Just what we need one more apologist for evil.

(HH here: you will notice one glaring omission in this “report” from sometimes dhimmi BBC. WHY would this or that house be suddenly a target of the Israeli Air Force? Are we to believe that the Israelis just pick a building at random, call to warn the occupants, then bomb it for no purpose? OR maybe these buildings are arms stores and safe houses of militants? Rockets or mortars may be fired just recently from this house or that. What is noble and likely to gain “praise” from the world in putting your children between your “warriors” and the enemy and HOPING that the enemy will be civilized enough to not just bomb and be damned???? This is the Palestinian version of “non-violence”? “We shall provoke you and plan for your destruction but when you come for us, as any sane person would, we will hide behind our children.”)

Schoolgirls chanting their defiance of Israel were among the crowd that gathered to defend the two-storey home in the town of Beit Lahiya.

Along with the girls had come old men, neighbours and militants.

All of them were ready to defy the Israeli air force. They were ready to put themselves in the line of fire.

But they knew too that a similar human shield tactic had worked a few days earlier.

The Israelis had backed off knowing that to strike would cause large numbers of civilian casualties which would, of course, have played very badly in the court of international opinion.

For years Palestinians have been completely at the mercy of the Israeli air force.

But they clearly believe that now they have found a weakness.

If they know an attack is coming they can probably foil it by massing in the target zone.

The Israelis can no longer expect to limit civilian casualties by calling ahead and clearing people out.

From militant leaders to schoolgirls, Palestinians can unite in confronting their enemy and the passive resistance of the human shields will be admired from around the world.

(HH again: Resistance to WHAT? retaliatory strikes after Gazan initiated assaults? Boys armed with flags trading places with the militants who just fired a rocket???)

The boys on the roofs, armed only with Palestinian flags and facing down war planes, are a David and Goliath image for the modern age.

But nobody should imagine that the likes of Hamas are suddenly being won over wholly to the strategies of pacifism.

If they possessed anti-aircraft guns, they would surely blaze away at the circling planes.

(HH here: this piece is truly worthy of a dose of epikak the way it glories in an evil tactic and avoids any mention of why those “unarmed” kids might be under attack in the first place in that location. Don’t you love how at the end the writer even admits that these “kids” are only prevented from being real killers by the lack of effective weapons!!!!!)

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