Taliban and “Religious Right” Can Truly Relate

In this partisan time let me preface my thoughts by saying that I am NOT a Democrat or Leftist. Nor am I an atheist or anti-religion. Anyone who has read even a few of my articles will know that I attack partisanship anywhere, Left or Right.

I have great respect for Mr. Cooper of NewsRealblog. I find his writing and analysis to be almost always intelligent and insightful. Then there are those times when he tells us that following his sub sect [Conservative] of his sect [Protestant] of his religion [Christianity] somehow makes people immune to groupthink.

In addition I do NOT have a shred of respect for either party in the mentioned video. I have not even watched it.

I am writing here about Mr. Cooper’s response to the simple statement:

Matthews: “The group in this country that most resembles the Taliban, ironically, is the Religious Right.”

Mr. Cooper might be surprised to hear it but the majority of Americans would more or less agree with that statement. When it comes to their views on Constitutional secular government and their visions of a “godly” society they [the Religious Right and Taliban] are like twins separated at birth.

The paradox of the partisan mentality is their ability to believe the unsupportable. They believe that all criticisms of the opposition are likely to be true but that none of the accusations leveled at their group ever are. When it is put that way everyone agrees that partisanship is bad. What partisans will never agree to however is the idea that they themselves are partisans. After all, how can you be a partisan when you are right?

One thing I have always admired about the Jewish religion is that it teaches one to accept criticism, even by enemies as a grace. They are taught to be thankful for an opportunity to think about how they can be a better person. I hope Mr. Cooper will take my response in this spirit.

Let me ask Mr. Cooper a question. Which present day American group’s tactics most resemble the Taliban’s? Of the groups active today who other than Fred Phelps’ minions would even come to mind? The terrorist tactics of the 60’s and 70’s have passed from virtually all politically active groups in America. What remains is Phelps’ scare tactics of Hellfire and emotional intimidation. And from where does the Phelps fringe emanate? The Religious Right.

Mr. Cooper tried to show that the Taliban are known for things the Religious Right is not. Unfortunately the examples he chose remind non Religious Right folks more of the ways in which they do resemble each other.

Cooper: “The Taliban are known for wanting government to uphold the strictest form of Sharia law. They even add additional laws to it. They are especially known for their degradation of women. Women are kept in oppressive attire and wife-beating is legal.”

Can it be that Christian Conservatives truly cannot see the shadow of the Christian Right-wing in those words? Is it not an open fact that the “Religious Right” as embodied in the statements of its leaders seeks a world that is very similar to the Taliban’s?

Pat Robertson has lamented many times about Christians not being allowed to interpret the Constitution to dominate all others in the name of Christ. When did Jerry Falwell ever shy from seeking to make his personal religion the law of the land?

If you narrow your focus to only look at America then yes, Virginia the native group that stands out as oppressive towards women and children is the Religious Right.

Let us pause and define another term; Religious Right. This is no more a synonym for Christian Conservative than Obama is for “liberal”. The Religious Right is unyielding, partisan and does not question the “truth” they wish to force on the rest of us any more than the Taliban do.

The only real difference between the far Right and the far Left is the source of their “truth”; God or Man. The only real difference between the Taliban on one side and Phelps and his less obnoxious brethren on the other is how violently they impose their worldview. Both are inimical to a secular, Constitutional society.

Please do not take the wrong message from my words. The Christian version is not as vicious as the Taliban because of the core message of Christianity and the influence of Western Enlightenment thinking. But, they both seek theocracy in their own words.

Any ideology can be used for evil but historically Christianity has shown itself to be able to bounce back from the edge. In contrast Islam and Marxism are designed to PROMOTE aggressive partisan behavior. It is the people who use Christianity or Islam or Marxism to be tyrants that are evil. We should not obscure the similarities of those that seek to misuse power.

Should I not be sad when Christian Conservatives, who embrace all The Constitution stands for, turn a blind eye to the religion some evil-doers use to justify their goal of tyranny?

Religious Organization Dedicated to Subversion Invades America

Since 9/11 most Americans have become aware that there are forces in the world that do not share our love of Freedom and Constitutional Democracy. More and more of us have remembered that it is our duty as Americans to remain vigilant against all who would take from us that which makes us unique in the world: The Constitution.

Recently it has come to my attention that there is a group operating in the U.S. that has openly advocated the legislative overthrow of the U.S. Constitution and our way of life.

Furthermore, this un-American organization is openly hostile to modern Western laws regarding women, children and gays. They freely declare their distrust and fear of anyone who does not follow their narrow faith.

In full view of the media they mock the concept of Republican Democracy. Anywhere their allies attain a voting majority they are constantly agitating to impose their own strict religious laws on the local public.

They hypocritically exhort their followers to use the First Amendment to force their views into the schools and workplace. They also teach them how to use the Establishment Clause to keep information about all other religions (including atheism) out.

This group and their allies have gone to court to force schools to allow them to spread their divisive (religious) messages in public schools via a “backpack-mail” system. But when a non-aligned group used the same system they turned around and used the courts to stop the schools from spreading any non-curricular information regardless of its being religious or secular.

This is hardly fair play! It seems that it was more important to this group and its allies to be able to censor other points of view than to spread their own. Since they held a majority in that community they still won out.

As with many subversive organizations their public messages tend toward the bland and reassuring. Only an occasional “WHAT did he say?” reaches the radar of the average American.

But the deeper you go into the bowels of their organization the more blatant is the hatred of all that America stands for. It is no secret that their leadership prays for a day when the only laws in America will be based solely in their scripture.

They not only pray for it. They organize. Likeminded groups have taken up the task of training their more fanatical followers around the country in the craft of taking over local schools and governments in the name of the faith.

They teach followers how to mask their agenda until elected. Once elected the faithful are then apply to their religious agenda regardless of the will of the voters. Their intent is to remake America in their image one town and county at a time.

Their totalitarian ideology does not brook any dissent. The questioning of their religious leader’s interpretations of their holy book is seen as the voice of Satan (Shaytan). More so if the criticism comes from outside their religion. In the U.S. their followers rarely resort to violence but are willing to use almost any tactic short of that to demonize and suppress their critics.

Their Anti-American dream for the U.S. includes:

Women would be coerced by the law to focus their lives on home and children instead of seeking careers.

Women would not be allowed to have a voice in religious or political matters as a matter of law.

Men would be legally empowered to speak for their wives in all matters outside the home.

The decision whether to abort a pregnancy sure to kill the mother (such as a woman with cancer who must choose between an abortion or deferring treatment until after the birth) would rest with the father of the child or father of the mother.

Children and women would have no legal protections outside of the religious institutions. Short of situations manifestly life-threatening no outside agency would have the right to forcibly intervene in any abuse situations within the family. The right of the husband/father to control his family’s “morals” and live out his religion’s requirements would trump any Western concept of “human rights” for his family.

Homosexuality would be outlawed, not just as an active lifestyle. It would be legally a perverted mindset to be policed and punished. Punishments would likely range from imprisonment to castration to the death penalty. Mob justice against homosexuals would mostly be ignored if not condoned.

The freedom of worship of anyone not aligned with their religion’s narrow definition of “godly” would be at risk anywhere they hold influence.

The Bible tells Christians to “judge them by their fruit”. The fruit of this group wherever they hold influence has been divisiveness, intolerance, a smug support of the status quo and the suppression of the greatest ideals of our Founding Fathers: Freedom of Speech/Assembly/The Press and Freedom of Religion.

One of the clearest signs of the hypocrisy of their version of “faith” is that at the same time they are condemning all sex education, adultery and sex before marriage their followers have the highest rates of teen pregnancies and divorces in the nation. Their followers also possess a higher than average rate of domestic violence.

Who are these un-American subversives you ask? What is the nefarious name that these pretend prophets of “holiness” use to organize their subversive minions as they subvert our nation?

“Islamists? You ask. “Scientologists? Mormons? Pagans?” You postulate but miss the rot that lies in front of your nose.

Surprise Virginia, they call themselves the 700 Club.