’t share their thoughts and mistaken impressions with you?

The book probably does not make it a formal study because it is obvious. Are you unaware that Junior High and High school age kids use the term “that is so gay” as a put down?

The hilarious part to a moderate like me though is that to these kids, steeped in acceptance of gays, it is NOT a reference to anything homosexual!

That is Humanity for you, the kids have accepted with little resistance the equality of gays as “just people”. But at the same time from the pervasive negative propaganda they hear from, oh people like you, the word itself has become an insult. Does that make you proud or does it frustrate you that they got your hatred of “gay” but still understand that BEING gay is no big deal? In and of itself that is. )

One author in the book attacks the conservative notion that “artificial insemination, transient relationships, same-sex marriages and tangled family structures are not issues children should have to know about.” Others contributors advocate that “sexual-diversity issues are central to multicultural education” and that schoolchildren should sing songs such as “In some families we have two Moms.” Mind you, the authors don’t provide scientific evidence that their policies accomplish the strange goals they push.

(HH: Oh, wow. I just looked at the original article again. It doesn’t list an author; the Washington Times itself takes credit.

I am just floored at the notion that someone so partisan, so out of touch with the changes in the last, oh 70 years at least, has editorial control of a whole newspaper.

let us deconstruct this a bit at a time to avoid choking hazard:
The premise presented is that the book dares to attack a “Conservative” notion. I like that, notion. Not even a belief, just a notion and it is treason to children to defy it I guess.

Let us look at the purported “conservative” thought that is under attack: Children should “NOT HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT” such things as “artificial insemination, transient relationships, same-sex marriages and tangled family structures”. Okaaay! So, since it really IS 2009 and not 1899 what do you advise the parent or teacher or parent of a friend tell a kid who knows nothing he “does not have to know” when:

A) Timmy sees that the new baby next door looks nothing like the rest of the family. Timmy runs home and asks you why this is so when the baby’s mom says she did not adopt him. Given that you feel artificial insemination is something he “does not need to know” aren’t you going to have a lot to explain that could have been taken care of by biology class?

B) Timmy’s best friend Billy is sad because the woman that had been his “mommy” for the last year left and never calls him. Timmy runs home and thinking that all mommy’s and daddy’s are married asks you why Billy’s “mommy” left Billy.

C) I guess you prefer Timmy to cause you and others great embarrassment when he encounters the inevitable same sex couples and gets all freaky because you felt he “didn’t have to know”.

We all wish life was less complicated, never more than when trying to explain part of the adult world to kids. But try to explain to kids intentionally kept in a fantasy world of [Happy Mommy’s and Daddy’s Raising their 2.5 kids with “mom’s eyes but their dads coloring”] for 10 to 16 years how things REALLY work. Or don’t work as the case may be, human relations being what they are. Why do otherwise intelligent adults think that kids should be “protected” from ALL experience that might be useful once they reach marrying/career age?)

“Queering Elementary Education” argues consistently that children should be taught that same-sex-parent families are as normal and common as the traditional two-parent family or single-parent families. But it is one thing to argue certain behavior is acceptable; it is quite another to distort basic facts in an effort to change the worldview of children.

(HH: well it is nice to be able to agree on ONE thing at least in this article. Same sex relationships are as “normal” as the people make those relationships, no matter the plumbing involved. If heterosexuality were the prerequisite of “normal” parents then why are most of the people involved with DCFS hetero? Per capita not by numbers. The most common child molester is a straight male not a gay male or female. Radical “lifestyle” gays are no more representative of homosexuals than Rev. Phelps is of Christians.

But I do agree that the Leftist tendency to view the world via “Pravda” colored glasses is present. The whole “gender Studies” garbage about how we are all bisexual and only convention makes us otherwise is bad science and worse politics. Too bad the article did not start and end with this point.)

Mr. Jennings is one who claims that homosexual couples are more common than they actually are. One of his books titled “One Teacher in Ten” claims that 10 percent of people are homosexuals. Almost no one defends the old Alfred Kinsey survey that Mr. Jennings relied on to make this claim. That 1948 survey interviewed a high percentage of prison inmates and known sex offenders. There’s plenty of more objective studies out there. For example, the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago found that the number of homosexuals in America was less than 1 percent.

(HH: Really? The fact that one study from the 50’s is not wholly accepted as valid means all others since are also wrong? That is a complete strawman argument if I have ever heard one. About the statistics, did you read this study yourself or did someone tell you about it? I hope the latter because otherwise you are seem to be lying! Here is the relevant quote from the study you refer to“:

“The gay and lesbian communities have long adopted 10% as the portion of the population that is homosexual.5 However, a series of recent national studies (Table 8A) indicate that only about 2-3% of sexually-active men and 1-2% of sexually- active women are currently engaging in same-gender sex”

First off 2-3 male and 1-2 female is NOT 1% in any statistics class I have heard of. And the kicker; “CURRENTLY ENGAGING”.

This figure is not even meant to represent all homosexuals. Personally I think that the inherent inability to get fully accurate data makes this answer likely to be on the LOW side. If 2-3% and 1-2% are willing in the hostile environment to be sexually active don’t you think that many places, oh like rural Alabama, are crawling with gays that do the best they can NOT to get caught? Many to my personal knowledge know they are gay but still accept the judgment that there is something “unnatural” about it that can be overcome if they “really want to”. Since they can’t change what they feel, only pretend, the often go radical and over-the-top or stay in the closet and hate themselves.

Oh, and let us not forget the bisexual people who may yearn for the same sex in certain ways but, from being smart enough to stay under the radar, choose to suppress the gay side in exchange for a simpler life.

Do you begin to see just how provincial your declarations are in the light of reality?)

Advocating the indoctrination of kindergarten children based on anecdotal evidence or flawed science isn’t Mr. Jennings’ worst offense. But it’s certainly not what Americans expect from a White House “safe schools czar” who is responsible for making policy decisions that impact children’s safety.

(HH: no, they are not, so why are you cynically using outrage at his real offenses to try to sell your own brand of fascism? Is it not the responsibility of those that choose to be firm against “evil” to be honest themselves about their opponents?

Read the original article or see this commentary and others at http://hereticscrusade.com)