Political Parties Exist to Subvert Instead of Enable the Voice of the Individual.


My Life for Ze Party und Ze Leader!

Why is it again that, in 2010, political parties still exist? Well, other than for the implimentation of the control of a few who claim the voice of many, I don’t see much reason; member voices are given more lip service than respect from the party’s “leaders”. And, while we are attacking preconception, why a party “leader”? Would not an “impementor” be a more appropriate term for the desired function of the office.? Someome trusted to make the will of the members of the party heard effectively?

But how is that again? A party is supposed to make the voice of its X number of citizens louder than this other bunch’s equal number of voices?

Do you people out there ever completey agree with every part of “your” party’s platform? If one election cycle you do happen to agree with it all have you ever in your life seen the party hold to each and every plank after the election?
Remind me again Virginia; just WHO these parties claim to serve?

A Modestly Heretical Proposal

Get rid of the parties. No labels to hide behind, no pols in pocket of biz or party, pols un-electable without personal support from the community, pol has to listen on every issue and best of all, the most important, the pol would be judged more by accomplishments and record than by their associations.

Today there is no practical reason not to elect individual candidates directly.

Not sure you like the idea? Think about this: neither. Obama nor Palin would have ever been nominated without an agenda following party forcing them upon their supporters. Think about that for a while…

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What IS Your Problem Anyway?

idylls king 0013
I had a wonderful, fantastic vision while sitting on the (polite euphemism for toilet applicable to all  individual readers’ culture and tastes)  today.  What would our world look like a few years after a particular, completely unlikely, event. Namely the election in one year of NEW Senators, Representatives, Governors, and state legislatures never before involved in politics.
Just picture it, a government that is comprised of real, articulate, skilled or professional folks. People who have done things.  Imagine a further impossibility; NONE OF THEM ARE LAWYERS!
The quivers surely run down my leg thinking of THAT event Virginia.
What would happen if the Constitution and common sense ran the government?  Could it possibly be worse than the things the Left and Right have brought us with their endless political games that rape the future of We the People on the altar of their ambitions?
Will the paid-off-pundits of the Right who pretend to be Conservative please explain to me why they approve of the Supreme Court decision to equate dollars in marketplace with individual free speech as protected in the Constitution?
Just what is the justification for this equality of “voice” that allows a corporation to drown out the voice of real citizens who have no deep pocket masters?
We may never be able to rid ourselves of the “machine” that exists to promote the power grabbing of the Leftist and Right-Wingers, but we can surely starve it for funding and force it to listen to real people for a change!
And can the hypocrites on the Left who pretend to be Liberal tell me why they condone non-Liberal interference with the PROFESSION of education?
In the halcyon days of the political machine in America the murdering thugs who ran places like Kansas City and Chicago and New York had few morals, but they did have some unbreakable rules, one of which was keep your hands off the roads and the schools.  As long as these rules were kept to the population had little to complain of and the machine flourished. 
Some kind of perverse evolution has occurred over time.  As the governments in America became less and less overtly corrupt, and certainly less violent about it, they also threw the rules away.
Why are the schools across America constantly chasing “Liberal” ideals and consistently failing to improve?  Why are the roads in New Orleans the worst in my experience for a metropolitan area despite the huge income given the size of the city coupled with a, supposedly “Liberal” government?
Both Left and Right have felt no compunctions about interfering in every aspect of our lives motivated less by sense, than some immediate political consideration devoid of human values but rife with moralistic rationalizations.
But, most of all, I demand that the Left and the Right explain to me WHY partisanship is a good thing.  Just what is healthy about viewing the political opposition in a two party system as something to be ELIMINATED from the political process?
Is this not one definition of fascism, no matter the other politics of the proponent? Tell me Mr. Obama, and explain to me Mr. Limbaugh, why you feel a two party system would be healthier as a one party system.

My apologies to my Leftish friends

(HH here: Hey, I TRIED, I really did. After having a shot sent across my bow by a moderate but besieged by Leftists and too timid to piss them off friend about being too “conservative” I TRIED to find something juicy for me to rant about the Rightists regarding.

The problem is that between the Left’s determination to sanctify every barbarism of the third-world and the Obama administrations links to people and groups my dog Nikita can see are radicals the Right does not have to stick its neck out far at all to score a juicy story. Heck, right now it is too easy to be a Conservative or Moderate blogger. The stories just fall off the trees at our feet.

So, I went to WND; then I went to the Christian Coalition site (you KNOW it is not a good day for the Left when 4 out of five CC stories actually sound reasonable to a spiritual agnostic of Moderate/Liberal tendencies.) And finally on to Huffington Post hoping that the bastion of Leftishness would have at least one or two good digs at legitimate Rightist silliness.

This is just not my day. Or not my friend’s day at least. I found no stories to make her want her friends to see my work today. Instead I found another story showing that the Leftists need to drop back ten and punt, their position is hopeless and the high ground fades into the fog of moral ambiguity.

Today on the HP the lead story is a triumphant counter-attack on the vicious GOP smear campaign against the bastion of The Inner City Downtrodden, everybodies favorite Pimp advisor ACORN.

My first reaction to the headline was: Is THAT the best they can do??? Then I read the article and it just got worse. Take a deep breath and hang on to your neurons, we are taking a ride on the Radical Railroad to the Land of Lost Dreams:) Here it is, the blazing bombshell that will silence the evil Rightists once and for all!)

McCain And GOP Used To Be Supporters

(HH: My first impression was probably the same as you or any other intelligent person would have: You mean before anyone knew about their problems?)

On Monday, the Democratic-leaning group ACORN, which has been painted as a criminal enterprise by the GOP for its voter registration and housing policy efforts, pushed back against its critics by producing a photo of John McCain attending its March 2006 rally.

(HH: how is that for a loaded sentence hiding facts behind rhetoric? First they try to claim the mantle of the entire democratic party for ACORN then proceed to imply that their LEGAL voter efforts were the reason for GOP criticism despite the undisputed nature of ACORNS violations of election law and for its unethical activities relating to housing. THis noble organisation, the organization itself proclaims, has pushed back by showing a photo of McCain, a politician, at a rally also attended by ACORN. I for one am convinced, ACORN must be clean If McCain shared a room with them at a rally in ’06!)

It was a reminder that, for all their electoral histrionics, Republicans have aligned themselves with ACORN in the past.

Indeed, in addition to the McCain photo, there is a host of examples of prominent McCain surrogates attending ACORN events, signing ACORN legislation, or complimenting the group’s efforts.

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, for example, partnered with ACORN in March 2008 for a “Homeownership Promotes The Economy” taskforce. More recently, Crist declared that — contrary to GOP outrage — he was not upset with the group’s voter registration efforts in his state. The New York Times reported that ACORN supported a law signed by Governor Crist, which “changed the rules last year to restore the voting rights of about 112,000 former convicts.”

In July 2005, meanwhile, another Republican governor, Rick Perry of Texas, signed ACORN’s Lending Law Reform Bill that changed the state’s homelending practices.

In July 2008, California Governor and McCain supporter Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill that ACORN helped draft aimed at California homeowners facing foreclosure.

(HH: here is something to take note of for any future political radicals. Form a group, pretend you are mainstream and take notes and pictures whenever opposition or moderate politicians of any kind have anything to do with you. THEN, when you get hauled up for your radical agenda you can ignore the actual charges and have Huffington Post prove to the world that your were always clean by your association with folks you have spent your life demonizing. Excuse me while I go wash my mouth out.)

In June 2007, Minnesota Governor and McCain VP short-lister Tim Pawlenty signed a similar bill — drafted by ACORN — that helped homeowners get fairer deals on their mortgages.

(HH: now we get into true psychotic territory. The next couple paragraphs make the argument that the legislations that the GOPers participated in with ACORN leading the way were MISTAKES and bad legislation!!!! Shame on those Righties for not seeing the con! I guess if they got away with it a few times ACORN must be clean.)

The legislation was drafted according to recommendations made by a predatory lending study group established by Swanson prior to the legislative session,” wrote the Northwestern Financial Review. “The study group contained representatives from the banking industry and the mortgage brokers association, as well as consumer advocates from organizations such as Illegal Aid and ACORN.”

As Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney signed an anti-predatory lending bill that ACORN supported. In February 2006, Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman met with the ACORN Katrina Survivors Association. And back in July 2005, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg actually got a kiss from ACORN’s state leader, according to the publication City Limits, during an announcement that the city would protect or create 65,000 affordable units in a new housing proposal. Bloomberg, it should be noted, has not endorsed a candidate.

(HH: The thesis seems to be that since ACORN did such a good job at pretending to be a real public benefit organisation that it MUST be always and forever treated that way.)

It would be, in a normal political context, highly unremarkable that Republican and Independent officials would praise and work with a group as large and influential as ACORN. But in recent days, it seems, Republicans and the McCain campaign are keen on painting the community-organizing group as something inherently corrupt. The primary target of complaint has been the organization’s voter registration efforts, which have led to numerous non-existent individuals being put on the rolls.

(HH: Gee, it is not like ACORN had over 70% false registrations now is it? Anything over 35% legit should count as a good effort!)

Recently the McCain campaign went farther, releasing a web advertisement that linked Barack Obama to ACORN, and blamed the group for helping instigate the crisis in the nation’s housing market — itself a contributor to the financial mess.

(HH: I think it would be more accurate to say an advertisement that publicized the factual, historical career-long links that Obama has had with the organization and its training and tactics. this is NOT a legitimate concern? We could be upset, and I was, about Bush and his links to the Saudis but I can’t be upset about Obama being linked to an obviously suspicious organization?)

ACORN “bull[ied] banks” and engaged in “intimidation tactics,” says the ad. “ACORN forced banks to issue risky home loans. The same types of loans that caused the financial crisis we’re in today.”

ACORN has insisted, in the wake of these and other attacks, that it has been firm in its advocacy for regulations to “protect homeowners from predatory lenders.” And certainly, they have a handful of prominent Republican officials who, at one point in time, agreed.

(HH: Over and over I hear a voice screaming in my head as I read this piece. It is filled with the kind of frustration you only find in a spoiled two-year old that can’t go outside unless they put on their shoes. The voice screams “We were THERE!!!! We had it in our HANDS. We were legit, we had FUNDING for Christ’s SAKE!!!!! Even the GOP had to talk to us. Now where is it all? IT ISN”T FAIR!!!!! We coulda been a contender! We could have had our revolution!” Frankly, I expect the entire ACORN organization to turn blue from holding their breath any minute now.
Not long ago it was the Right that would scream “not Fair” every time they were called on sillyness by their extremists, now it seems to be the Left’s turn. I would hope to see a better grade of defense though. This is just sad.)

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/10/13/acorn-mccain-and-gop-used_n_134284.html