Heretics Crusade to be a Google Glass Explorer? Blessing or the end of Life-as-we-know-it?

Google Glass Explorer

Well Virginia, last August I applied to be a Google Glass Explorer; and waited and waited and waited; and it slipped into that back corner of my mind where dreams go to fade away. Okay, you got me, I just never thought about it.

Then, late last night, by the light of the new moon… alright, alright; I got an email telling me I was accepted in the new cadre of Google Glass Explorers!

Hi there

The Glass Explorer Program brings together bold, creative individuals who want to help shape the future of Glass. When you asked us how to get Glass on this site, we told you there would be more chances to join the Explorer Program. Well, here’s your chance. Spots in the Explorer Program are limited, so join us soon.

All Glass Explorers must:

  • Be US residents
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Purchase Glass
  • Provide a US shipping address or pick up their Glass at one of our locations in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles

For future reference, your code is: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

The Glass Team

For help purchasing please visit theGlass Help Center . f you do not want to receive emails about Glass, please email us at We will remove you from the mailing list within ten (10) days of receiving your notice.

So, what is the problem? The Google Glass team has released a brand-new, updated series of state-of-the-art hardware; new frames, new styles, new capabilities; it all looks awesome for everything from looking up facts while talking to people, information and history around Claremont, the Colleges and all of L. A.! The Google Glass Explorer program is no scam or come-on. This is the perfect moment for me to launch headfirst back into the flow of blogging, drama and politics. I plan to post regular reviews of the Google Glass even as I use and credit it in other ways.

Just gathering media content and trying out new ideas for Google Glass reviews, and reviews of the Google Glass Explorer program will be as much fun as all the rest!

The problem is that I have to buy the unit, understandable for several reasons, not least of which is that putting that kind of commitment into it makes the Google Glass Explorers more likely to A. use the things actively in their work, and B. Take a LOT better care of them than if they were free. It seems that Google did give free hardware upgrades to last year’s Google Glass Explorers so, it bodes well for this year’s class when the latest and greatest comes out next year.

But, virginia, I do not have 1500.00 + tax at this drop-of-the-hat moment to buy the silly thing!

I am looking into private finance sources, sponsors from my college, alumni media groups to be sponsor(s) for the entry of Guy DeWhitney and Heretics Crusade into the Google Glass Explorer program…

More to come; I hope!