Dumbest (uncorrected) Choices in American History: Shortlist


My list of REALLY STUPID CHOICES made in American history; just a short-list I am afraid:

Diet Food” that is more chemicals than food

Having the Soviet Union an “ally” in WWII – better to have let them go it alone; email for full argument

The Electoral College in the Age of Communication; direct election of all offices should be the norm; Political Parties are OBSOLETE and COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE

Public Sector Unions

Adding “under God” to the Pledge making it a point of division instead of unity

Lotus and Apple’s Patent-the-Universe Syndrome making the courts accept patents on things never meant for patent

Failing to live up to Dr. King’s vision and refusing to stop being prejudiced regarding race

Private campaign donations of any kind other than labor

Campaign donations by businesses

Supreme Court deciding that money= a right to a louder voice for YOUR ‘free speech

Dropping the no-partisanship requirements for radio talk-shows and ‘interview’ programs

Letting Lawyers advertise

Supreme Court declaring that nothing of value is earned by the recipient of a military award or decoration

Women’s, Chicano, Black “Studies” propping up people selected, distorted and lionized with blatant prejudice; taking away self-respect while pretending to help by ‘giving the poor things a hand’, and White Studies designed to rip on Western Culture for the same purpose – removing its self-respect – it seems non-whites are too dumb or clueless to run their own lives or stand up to whites and that whites are just intrinsically demonic – welcome to the enlightened world of PC education

Failing to settle on the point in a pregnancy where a woman’s choice is MADE and she must be held responsible for an infant rather than a piece of owned tissue. (6 month preemies regularly survive today and the Radical Right’s agenda on abortion would make women all but chattel)

Worrying more about which consenting adults, what age, color or how many may legally get ‘married’; ignoring the concept of duty, honor and responsibility anyone brings to their marriages

Bilingual Education as a policy

Helmets, knee and elbow-pads for tricycle riders

Peer promotion in school

Affirmative Action after 1990 – where was the transition to color-blind government?

Worrying more about what actual people have DONE with their guns than trying to get law-abiding folk to not have any at all

Electing Andrew Jackson, Jimmy Carter, George W., and Obama

Forgetting that ALL countries do best with immigrants if they pick from the TOP of the pile instead of the bottom

Paying a private group to print/coin money like a product to be bought forgetting that money has no ‘intrinsic’ value’; dollars are just counters for the economic game; increasing or decreasing the supply by fiat to ACCURATELY reflect the production/wealth of a nation is the ONLY reason when deciding when or if to print more money, or let the cash pool contract

Deciding that political consensus and no working model or scientific theory that has been tested is sufficient when making decisions in haste that could wreck the world’s entire economy/infrastructure; in the 70’s it was the next Ice Age that was imminent… no models then either

Making an “eco-friendly” light-bulb containing hazardous amounts of mercury

Adults stealing Halloween from the children and making it another grown-ups party holiday

The Writer’s Strike

ANY serious university or college that “emphasized” sports to make money and enabled ‘tails’ that can wag Great Danes with ease

Finding the slippery slopes

Putting Sikhs to the ‘cruel choice’
Inside the First Amendment

By Charles C. Haynes
First Amendment Center senior scholar
Unless Army officials act quickly, Capt. Kamaljit Singh Kalsi and 2nd Lt. Tejdeep Singh Rattan will soon be compelled to choose between obedience to God and service to country.

The two officers wore turbans and beards throughout their U.S. Army training, having been assured by recruiters that those articles of faith wouldn’t be a problem. But now that they have finished medical and dental school, respectively, the Army wants them to take off their turbans and cut their hair before reporting for active duty this month.

Asking Sikh Americans to deny their faith as a condition of military service is an example of what the late Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once called a “cruel choice” between religious faith and full participation in American life. It is a choice, wrote Stewart, that “no State can constitutionally demand.”

After months of lobbying for a change in the regulations, Sikhs got a glimmer of hope a few weeks ago when Army officials promised to review the policy in a letter to the Sikh Coalition, a human-rights advocacy group. It shouldn’t be a hard call. Before 1986, when these guidelines were promulgated, Sikhs with turbans and beards served honorably in the Army without any harm to order or discipline.

The Army isn’t the only arena where Sikhs in America face discrimination. In workplaces, schools, airports and elsewhere, Sikhs often encounter ignorance about their religion and resistance to requests for accommodation. And with Sikhism growing in the U.S. – there are currently some 500,000 Sikh Americans – the level of discrimination is likely to rise unless more is done to address the problem.

Most of the conflicts involve challenges to core religious obligations of observant Sikhs, including unshorn hair, wearing a turban, and carrying the kirpan, a small religious sword worn under clothing as a symbol of a Sikh’s duty to uphold justice.

Sikh Americans, like other Americans, want to defend their country, serve their communities, send their children to school, and in other ways participate fully in American life. But Sikhs shouldn’t be asked to violate their conscience in order to enjoy the rights and privileges of citizenship. It’s time to stop putting them to that cruel choice.

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(HH here:First off military service is not a privilege nor a right. It is a duty. It is a responsibility to be discharged.
There is a very good reason for the no beards rule that now even applies to the Navy. Gasmasks do not work with beards.
Add to that simple reality the need for a “uniform” appearance and we see this is not an unreasonable burden. If a persons religious faith demands a visible identity (turban, full beard) it will also limit where that person may be deployed.
If this pair is allowed to keep their tribal garb while in uniform what is to prevent people around the world who dislike Sikhs (96% of all Muslims outside the West) from targeting them or fearing them when deployed?
Hard enough to win local hearts and minds over for Americans in general, will we now shove every tribal religion in America in the face of already religiously prejudiced Muslims in their own lands? It is basically the same reason why all those schools don’t allow blatant religious garb on the faculty. The staff is an arm of the government and as such must appear as neutral and unbiased as possible. How can a Jewish girl feel neutrality from a Headmistress in a full hijab? How can a Muslim boy feel neutrality from a principal who has John 3:16 posted in full on his desk?
How does an Indian Muslim feel when, after an earthquake, she is suddenly confronted with a fully garbed Sikh as the commander of the
U.S. Army medical team. Yes people should not be prejudiced toward people of other religion in their care. But this does not happen often enough to dispense with the whole secular identity thing for ALL Government employed or deployed people.
It occurs to me that if these guys win they will be identifiable as Sikhs from a greater distance than they will be identifiable as American soldiers!! Put that way is it appropriate?
Should any teacher or doctor or nurse or soldier that is employed by the government not by identifiable first and foremost as a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a soldier? Where comes the privilege of being a soldier and a tribesman at the same time? This is not England with their “wog” soldiers; respected but never wholly equal to their “brothers” in arms. This is the U.S. where we are supposed to be beyond that Old World feudal crap. As a civilian, not on the public payrol you have the right to be all tribal and identify first as your (insert on, religion, ethnicity, sports team, whatever) but as a teacher, or soldier you give up that right to stand as one of many but there for all in the name of the state.)