Silver and Gold and Gary, OH MY!

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Not who you expected?


Well Virginia, I was hoping to have a nice new piece this week about the high price of silver and gold and what you can, and should, be doing about it.¬† It seems there will be a bit of a delay… unforssen events have delayed my having a conclusion or recommendations.¬† Such is life, when the glittering metals have a hold on men’s souls! Too dramatic? Yeah, you arre probably right.

Ads for gold investment surge

I guess this is to be expected from a profit driven company; it has now become crystal clear even to gold investors that the new gold is about to be silver.

1st datum: silver, without discovery and development of major new deposits, is a “mined out” resource; for the most part all the minable silver is either out of the ground or fully developed mines.

2nd datum: several completely new technologies have created new demands for the metal that are unlikely to do anything but grow.

Now add the data together:

D1 + D2 = silver or silver futures bought now are almost certain, barring the collapse of worldwide civilization, to go up, up, up.
Just about the only “trick” will be deciding how far past a peak price you want to ride before you admit it has peaked.

People who get in the game now, before it starts to surge, can give it to their grandkids as a bulletproof legacy; the *value* of silver will never again be this low!

This has to be one of the most no-brainer investment decisions in over a decade, if you get in the game NOW!