Is this the “logic” taught in college today?

(HH Here: Sometimes I ponder on just what goes on in the minds of people who are able, seemingly with no effort at all, apply ethical rules to others that they never apply to themselves. What does it feel like to live behind eyes that see no problem with denying others the rights they feel are essential to their very existence? Let us venture behind the corneas of Monira Gamal-Eldin, President of the Temple University Muslim Students Association and see what we find there.

Geert Wilders is a controversial Conservative Dutch politician who speaks about the threat from Muslim immigrants who refuse to assimilate and are changing the egalitarian countries of Europe to resemble more the tribal societies they “fled” from. Wilders is anti-racist and pro-Jewish but suspicious of conservative Muslims and their political agenda in the West.

The Muslim Students Association is well known for sponsoring blatantly hateful anti-Semitic speakers and events that actually promote violence and genocide. What we have here in the email below is a case of the pot calling itself clear glass and the glassware black:)

“From: Monira Gamal-Eldin
Date: Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 9:52 PM
Subject: Statement from the Muslim Students Association on Geert Wilder’s visit
October 14, 2009

The Temple University Muslim Students Association (MSA), one of the largest, most active and socially conscious student organizations on Temple’s campus, is issuing this public statement of protest concerning the invitation of Geert Wilders to address the Temple community on October 20, 2009. “

(HH: Right off the top we see the egotism of this gentle lady. The other student organizations are, in her words, smaller, lazier and not as “good” as the MSA and so it behooves the above addressed to listen up to what this noble organization has to say. Does this young lady really think the other groups all consider themselves to be NON-socially conscious? Or does she just feel that to be socially conscious and not agree with her is an oxymoron? Point of advice my dear, if you don’t want people to think you are putting them down say something like “ …(MSA) an organization with substantial membership that strives to be active and socially conscious.” See? You get the same info across without making yourself sound like you think you sweat perfume.)

“Geert Wilders is a far-right Dutch MP who is infamous for his anti-Islamic rhetoric and extreme hatred towards Muslims. A person who has been tried in the Netherlands Supreme Court for his hate speech concerning Islam,…”

(HH:That is a lie, there has been no trial as of yet and the prosecutors had to be ordered to take on the case. It is not expected to end in conviction. Stay tuned, but to say he has been TRIED is false)

“banned from the United Kingdom due to the threat he poses to community harmony,”

(HH: Another falsehood, the ban was because of threatened violence by OPPONENTS of Wilders and it has since been overturned and declared baseless.)

“…and is concurrently being charged for violating anti-hate laws in the European Union, should not be allowed to address the Temple community.

Temple MSA speaks for the many Muslims and socially conscious students and faculty on campus when we say…”

(Hold the phone!!! MSA claims to SPEAK FOR ALL MUSLIMS on the campus? Have you polled ALL the Muslims and received their endorsement as their spokesperson? Do you have their PERMISSION to speak ex cathedra from your navel on their behalf? Do you also have some sort of special political x-ray glasses that enable you to see that any students and faculty who are not Muslim and do NOT agree with you cannot be “socially conscious”?)

“…that the presence of Geert Wilders on our campus is a breech of Temple University’s pledge to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all students and faculty on campus.”

(In just what way is the “wellbeing and safety of ANYONE being threatened by Mr. Wilders presence?)

“The Muslim population at Temple feels attacked, threatened, and ultimately unsafe that Mr. Wilders has been invited to voice his hate-driven opinions.”

(this is just amazing considering the hateful venom spewed across campuses all over America by MSA’s invited guests! Or are you renouncing your welcome to supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah and those who justify suicide bombing and especially those who condone the killing of Jews. Do you intend to take this stand with the next CAIR endorsed apologist for Sharia wants to come speak on how Israel must be eliminated for peace to reign? No? I didn’t think so but I had to give you the benefit of the doubt. )

“The fact alone that backpacks are prohibited for entry to this event reinforces our argument that this creates an unsafe atmosphere where prejudiced, racist and vehemently hateful words will be disguised under the veil of academia…”

(Excuse me while I wipe up some water and blow my nose. I haven’t laughed that hard in years. Are you REALLy saying: ‘The MSA intends to foment protest that might well become violent (HH: as they have at other MSA events at Temple and other campuses) and feels it is the fault of the administration for allowing a speaker that makes us so mad we cannot control ourselves as sane adults. We feel that to ban backpacks that might contain weapons with which our zombies MIGHT attack Mr. Wilders [as we have threatened] just shows how provocative he is! If there is violence it will be HIS FAULT that WE commit it! Can’t you see that you must ban him to SAVE US from his all –powerful ability to make us feel so scared and threatened that we must riot.”}

(HH: The sound you now hear is Thomas Jefferson gagging.)

…”Temple MSA deplores the decision made by Temple College Republicans, The David Horowitz Freedom Center, Temple University Purpose, Temple Student Activities, and Temple University as an institution of higher learning, for welcoming Geert Wilders when so many have found his speech to be repugnant to society as a whole.”

(HH: And just when did having controversial speakers at a college become forbidden or even unusual? It surely wasn’t when YOUR last speaker came by now was it? But again, maybe I am being unfair. I guess that if a Jewish student group felt that one of YOUR speaker’s message was, how did you put it again? Here it is: “repugnant to society as a whole.” then you would cancel said speaker, right? Would you? Again you say no. Well, you can’t say I am not giving you all the rope you need. )

“We condemn Temple University for being the first university in the United States to allow Mr. Wilders to address their population and hope that the administration realizes the reputation and ideologies they are fostering not only to the Temple community, but to the world…”

(HH: Are you SURE you want to go there? After all if the admin start thinking about the reputation and ideologies YOUR group fosters you might find not only your speakers but your entire organization banned instead of Mr. Wilders.)

“The decision to allow Mr. Wilders to share his viewpoints is a danger not only for the public safety of Muslims and the honor of the core principles of Islam, but also for academic integrity and objectivity on campus…”

(HH: A man speaks and the “public safety” of MUSLIMS is in danger? I guess you are worried about one getting hurt in the riot they hope to start when Wilders speaks. So stop inciting them to violate the law and there is no problem, right? And as to the “honor of the core principals of Islam” WHO THE HECK CARES? This is not Saudi Arabia my dear, the so called honor of the core principals of ANY religion has no protection under the law. Here let me prove it to you. Jesus SAVES, he dribbles down court, he shoots, he scores! Why did it take God 40 years to lead the Jews through the desert? Ans: Do you know how long it takes to get 300,000 women through two porta-potties? Famous Koranic Mistakes: Mixing up the words for ALCOHOL and CAMEL URINE. See? No lightening from the sky, no sirens of the thought police approaching. Get with the program; no university worth the name will suppress free speech simply because you are thin-skinned about the weaknesses of your personal faith.

And if that wasn’t enough, in a final burst of silliness you claim that if the college does not discriminate in ways you define it cannot be objective. Orwell could have written TWO books about your political “morality”.)

“We strongly urge that his invitation be rescinded immediately in order to foster appreciation of free speech that is not based on hatred and discrimination.

(HH: Free speech is not based on anything but the idea that ALL speech that does not directly incite violence is protected; ESPECIALLY when the majority find it objectionable.

The West has never confused religion and politics quite as thoroughly as Islam has but what it did do in that direction began to be rooted out of our culture about 300 years ago by The Enlightenment and was killed dead two hundred years ago by the First Amendment. We protect the speech of not just “socially conscious” citizens but Neo-Nazis, Klu-Klux Klan members and even the most hateful of all, the ones that shamelessly promote the total enslavement of the human world; ISLAMISTS. Yes, even your bloodthirsty heroes can say their say in America. Ain’t it grand?

I hope you enjoy Wilders’ speech. Try not to get arrested too early and miss it!)

“Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter.
Monira Gamal-Eldin
President of the Temple Muslim Students Association”

(HH: Parting Shot: You might try enrolling in Logic 101 as well as any Western Civ. course not taught by a Marxist. In any case good luck with your career with CAIR.

Head Heretic from Heretics Crusade)

Protecting Hate at UC Irvine

by Neelie Genya Milstein

Imagine walking on a campus past buildings where you have taken numerous classes with many peers, past the Student Center where you have eaten lunch many times, past all the familiar places where you have felt safe and accepted. Now imagine walking by those same places and seeing blood-stained flags of a nation that is part of your identity. Posters with “anti-hate = anti-Israel” and “Stop Israeli Genocide” parade in front of you. Displays surround you with images of cruel IDF soldiers, dead Gazans, Anne Frank — a symbol of Jewish tragedy — wearing a kaffiyeh, and of Israel’s barrier to protect Jews from terrorism, labeled an “apartheid wall.” It is as if everything Israel and Jews ever stood for is racism, bloodshed and war. You are a Jew; a proud Jew, a proud supporter of Israel. Now you are seen as nothing but a racist murderer on your own campus.

When I first walked onto campus and saw the Israeli flag blowing in the wind, ripped and blood-stained, I was filled with anger, sadness, and helplessness. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, “These are lies. This is disgusting!” I didn’t scream, but I trembled with rage at the Muslim Student Union (MSU), and even more, at the UCI administration for standing by as their students are humiliated, chewed up and spit out, and depicted almost as animals.

Anyone who knows Israel’s history knows of its challenges, triumphs and mistakes. I refuse to accept vicious propaganda that demonizes Israel. I refuse to accept desecration of cherished symbols of Jewish identity. I recognize that freedom of speech entails freedom to preach hate, lies and prejudice, but I am repulsed. The MSU depicts the suffering caused by Israel’s recent war with Hamas, but it never acknowledges the reasons for Israel’s actions, the suffering of Israelis, Hamas’ goal to destroy Israel, or the tactics Hamas used, such as human shields, that raised the civilian toll. I, along with Israelis and the Jewish world, grieve for the innocent civilians who died. Why doesn’t the MSU show equal concern for Jewish fears and suffering? Could they share Hamas’ view that whenever an Israeli man, woman, or child is killed, it should be cause for celebration and passing out candy?

I have been told to censor myself so that potential students are not afraid to come to UCI, but I have had enough censorship. With truth comes power, not fear. The MSU’s hate is dangerous. I have been in Jewish private schools since second grade and I have always been taught that hatred is wrong. I know that Israelis are taught not to hate Arabs, and that Jewish national identity demands equal protection for Muslim religious identity. I know that UCI’s Jewish students never even thought of retaliating with a weeklong campaign of “The World Without Mecca” or “Palestinian Nationalism=Islamic Terrorism and Racism.” Then I came to UCI, and found that my fear of hatred was more than justified. At UCI, hate is a yearly event that lasts for a week. It isn’t just any hatred. It is hatred directed at me, my friends, my community and my history.

After my three years at UCI, you would think I would be desensitized, and could just ignore the MSU’s “apartheid wall.” But I stand for more than that. I am standing up for all the Jews in past generations who did their best to uphold our religion and protect our people. I am standing up for all who understand and support the State of Israel as one of the most extraordinary achievements of the Jewish people.

I am not asking the UCI administration to censor the hate speech. I am asking them to denounce this style of rhetoric and displays just as they would denounce campaigns for white supremacy, sexism, or Islamophobia. I am asking them to be as fearful of countenancing hatred as I was taught to be, not just because of its present impact, but because of what it bodes for the future.

Neelie Genya Milstein is a student at UC Irvine.