Christians Endorse Disposable Humanity and Other Evil Oxymorons

I wanted to share something that I commented on over at

The subject was the sentencing of a 13 year old and a 16 year old to life without parole. The comment thread was rife with the sentiment that any kid so heinous, even that young, should be shut away permanently for society’s own protection, Q.E.D.!
That got my dander up and I had to put in my own two cents:
Save us from those who destroy the very thing they are trying to protect!
To me the argument against executing or giving life without parole to minors has always been based in the simple Christian values of mercy, grace and redemption.
Poster after poster in this thread has hugged to their breast a concept of “disposable” individuals. People who, without Constitutional approval, “should” be balled up like trash and thrown into a secure oubliette to be forgotten. All in the name of protecting our “civil” society from the “irredeemable.”
I do not deny that there are pathological individuals that cannot be reformed or redeemed by any means known to man at this time. I do deny that even a majority of those so condemned fit that description however!
Just as the Leftist needs to be reminded that society MUST be protected even from those who are not solely responsible for their crimes, the “law and Order” worshipers need to realize that there is no justice in abusing a minority in order to preserve the tranquility of the majority.
It says something about that in the Constitution. Go look it up. Then go look up all the mainstream Christian tenets relating to guilt, punishment and reform.
The very idea of declaring a 13 year old permanently unable to be “Human” and sentencing that child to LIFE in a literal hell cannot POSSIBLY be reconciled with anything calling itself a Judeo-Christian value!
Argument can be made for the most disadvantaged adult that they knew what they were doing. That cannot be said of ANY 13 year old! How can hearts be complacent when a child who is mentally twisted is not confined to an institution to see if he can be healed but instead he is caged like an animal to suffer cumulatively for decades?
Show me where standing against life without parole or execution for minors automatically means standing for slapping murderers on the wrist and I will shut up.
Otherwise anyone who wants to think of themselves as “decent” needs to understand that “innocent until proven guilty” has no room in it for punishment of future crimes “likely” to be committed. And certainly not a punishment that starts at 13 and ends with death.