Rabid Partisan Idiots, Left and Right, Made Easy

Politically correct = reality challenged

Unless one has been brought up in a political vacuum it is hard to avoid spending at least part of your lifetime enmeshed in the folds of one partisan group or another. Many people are so over exposed to a polarized viewpoint that they jump to the other party in a fashion that is often as polarized as their parents’ if not more so. The majority of both these parentaly wound-up rebels and those who retain their parents polarization tend to mellow with time; the non-rebels more likely than not to find peace with the angers of partisan zeal at an earlier age. Then there are those who never really feel passionate about either “choice” of viewpoints, the black or the white. These folks usually blend in with the soft and fuzzy “middle” end of the party’s spectrum from rabidity through hardliners and moderates and are little more to the various political leaders than empty votes to be herded with nightmares and platitudes into one camp or the other during the end game of the election. That is the reality of those who control our society.

What of ideology you say? What of the Left and the Right? What of them comes the answer from the voice of present-day politics. Partisanship has always played a part in human politics. I could go on for pages on the roots and changes, the evolutions, and revolutions in political thought but it all can be summed up very simply; partisan = tribal. Any division of “us” and “them” that is not agreed to by all parties involved is tribalism whether you call it that or nepotism or Left-wing or Right-wing. In other words, even if it makes you feel like someone broke your dolly to hear it, partisan politics is always wrong when applied to a constitutional republic such as the U.S. or to Western democracy in general.

Now let us be clear on this definition. If something is Bad(tm), it means that anyone who insists on doing it, well they are part of the problem instead of part of any defense against or solving of; deal with it.

What good does that do us, the moderate majority asks, much more than you are doing now, says the voice of the Ghost of Reality That Can Be.

The first step is to recognize a partisan when you see them. Next you must apply their own misconceptions against them, making them out to non-partisan eyes as the fools and or tools that they are. Then you must offer a viewpoint that ignores completely the rhetoric and rancor of either side while laying out a ‘triage’ of the particular subject being misused by the partisan for their own benefit. Only then can common-sense and compassion, love and reason all co-exist within one, commonly held “platform”. The chaos of partisan push-and-pull laws and regulations will dwindle over the years and decades to a Constitutionally sound minimum of ‘solutions’ to commonly recognized needs, problems and aspirations.




Virtually all REVOLUTIONS (as opposed to the American colony revolt) have resulted in MORE pain and suffering for almost everyone involved!

The French Terror, Lenin and Stalin’s purges, Mao and the Cultural Revolution, the Kamir Rouge, Cromwell’s regime, Iran, North Korea…the list is endless!

The mindset of the partisan revolutionaries, indeed the partisan mindset itself, is convinced that ONLY their one group’s mode of looking at and dealing with social function can be beneficial to society.

On the Left and Right pundits seem to feel that “Democracy” is best served by ELIMINATING the opposition’s “clearly evil and deficient” worldview from PARTICIPATION.

Surely any reasonable mind that contemplates this situation for more than a moment will see that this is NOT democracy!  It is tribalistic ego-masturbation that kills individuals and families and whole societies!

What IS Your Problem Anyway?

idylls king 0013
I had a wonderful, fantastic vision while sitting on the (polite euphemism for toilet applicable to all  individual readers’ culture and tastes)  today.  What would our world look like a few years after a particular, completely unlikely, event. Namely the election in one year of NEW Senators, Representatives, Governors, and state legislatures never before involved in politics.
Just picture it, a government that is comprised of real, articulate, skilled or professional folks. People who have done things.  Imagine a further impossibility; NONE OF THEM ARE LAWYERS!
The quivers surely run down my leg thinking of THAT event Virginia.
What would happen if the Constitution and common sense ran the government?  Could it possibly be worse than the things the Left and Right have brought us with their endless political games that rape the future of We the People on the altar of their ambitions?
Will the paid-off-pundits of the Right who pretend to be Conservative please explain to me why they approve of the Supreme Court decision to equate dollars in marketplace with individual free speech as protected in the Constitution?
Just what is the justification for this equality of “voice” that allows a corporation to drown out the voice of real citizens who have no deep pocket masters?
We may never be able to rid ourselves of the “machine” that exists to promote the power grabbing of the Leftist and Right-Wingers, but we can surely starve it for funding and force it to listen to real people for a change!
And can the hypocrites on the Left who pretend to be Liberal tell me why they condone non-Liberal interference with the PROFESSION of education?
In the halcyon days of the political machine in America the murdering thugs who ran places like Kansas City and Chicago and New York had few morals, but they did have some unbreakable rules, one of which was keep your hands off the roads and the schools.  As long as these rules were kept to the population had little to complain of and the machine flourished. 
Some kind of perverse evolution has occurred over time.  As the governments in America became less and less overtly corrupt, and certainly less violent about it, they also threw the rules away.
Why are the schools across America constantly chasing “Liberal” ideals and consistently failing to improve?  Why are the roads in New Orleans the worst in my experience for a metropolitan area despite the huge income given the size of the city coupled with a, supposedly “Liberal” government?
Both Left and Right have felt no compunctions about interfering in every aspect of our lives motivated less by sense, than some immediate political consideration devoid of human values but rife with moralistic rationalizations.
But, most of all, I demand that the Left and the Right explain to me WHY partisanship is a good thing.  Just what is healthy about viewing the political opposition in a two party system as something to be ELIMINATED from the political process?
Is this not one definition of fascism, no matter the other politics of the proponent? Tell me Mr. Obama, and explain to me Mr. Limbaugh, why you feel a two party system would be healthier as a one party system.

David come home!!

(HH here: I was over at Frontpage Mag and read a neat piece about the Left by David Horowitz. Sad to say though he only got half the story, blaming the Left for Partisanship but not the Right. Shame on him!! Just kidding. By and large I admire his writings, I just wish he would finish his swing from far Left to far Right and settle in the sensible Middle. We need men of his brains and eloquence to defend against the “infected”.

Here follows my analysis and rewrite of his piece to make it more balanced:)

“This led Moshe Ya’alon, Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs and former chief of Israel’s Defense Forces to describe the left as a “virus.” Actually as Aaron Shuster pointed out in an email, which I am about to cite, one could also say the left is in the grips of a virus — a virus that attacks its brain cells and makes it incapable of ingesting real world facts and consequently of arriving at reasonable judgments.”

(HH: Now, now David, let us not be incomplete. This virus attacks the Rightist in equal numbers. The name if the virus is not Leftism, it is Partisanship! OTherwise your diagnosis fits to a tee. on BOTH sides of the aisle.)

“Radical feminism is one form of the virus. It is an ideology grown out of Marxism whose enemy is the freedom of the individual from collective control, and the freedom of society from the totalitarian state. That is why radical feminists are incapable of seeing the anti-feminist monster in Islam: because Islam is now the center of the revolt against the feminists’ real enemy, which is us.”

(HH: Radical Christians attempting stealth takeovers of loval govs and schools also see the secular world as a demon to be overthrown “by any means”.)

“The progressive virus is a religious virus. Political radicalism is an expression of the inability of human beings to live without meaning; it is the replacement of the hope for a divine redemption in a redemption by political activists, which inevitably leads to a totalitarian state.”

(HH: Anyone who cannot see the hypocritcal face of radical Christianity also in this descrpition is probably a member of an antievolution church and infected themselves.)

“The consequences of infection by the virus are described in my email from Shuster:
“The virus totally blocks the person from the ability to access, let alone comprehend, any facts and evidence that contradict his or her beliefs. Mountains of data have zero effect on already established views, simply because the person flatly rejects considering reading anything that would go against their ‘truth’. The person is terrified to look beyond his established viewpoint. They behave like the Church at the times of Galileo. They refuse to look through the telescope. For instance, during the past eight years, on numerous occasions, I have recommended to my left-wing friends several books on Islam by Ibn Warraq, Ibn Ishaq, Robert Spencer and others. Many borrowed the books, but they were never read. The power of the virus was stronger. The results of my eight-year effort were meager. Two people have read Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.””

(HH: Wow very true! And all the people I tried to get to read sensible books explaining evolution or astrophysics or how homosexuality is strongly based in genes also were unable to assimilate any info that contradicted their worldview. Partisanship my dear Sir, Nor Leftist but ANY real polarization is a bad thing.)

“”The strength of the virus derives from the meaning it supplies to meaningless lives, and the consequent good feelings — intoxicated feelings of virtue and self-righteousness — experienced by the devoted. Here Shuster quotes Melanie Phillips:
“A vital part of leftist thinking is the assumption that to be on the left is the only sensible/decent/principled position to hold and therefore cannot ever be wrong; and that is because to differ from the left is to be of ‘the right’, and the right is irredeemably evil. (The idea that to be opposed to the left is not necessarily to be on ‘the right’ or indeed to take any position other than to oppose their ideology and its brutal effects, is something that the left simply cannot get its head around). And so the true nightmare is that if ‘the right’ turns out to be actually right on anything and the left to be wrong, by accepting this fact the left-winger will by his own definition turn into an evil right-winger. His entire moral and political identity will crumble and he will grow horns and a tail. So to prevent any possibility of this catastrophe occurring, the opponent has to be eliminated.””

(HH:Again, the only thing wrong with the above statement is that the author is blind to his own place in the above group. but on the right instead of the left. The statement SHOULD read thus:)

“A vital part of partisan thinking is the assumption that to be on the side of the partisan whether Communist or Fundamentalist Christian, is the only sensible/decent/principled position to hold and therefore cannot ever be wrong; and that is because to differ from the partisan is to be of ‘the evil ones’, and all ideas of the opposition are irredeemably evil. (The idea that to be opposed to the partisan is not necessarily to be on ‘the other side’ or indeed to take any position other than to oppose their ideology and its brutal effects, is something that the partisan simply cannot get its head around). And so the true nightmare is that if ‘the other’ turns out to be actually right on anything and the partisan to be wrong, by accepting this fact the partisan will by his own definition turn into an evil ‘other’. His entire moral and political identity will crumble and he will grow horns and a tail. So to prevent any possibility of this catastrophe occurring, the opponent has to be eliminated.”

(HH: See how neatly it explains BOTH side’s radicals? Let us continue “finishing” the piece properly:)

This why the only argument that [partisans] have in their public encounters with others is not an argument at all but an indictment: racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, [Pagan, Homosexual, Socialist, black, white, foreigner etc]…. In the religion of [Partisanism]… in the fevered universe of the virus — the world is an endless plain of battle in which forces of Good ([them]) are ranged against the forces of Evil (the rest of us). At stake is the redemption of the world — or as the environmental totalitarians like to put it, the survival of the planet. No wonder they are deaf to any fact or argument that would bring them back to earth.

The only way to defeat the [partisan] is to turn the table around and attack their moral self-image. [Partisans] are in fact the enemies and oppressors of women, children, gays, minorities and the poor, and moderates should never confront them without reminding them of this fact. If Naomi Wolf, [Noam Chomsky, Fred Phelps, Pat Robertson and their] radical friends had their way, America would be disarmed and radical Islam would be triumphant [or we would be living in a Christian taliban culture and either way] women, [children and gays] would be back in the Middle Ages, and the rest of us along with them.

(HH: Now THAT tells the whole story!!!!!)