Heretics Crusade Video Library


A simple explanation for all the world’s ills!


Why 9/11? Why did Maj. Hassan go "postal"? It is OUR FAULT!


Patrick Henry Songs’ Wonderful analysis of why we are so bad in the eyes of Islam.


We Con The World Carolne From: The Tribal Update on Caroline Glick’s Latma Hebrew Satire Site


Marmora Flotilla Hero – Marine Corps Pacifist and Emulator of Ghandi’s Lessons of Violent Reponse (Satire: Latma by Caroline Glick)


Submission by Theo Van Gogh (narrated and Written by Aayan Hirsi Ali)


David Horowitzs Gets Muslims UCSD Student to Reveal Her Support for Genocide of Jews


Not THAT David Horowitz
SEIU CRiminal TResspass COndoned by Montgomery County Police Chief (With Commentary)


Eric Holder Avoids Truth by Scuba Diving in Egypt

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