Rabid Partisan Idiots, Left and Right, Made Easy

Politically correct = reality challenged

Unless one has been brought up in a political vacuum it is hard to avoid spending at least part of your lifetime enmeshed in the folds of one partisan group or another. Many people are so over exposed to a polarized viewpoint that they jump to the other party in a fashion that is often as polarized as their parents’ if not more so. The majority of both these parentaly wound-up rebels and those who retain their parents polarization tend to mellow with time; the non-rebels more likely than not to find peace with the angers of partisan zeal at an earlier age. Then there are those who never really feel passionate about either “choice” of viewpoints, the black or the white. These folks usually blend in with the soft and fuzzy “middle” end of the party’s spectrum from rabidity through hardliners and moderates and are little more to the various political leaders than empty votes to be herded with nightmares and platitudes into one camp or the other during the end game of the election. That is the reality of those who control our society.

What of ideology you say? What of the Left and the Right? What of them comes the answer from the voice of present-day politics. Partisanship has always played a part in human politics. I could go on for pages on the roots and changes, the evolutions, and revolutions in political thought but it all can be summed up very simply; partisan = tribal. Any division of “us” and “them” that is not agreed to by all parties involved is tribalism whether you call it that or nepotism or Left-wing or Right-wing. In other words, even if it makes you feel like someone broke your dolly to hear it, partisan politics is always wrong when applied to a constitutional republic such as the U.S. or to Western democracy in general.

Now let us be clear on this definition. If something is Bad(tm), it means that anyone who insists on doing it, well they are part of the problem instead of part of any defense against or solving of; deal with it.

What good does that do us, the moderate majority asks, much more than you are doing now, says the voice of the Ghost of Reality That Can Be.

The first step is to recognize a partisan when you see them. Next you must apply their own misconceptions against them, making them out to non-partisan eyes as the fools and or tools that they are. Then you must offer a viewpoint that ignores completely the rhetoric and rancor of either side while laying out a ‘triage’ of the particular subject being misused by the partisan for their own benefit. Only then can common-sense and compassion, love and reason all co-exist within one, commonly held “platform”. The chaos of partisan push-and-pull laws and regulations will dwindle over the years and decades to a Constitutionally sound minimum of ‘solutions’ to commonly recognized needs, problems and aspirations.


Dumbest (uncorrected) Choices in American History: Shortlist


My list of REALLY STUPID CHOICES made in American history; just a short-list I am afraid:

Diet Food” that is more chemicals than food

Having the Soviet Union an “ally” in WWII – better to have let them go it alone; email for full argument

The Electoral College in the Age of Communication; direct election of all offices should be the norm; Political Parties are OBSOLETE and COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE

Public Sector Unions

Adding “under God” to the Pledge making it a point of division instead of unity

Lotus and Apple’s Patent-the-Universe Syndrome making the courts accept patents on things never meant for patent

Failing to live up to Dr. King’s vision and refusing to stop being prejudiced regarding race

Private campaign donations of any kind other than labor

Campaign donations by businesses

Supreme Court deciding that money= a right to a louder voice for YOUR ‘free speech

Dropping the no-partisanship requirements for radio talk-shows and ‘interview’ programs

Letting Lawyers advertise

Supreme Court declaring that nothing of value is earned by the recipient of a military award or decoration

Women’s, Chicano, Black “Studies” propping up people selected, distorted and lionized with blatant prejudice; taking away self-respect while pretending to help by ‘giving the poor things a hand’, and White Studies designed to rip on Western Culture for the same purpose – removing its self-respect – it seems non-whites are too dumb or clueless to run their own lives or stand up to whites and that whites are just intrinsically demonic – welcome to the enlightened world of PC education

Failing to settle on the point in a pregnancy where a woman’s choice is MADE and she must be held responsible for an infant rather than a piece of owned tissue. (6 month preemies regularly survive today and the Radical Right’s agenda on abortion would make women all but chattel)

Worrying more about which consenting adults, what age, color or how many may legally get ‘married’; ignoring the concept of duty, honor and responsibility anyone brings to their marriages

Bilingual Education as a policy

Helmets, knee and elbow-pads for tricycle riders

Peer promotion in school

Affirmative Action after 1990 – where was the transition to color-blind government?

Worrying more about what actual people have DONE with their guns than trying to get law-abiding folk to not have any at all

Electing Andrew Jackson, Jimmy Carter, George W., and Obama

Forgetting that ALL countries do best with immigrants if they pick from the TOP of the pile instead of the bottom

Paying a private group to print/coin money like a product to be bought forgetting that money has no ‘intrinsic’ value’; dollars are just counters for the economic game; increasing or decreasing the supply by fiat to ACCURATELY reflect the production/wealth of a nation is the ONLY reason when deciding when or if to print more money, or let the cash pool contract

Deciding that political consensus and no working model or scientific theory that has been tested is sufficient when making decisions in haste that could wreck the world’s entire economy/infrastructure; in the 70’s it was the next Ice Age that was imminent… no models then either

Making an “eco-friendly” light-bulb containing hazardous amounts of mercury

Adults stealing Halloween from the children and making it another grown-ups party holiday

The Writer’s Strike

ANY serious university or college that “emphasized” sports to make money and enabled ‘tails’ that can wag Great Danes with ease

The lure of ego: Who is the leader of the Republican Party?

What in the world has the Republican party become? today on the news sites I see one story repeated over and over as though it is as normal as sunshine in Los Angeles.

It seems Rush Limbaugh, the well known comedian and self-ordained spiritual leader of all that is truly American has been persuaded to forgive the (elected only due to the will of his party rather than his stunning intellect and wisdom a la Rush{tm}) chairman of the Republican party for daring to speak of the the Sacred Rushness in less than glowing terms.

After several groveling apologies that amounted to saying that his thoughts were not his own and he spoke differently than he believed the Mighty Rush is now “All Good” with the contrite elected official.

Now that this pesky politician has been banished to the back rooms to make deals in private to further Almighty Rush’s goals (Complete humiliation for the American people under the Obama administration so they will finally listen to HIM) the country can go back to the patriotic task of shutting down their minds and dittoing the thoughts of Our Master and Living God of Anal Hypocrisy, Herr Fuhrer in His Own Mind, Limbaugh the Infallible.

If any of this strikes the reader as a touch sarcastic then I will gladly plead guilty. How is it that an explosion of indignity has not overwhelmed the “conservative” audience of Mr. Limbaugh? Limbaugh has never had to run anything, his job is to entertainingly complain about things he has no clue how to accomplish himself. He can freely ask this pol or that why they don’t “just do this” or “just do that” without ever having DONE any such thing. As far as I can see about the only thing the Most Holy Limbaugh has accomplished for his party was to cripple McCain’s campaign. And why did Rush do this? For the same reason he has snapped the chain of his audience at the leader of his party. Ego. Specifically the Ego belonging to a man named Rush Limbaugh. McCain was not the man Limbaugh had anointed and therefore Limbaugh refused to close ranks other than symbolically in order to deny this hated deviant the election. Why was Steele taken up with such rage and vigor by Limbaugh? He said, lets see, here is the quote from the CNN article this morning:

“Steele’s original remarks came from an interview on CNN’s “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News,” which was taped Thursday and aired Saturday. They came as Democrats, including White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, have tried to paint Limbaugh — who has said he wants to see the Obama administration “fail” — as the effective head of the opposition party.

Steele rejected the idea, saying, “I’m the de facto leader of the Republican Party.”

“Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer. Rush Limbaugh’s whole thing is entertainment,” Steele told CNN. “Yes, it is incendiary. Yes, it is ugly.” ”

Here we have it in black and white, Steele dared to deny that a paid entertainer, a media whore, a talking head elected by no one but himself is not the TRUE head of the party. All you so called “republicans” out there ask yourself something. By the way Steele jumped to heel, isn’t he right? Hasn’t the Republican party, in it’s lust for the warmth of group think allowed an ego of Hitlerian, nay Stalinesque proportions to hijack the ideology of a democratic institution?

In Rush’s mind he was never guilty of the sin of “illegal drug use” because his lawyers prevented him from being convicted. His decades of opposition to even the CONCEPT of rehabilitation for drug users rendered his own doctor shopping and elephantine oxycontin habit the depths of hypocrisy given that he has never moderated his stance since his own outing as a pill popping druggie.

If Master Rush had gone public after his own ordeal and admitted that treatment and support were the key, not persecution and jail he could look in the mirror and call himself an honest man. Sadly, that is not the case. Rush’s titanic ego was unable to admit that he had erred in either public policy or private “mistakes”.

I have an idea, let us have a dedicated conservative town somewhere in America volunteer to allow Their Holy Father to be their mayor for one year. I would even go so far as to allow him to alter the very constitution of America in this one little town of volunteers. After the year is done we will send in the national guard and expose the Hitlerian nightmare that will have resulted. That is assuming the townspeople do not revolt and lynch him before the year is up once they realize the Jim Jones quality of Master Rush’s ego.

Any party that allows a comedian to declare himself it’s titular head and PROVE IT should quietly disband and fade into the dustbin of history.

Maybe the Libertarians can have a go at being the 2nd party. God knows that the Republicans days are numbered. And don’t think I see this as a good thing. Without a strong, REAL conservative voice in government we are just as screwed as a nation as if we had no Liberals at all. Anyway you look at things the Rush Phenomena is NOT a good thing for America.

And as a final note, Mr. Limbaugh’s famous attitude that he would rather see America fail than succeed under leadership with which he disagrees is surely as close to treason free speach can get. Can the Repulicans who flock to his show connect the dots on that attitude? IT means Rush would rather see economic collapse, chaos, starvation, riots and civil war than have a leader he disagees with be right. OR even have A right solution for a situation that might admit to more than one solution. If the solution is not the Rush Solution it must be made to fail.

That is the same crime the Communists and Leftists in the State Department where accused of: wanting to destroy the country in order to impose their own ideology. Rush, Thomas Jefferson would spit in your tea and George Washington would hold the cup for him for your brazen attempt to usurp democracy with the hot air from your….um, lungs!!