Inner city violence, Paris style: Warning, violent images

(HH here: This occurred recently on a Paris late-night bus. According to reports the violence is NOT exceptional!! Just the publicity! Both the Bus authority AND the bus union are far more upset about the video getting out than the incident itself. As ONE of the four immigrant assailants was light-skinned the media are sure it could not have been “racist” in motivation despite the clear recording of them shouting such things as “dirty French”.
I would like to think that in America the other, larger, more numerous male passengers would have made these “boys” eat their teeth. But I don’t know, the sheep syndrome has penetrated our culture enormously. For four unarmed “youths”, one of them a shrimp and only one large, to DOMINATE a busload of people is just embarrassing. That bearded fool who let himself be punched time and again should watch this over and over until he grows a pair of balls.)

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Malmo? Really How surprising!!! NOT!

(HH: Well aren’t you surprised that such a thing would happen in a wonderful, utopian hamlet like Malmo? (Sarcasm off)

Anti-Israel protesters clash with Swedish police
Published: Saturday 07 March 2009 15:46 UTC
Last updated: Saturday 07 March 2009 15:46 UTC
Police and anti-Israel demonstrators have clashed in Malmö in Sweden outside the venue of the Davis Cup match between the Israeli and Swedish tennis teams. About 6,000 people turned up to demonstrate against Israel’s recent Gaza offensive. Some protesters threw stones and fireworks at police, and five demonstrators were arrested after they climbed onto the roof of the sports arena.