CAIR’s Hooper on MCSA: Fruedian Slip or Stab in the Back?

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Congressional Muslim Staffers Association

A story I read today by by Jordy Yager in The Hill struck a nerve with me. There was a quote by “honest” Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR {Council on American Islamic Relations} an organization that has been listed as an un-indicted co-conspirator in a terrorist funding case. Excuse me, the organization has not been indicted but numerous of its founding members and leaders have. The leadership of CAIR reminds me of a weird carrousel of replaceable puppets, each fretting and strutting their way across the stage until finally hung with legal ropes of their own manufacture.

At the very end of the story, which was about Congressional suspicion that CAIR has been intentionally placing interns on key Congressional commitees came this quote:

“ “plant[ing] “spies” within key national-security committees in order to shape legislative policy… specifically focused on the House Homeland Security Committee, Intelligence Committee and Judiciary Committee…

“If an organization is connected to or supports terrorists [and] is running influence operations or planting spies in key national security-related offices, I think this needs to be made known,” Hooper replied to this: “God forbid American Muslims take part in the political process and exercise their rights, I suppose they’re going to investigate the Muslim Staffers Association next.”

If these people weren’t so hate-filled, it would be laughable, but unfortunately they have an audience and, given their positions, it’s going to get picked up by the hate blogs.”…”

 Now if I did not spend as much wordage as I do chastising those on my own side who let emotion rule common sense I might think Mr. Ibrahim was talking about me. But I do take a bit of offense at someone who seems to have nothing but venom for any who disagree with him to call anyone “hate-filled”. Especially when HIS advice to any Muslim approached by the FBI for info regarding Radical Islamists is that they should refuse to speak without a lawyer and notify CAIR. Recently they have added a new [rule] advisement; tell the truth. It seems that the FBI is being especially mean to Muslims who lie through their teeth even if they don’t have “hot” info. They charge them with lying to the FBI, go figure! Just because Martha Stewart can go to jail for it doesn’t mean it should be like, a LAW, you know!

Well if you get the impression that Mr. Ibrahim is not a person I would trust to babysit my niece you are on the right track. But even the un-trusted can be reliable. When you judge people by their fruit over time you will start to see patterns. Sometimes those patterns can reveal much more than the subject would like.

This is the case I feel with Mr. Hooper’s flippant and rhetorical question about the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association being the next to be investigated.

Long ago I noticed that the most fanatical of partisans, Left or Right, tend to portray their enemies as doing, with great malice, exactly the things that reality shows the partisan to be doing. This is most blatantly obvious whenever we hear fundamentalist Muslims rave about the horrific, planned and globe-dominating action plans of “The Jews”. Whenever I listen to these rants I look about to find the group they are referring to. Who could it be that is doing these kind of things? Each time I go around the global community and come back…to the very people doing the ranting. If you want to know what is in the mind of Radical Islam listen to the most fanatical Imam raving about Israel. That rant will accurately reflect their own attitude and action plan toward the Jews instead of visa versa.

I decided to take MR. Hooper at face value and see where it led. Join me for the ride, you will find Dramamine in the glove box. Continue reading

The Congressional Muslim Staffers Must Be Nervous


How does the MSA want women to show solidarity for battered females? Wear something that shows men you are not a whore!


It is nice to be loved! I see that this last week or so the CMSA office has been hitting my site again. I guess they must be nervous about their upcoming MSA event.

Relax boys! I don’t have anything good on your latest event yet, maybe one of your more disgruntled followers will give me a lead…Stay Tuned!

Muslim Staffers in Congress Organize Lobbying Group: Stonewall on Election Process


As I have reported before in Congress there is a group that purports to represent the concerns and needs of ALL Muslims working for Congress, and indeed all Muslims in America and those affected by US policy.

Heretics Crusade has done a series of posts on this group, the public background of it’s executive board and some analysis of the “resources” provided on the CMSA website.

The Congressional Muslim Staffer’s Association website reads in part:

The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association (CMSA) was established in 2006, during the 109th Congress, and is an officially recognized Congressional staff association registered with the Committee on House Administration. Every Congressional term, the CMSA receives sponsorship from a Congressional Member(s) to be registered with the Committee on House Administration. Congressmen Ellison and Carson are the current CMSA sponsors for the 111th Congress…

The CMSA is a valued resource to Congressional Members and staff, conducting programs that increase their awareness about the diverse Muslim American community and presenting the plurality of the community’s social and political perspectives and concerns…

Any Muslim Congressional employee is considered a CMSA member regardless of their level of participation or the degree that they publicly identify themselves as “Muslim”

So, here we have a group that CLAIMS to represent virtually all Muslims and former Muslims who happen to work for Congress, they also claim to represent the views of “mainstream” American Muslims, yet they only invite Islamist friendly speakers and only link to Islamist friendly resources and to conservative Islamic Law sites.

In my previous pieces regarding the CMSA I have shown the bias that seems to permeate almost all the the links and people associated with the group.  Today I want to address a new concern, elections of the CMSA executive board.

Now the CMSA website declares in no uncertain terms that:

The Executive Board is elected on an annual basis, with its term being congruent with the calendar year beginning on January 1st and ending December 31st. Board elections are held in late November/early December. Elections are coordinated by an Ex-Officio Board Member who cannot run for any Executive Board position.

The only problem with that is that the Executive Board changed not a single member from last year, no election was announced on the site and no candidates were provided, nor was there any listing of votes received. 

The only (sporadic, and now long since ended) contact I had with ANY member of the board informed me that elections were ACTUALLY held in sync with Representative’s elections but, the web site still (two months later)proclaims their yearly occurrence. 

The board members are listed, and contactable but, do not seem to have mastered hitting the reply button or returning calls.  One wonders how they manage to function on the staff of a Congressman with such poor communication skills!   Not one email or message that I have sent/left inquiring as to facts or inviting their response to my posts has been answered.

My last message was to Assad Ahkter Himself, Lord High Poobah of the CMSA,  asking him to please correct the miscommunication of his, no doubt sincere, subordinates and please inform me of the dates, participants, and votes received for their last election.  Not even an echo has been heard.

Surely there is someone on the Hill who can pop into Congressman Ellison’s or Congressman Carson’s office and ask them to please inform their protégés that transparency is about the public being able to SEE things, not that the things sought after should be invisible!

Subverting America; recommendations for Islamist Victory

Ever since Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR tipped me to their existence Heretics Crusade has been looking at the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association. Masking itself as a “moderate” voice to Congress for “Any Muslim Congressional employee …regardless of their level of participation or the degree that they publicly identify themselves as “Muslim” a quick look behind the curtain of the CMSA shows a face much less diverse than it seems.

The face that I found under the CMSA’s mask is one that shows kinship to the likes of CAIR, the MSA and the Muslim Brotherhood. From executive board members who are far from non-partisan, to sponsored speakers that advocate for an Islamist agenda, the CMSA may be many things; but a truly moderate voice for American Muslims is not among them. When we find that Pres. Obama has been working with them to hand-pick 45 Muslims to work at the White House the CMSA’s barely hidden agenda should be more than alarming.
My last piece about the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association was the beginning of a look at the resources linked to on the CMSA “resource links” page. The CMSA has the usual disclaimer at the top banishing any base suspicions that the information so linked might actually agree with the personal positions of the CMSA or its board. Taking that into account I chose to look at MAJOR REPORTS ON MUSLIMS: DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL of which there are only two; one on International Muslims and one on American Muslims. Call me rash but I will assume that since only one report is linked on each subject the CMSA board probably agrees with what those reports have to say.
The first part was an analysis of the executive summery for the report on American Muslims: Strengthening America: The Civic and Political Integration of Muslim Americans(The Chicago Council). In this part I will look at the recommendations the report makes, so put on your crazy glasses and hang on, if this part is anything like the summery it is going to get a bit psychotic.
The recommendations that follow call upon a wide range of institutions and leaders, Muslim and non-Muslim, to assist in speeding the Muslim American journey to full participation.

 Recommendation #1

 Expand and Recognize Muslim American Contributions to National Security

The horror of the September 11 attacks brought Americans together in their common humanity and a sense of purpose in countering the threat of terrorism. Many Muslim Americans shared in this reaction and commitment. A number of prominent Muslim American organizations condemned the attacks of September 11, reached out to help the victims, worked to raise awareness of the Quran’s teachings against violence, and cooperated with law enforcement agencies on antiterrorism efforts. While government officials have credited Muslim Americans for these and subsequent efforts, doubts about the efforts persist. The visibility and effectiveness of the Muslim American response to September 11 was limited in part by the lack of institutional capacity and recognizable voices in the community.

 It remains critical that Muslim Americans take more active steps to counter the threat of terror and that the government work more effectively to build trust and partnerships with the Muslim American community.

 Disavowing terrorism

 Many Muslim Americans have taken positive steps to denounce terrorism and differentiate their traditions from the beliefs of radical groups. It is crucial that they continue to focus on these positive steps as the danger of terrorism persists. While Muslim Americans question the fairness of holding all Muslim Americans responsible for constantly condemning the actions of a few extremists, the reality is that in the eyes of much of American society, the burden is still on Muslim Americans to respond. Muslim American leaders and organizations can amplify their condemnations of extremism and terrorist acts, strengthen their efforts to prevent radical activity within the Muslim American community, and find more effective ways to communicate these endeavors to the media and the public.

Expanding contributions to homeland security

 Successful partnerships between Muslim Americans and local law enforcement such as Southern California’s Muslim-American Homeland Security Congress should be expanded. A national network of such partnerships could play a vital role in the early detection of potential threats. Programs like the Muslim Public Affairs Council’s “National Grassroots Campaign to Fight Terrorism” can be extended to all U.S. mosques. Muslim leaders can do more to encourage young Muslim Americans to seek employment with the U.S. government and could work with relevant government agencies to create internships.

So far so good it seems. But the last couple sentences wrap a lot of taqqiya into a small space. This recommendation fails to mention that the majority of mosques are disseminating Islamist literature, instead it places the blame on Americans for expecting Muslims to be “constantly condemning the actions of a few extremists” and conflates “realty” with “in the eyes of much of American society“. A silent majority of “moderates” pretending that most of their mosques don’t spread hate and blaming society for expecting them to root out the “extremists” wholeheartedly becomes mainly the fault of American bias against Muslims.
Expanding contributions to homeland security
Successful partnerships between Muslim Americans and local law enforcement such as Southern California’s Muslim-American Homeland Security Congress should be expanded. A national network of such partnerships could play a vital role in the early detection of potential threats. Programs like the Muslim Public Affairs Council’s “National Grassroots Campaign to Fight Terrorism” can be extended to all U.S. mosques. Muslim leaders can do more to encourage young Muslim Americans to seek employment with the U.S. government and could work with relevant government agencies to create internships.
The U.S. government can do more to facilitate communication and cooperation with Muslim America. Public statements by senior officials acknowledging the significance of Muslim American contributions to national security and emphasizing the importance of not holding any group accountable for the actions of a few would help build public acceptance and understanding of the community. 
As we can see by following the links I have added, both the MPAC and MAHSC have less than sterling reputations themselves, unless of course we consider threats solely as they pertain to the Islamists! When it comes to detecting and dealing with those sorts of threats both groups appear expert.
Cultural sensitivity training for federal law enforcement officers would also increase the trust and communication necessary for fuller cooperation. A further vital step is to ensure that any investigations conducted by law enforcement be carried out in ways that do not violate U. S. laws and civil rights.
How about we give them “cultural awareness” training instead so they can do their jobs AWARE of the cultural prejudices of Muslims rather than teach them to be afraid to do their jobs lest their “sensitivity” be questioned?
Recommendation #2

 Improve Media Coverage and Public Understanding of Muslim Americans

In recent public opinion surveys, a sizable minority of Americans expressed fear and hostility toward Muslims and Islam, creating perceptions of a rising Islamophobia in the United States.

Media efforts to educate the public on Islam and the lives of Muslim Americans have been complicated by the spread of terrorist violence in the Middle East and elsewhere and by terrorists’ continuing claim that they are acting in the name of Islam.  

The language should be familiar by now; ignore all Islamist tendencies in the Muslim population and attack Americans for their rightful concerns by portraying them as “Islamophobes.” Forget about seeing any admission of extremist forces working freely in mosques across America in this recommendation.
While many major American newspapers and broadcast media have improved the quality of their coverage of Islam and Muslim societies since September 11, others have continued to present Islam as a monolith and to portray Muslims in stereotypical or biased ways that create an “us-versusthem” mentality.
Mostly complicated by the “moderate” Muslims being equivocal at best in their condemnations, and very quick to accuse the U.S. of racist bias after every arrest of an “extremist” Muslim.
Public opinion studies also show that Americans who are more familiar with Islam and know Muslim Americans personally are more likely to see them as being like other Americans.
Almost a complete lie; it only applies when speaking about the above mentioned cultural Muslims. The more contact Americans have with devout Muslims the more they are disquieted by their beliefs and practices.
Working with the media 
Media organizations and Muslim American groups could jointly sponsor seminars to address concerns on both sides and deepen relationships and understanding. 
Muslim organizations could train their leaders and spokespersons to communicate more effectively with the media and proactively pitch stories.
They could, and they have, but the most vocal of the “moderate” groups, such as CAIR, have routinely prevented anyone from speaking at these events that does not toe their line about cultural Muslims being representative of devout Muslims. They will even go so far as to cancel their entire participation rather than give objective views of Islam a platform.
The media can work to eliminate or clarify language that conflates Islam or Muslims with fascism or terrorism, strive for informed coverage of events—including Muslim American condemnations of violence and radicalism—and support the training of more Muslim American journalists.
This has certainly been implemented! The “moderate” Muslim organizations are masters at jumping on ANY story about Islamic extremists and branding all non-Muslims in sight racists and Islamophobes. The few Muslim leaders that speak the truth are branded traitors.
But, once again anyone with sense can see that as long as the terrorists themselves continue to use language that “conflates Islam or Muslims with fascism or terrorism” this self-censorship would only serve to give the Islamists an open playing field.
Al Haramain Islamic Foundation (AHIF), Armed Islamic Group (GIA), Islamic Resistance (IR), Islamic Struggle Movement (ISM), Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). Need I go on? I think the “Islamophobes” that feel reports like this one only seek to disarm the West, while allowing the Islamists free reign may be forgiven the Leftist media’s accusations of paranoia.
Creating an independent, national organization dedicated to public education
The creation of a new non-advocacy institution focused on educating the public about Muslim cultures and societies would help broaden American understanding. 
The institution would be non-ethnic, non-denominational, and non-political and would provide information on the rich and diverse heritage of the Muslim world through exhibitions, lectures, conferences, and publications. Over time, the organization could become a trusted, impartial source of information and expertise for the public, media, and government on the many facets of Muslim life throughout the world.
Theoretically, yes it could. If it actually was dedicated to the analysis of Islam in all its facets, and not simply apologizing for the religion while avoiding all criticism.
Undertaking a wide range of efforts to further public understanding

Demystifying Islam for the general public will require greater initiatives by many different Muslim American groups and other American organizations, working separately and in partnership.

I agree, Oh, I most certainly do! At least if that institution is based on reality and not taqqiya that serves the Jihadist cause. Given what we have seen so far is anyone willing to bet that this is the intent of the recommendation? 2 for 1? 5 for 1? How about 10 for 1? I thought you folks were smarter than that, thanks for proving me right! But each day media people and politicians read things like that and swallow the hook whole. Common sense still has not managed to become contagious.
Interfaith activities, cultural events, and educational initiatives at the primary, secondary, and university levels would all increase awareness of the community and its intellectual, scientific, and cultural achievements.
I agree, it is silly to be told by Muslims that “Islam is not monolithic” but that, “Islam is a religion of Peace” or that “Islam does not support terrorism” which certainly seem to be references to a monolithic faith. A little truth and clarity would go a long way toward building an effective response to Islamic Jihadist movements in the U.S. and elsewhere.
It is vital that non-Muslim religious and secular organizations take part in this work since they have the capacity to reach audiences that Muslim institutions cannot, and their participation would enhance the legitimacy and credibility of the message.
That last bit is certainly a no-brainer. Any group with such a transparent agenda would need lots of “useful idiots” to give them credibility. Witness the meltdown of CAIR as its agenda is exposed and its influence fades with the light.
Recommendation #3

Increase Civic Engagement among Muslim Americans

 Much of the groundwork for achieving increased civic and political integration is in place. Most Muslim Americans view the United States as their home. They see no contradiction between the moral teachings of Islam and the values that Americans hold dear.

Surprisingly enough this is not a false statement. However, it is merely a smokescreen meant to conceal instead of illuminate. By the numbers the majority of American Muslims do seem to believe that Islam does not contradict American values. The problem comes from that majority being more ignorant of the core teachings of Islam than they are about just what ideals like free speech and freedom of religion really mean.
A number of institutions and initiatives are already positioned to help. Speeding Muslim American integration is in the interest of all Americans, and success will involve building on these foundations and creating stronger ties between Muslim and non-Muslim groups.
All of which is totally meaningless if the groups refuse to set the “radicals” apart from them, and prove that the “tiny minority of extremists” did not receive the same teachings they did. Just as the report called new, moderate Muslim beliefs “traditions” and the traditional positions of the Islamists “beliefs”, this recommendation ignores the mainstream essence of the Islamist teachings: Pretend that modernist non-devout Muslims are representative of the mainstream of the devout. The problem is that it is be like Bishop Spong claiming to represent conservative Christians!
Expanding partnerships

 Encouraging Muslim Americans to play a greater part in civic life should be a high priority for Muslim organizations. Opportunities for engagement can be increased by expanding existing partnerships with non-Muslim groups and by forming new partnerships. Such activities create opportunities for Muslim leaders to frame public service in a Muslim context and make civic participation a fundamental element of Muslim American life.

To date all that has been accomplished on this head is for the Muslim elected officials to spout the same official “moderate” taqqiya as the usual suspects; CAIR and the MSA.
Forming a national leadership group of prominent Muslim Americans

 A leadership network of prominent Muslim Americans could strengthen Muslim American institutions and create new programs to encourage Muslim youth to enter public service. The enhanced communication among Muslim American leaders would help their organizations and the community at large respond more rapidly and effectively to public and media interest, especially in times of heightened concern. Members of the leadership group could also serve as “community ambassadors” to the U.S. government, offering informed perspectives on U.S. relations with Muslim societies, and as interlocutors between Muslim Americans and Muslim communities abroad.

All of this has been done and much has been accomplished for the stealth Jihad. How it has served to protect American values or the Constitution goes unsaid.
Building coalitions on important policy initiatives

 Muslim American organizations could make a valuable contribution to the American body politic by expanding their participation in coalitions concerned with issues such as immigration, public health, and the strengthening of democratic institutions. This will help other Americans understand that Muslims have great concern for a wide range of issues affecting the national well-being. It will also enable Muslims to expand their contributions to the larger society and increase the moral authority of Muslim leaders when they seek support on issues of particular interest to Muslim Americans.

While this HAS been done, the results seem to favor the Islamist expansion rather than the “assimilation” of American Muslims. Contrary to the claimed intent, it seems these organizations exist more for the purpose of creating and expanding alienation in the Muslim communities of America.
Bridging religious divides

 The country would benefit from greater cooperation among Muslim, Christian, and Jewish organizations. All three faiths share a deep spiritual connection to the Middle East, but their disagreements over U.S. foreign policy and events in the region have severely strained interfaith relations and hampered the dialogue and collaboration on numerous important domestic issues. Current conversations can be expanded to include an increasingly diverse group of organizations, becoming the basis of a national forum for interfaith discussions.

Oh that is a good one! Is this what passes for Islamist humor? “disagreements over U.S. foreign policy and events” in the Middle East have “severely strained interfaith relations and hampered the dialogue and collaboration.”
That mainstream Muslims claim Christianity and Judaism are working from corrupt Islamic texts has nothing to do with it? The increasing attacks on Jews and Christians anywhere Muslims hold even a little political power don’t make a difference? Nor is the rampant holocaust denial and fanatical hatred of Israel part of the issue? O.K., now that we have that out of our system can we get back to reality?
Recommendation #4

Build Stronger Muslim American Institutions

 Muslim American institutions do not have the range of opportunities for participation in the policy discourse to meet the community’s and the nation’s needs. Their limited role is partly attributable to the diversity of Muslim America, which complicates efforts to coalesce on issues or to create institutions that cross over among different Muslim American groups.

What #4 seems to be saying is that without Saudi financing it is hard to get actual main street American Muslims to give enough support to the Islamist taqqiya groups for them to pursue their agenda.
The capacity constraints typical of young ethnic and religious institutions have also been a handicap. In addition, some institutions have avoided foreign policy issues for fear of drawing unfavorable scrutiny or detracting from their work on civil rights. While the challenge of strengthening(sic) Muslim American institutions may appear daunting, similar challenges have been met time and again by other immigrant groups and minority communities. Many of the strategies used by these groups can be emulated by Muslim Americans.
True enough, but which strategies will they use? Will it be the strategy and morals of Martin Luther King or the strategy and lack of morals shown by the Black Panthers? Will they emulate Gandhi or will they follow the path laid out by Arafat?
Increasing institutional effectiveness and engagement

 It is critical that existing Muslim American organizations be strengthened further and that new ones be formed to help increase understanding of Muslim American life and facilitate participation in the civic and political discourse. Many existing institutions need to restructure, develop new strategies, and learn how to effectively deliver their messages.

With all the associations that have been revealed about the main “moderate” Muslim advocacy groups this can only be read as a call to retrench, regroup, and form new faces to continue the taqqiya and kitman of discredited groups like CAIR and the MSA.
They need to provide Muslim Americans with education on the workings of American civic and political life, and they need to improve dialogue and interaction across ethnic, sectarian, and generational lines within the Muslim American community.
Call me paranoid but I see this sentence as expressing a desire to educate and organize American Muslims for the purpose of subverting the system rather than participating in it. This tactic has already been used by many groups from the World Communist Party to radical Christians educating followers on how to take over local governments and establish “Biblical” legislation after running on moderate platforms.
As they build capacity, Muslim organizations will have more success in forming partnerships with non-Muslim organizations to address issues of common concern. American foundations should be encouraged to make a long-term commitment to helping these institutions become more effective.
This part ignores the fact that in America, the only non-Muslim groups that share concerns with devout Muslims on social issues (other than PC fools protecting minority religions from mainstream criticism)are on the fringes of mainstream society themselves. Think segregation of sexes and religions, think domination of the man over his family, think extreme angst and hostility toward homosexuals and ANY woman who is not under a man’s contro, think denial of service to those who “offend” against Islamic sensibilities. Headline: CAIR allies with Fred Phelps, news at eleven.
Broadening academic and policy initiatives

The engagement of more Muslim American scholars in the activities of think tanks, research institutes, and universities on issues related to Islam and Muslim societies would also be valuable. There is a need for endowed chairs, fellowships, centers for policy and area studies, and other structures to support the work of established and emerging Muslim and non-Muslim scholars of Islam. Postdoctoral fellowship programs in Islamic studies that are open to Americans of all religious backgrounds as well as fellowship programs for young Muslim American scholars studying important public policy issues of all types are also needed.

From this point on it is hard to pretend that this document is anything but a plan for setting the roots of the stealth Jihad in America firmly in the soil. It is already an open scandal that virtually all Islamic “Studies” scholars merely parrot the same nonsensical “party line” as this report, CAIR, and the Muslim Brotherhood. The last thing we need are more of these same dissembling “moderate” Muslims muddying the waters in the “activities of think tanks, research institutes, and universities on issues related to Islam and Muslim societies.”
Enlarging the scope and impact of academic and policy initiatives will require the strong commitment of American universities, think tanks, government agencies, and philanthropists.
More collaboration between Muslim American institutions and established think tanks and research institutes would also strengthen Muslim American integration into the policy discourse. There are few strong links between Muslim American institutions and leaders and think tanks and research institutes undertaking work related to Islam and Muslim communities. More joint efforts would help add new perspectives to the policy discussions of think tanks and research institutes.
Once again the authors remind us that without useful idiots their program is doomed to possible failure.
It would also help Muslim American institutions build their knowledge base by providing more exposure to policy analysis.
In other words it would help build an intelligence database on the deepest policies and capabilities of the enemy. Go back through this report and replace the word Muslim or Islam etc. with “Radical Christian Right” or “Nazi” equivalents. Would you let such groups have this kind of access as part of FIGHTING their radical agendas?
  This might have to do with the fact that their Imams keep telling them that America is trash, and that democracy is an evil inferior to the Shari’a.
Recommendation #5
Cultivate the Next Generation of Muslim American Leaders



Young Muslim Americans are also not as fully engaged as other American youth in U.S. political and civic life.
Developing the leadership potential and professional skills of young Muslim Americans is crucial to creating an informed, seasoned, and capable group of leaders who can contribute to the betterment of the nation as a whole. Engaging young Muslim Americans in civic life is also a critical factor in reducing the potential for alienation.

Making leadership development of young Muslim Americans a priority[,] Muslim American organizations could work with local, state, and federal government agencies to create internship programs for young Muslim Americans. Think tanks and universities based in Washington should be encouraged to create fellowship programs to increase understanding of the policy process. Muslim and non-Muslim institutions can also jointly sponsor speaking tours to encourage public service among young Muslim Americans.

Do I even need to analyze this part?

 Training young staff and new leaders

 Developing leaders and staff is essential if Muslim American organizations are to maximize their ability to contribute to the policy discourse. Young staff members need high-quality theoretical and practical training. Special attention should be given to leadership training for women.

Since most of the reasons Westerners are suspicious of Islam center around the mis-treatment of women, having a few Muslimahs trained to betray their sisters certainly would be useful!
Recommendation #6

Give Ongoing National Attention to Muslim American Integration

Establishing an American Diversity Dialogue

 The Task Force proposes that an ongoing American Diversity Dialogue among Muslim and non-Muslim leaders be established to examine critical issues related to Muslim civic and political integration in the United States. This would help give prominence to the issue and provide thoughtful and informed assessments of Muslim American civic and political integration over time. The American Diversity Dialogue would meet approximately three times a year in a rotating group of cities and would commission research to inform its discussions. It would issue an annual report on The State of Muslim America that would be widely disseminated to policymakers, the media, and the American public. Dialogue leadership and membership should be drawn from a group of highly respected public figures such as former government officials, business and civic leaders, and policy experts.

And why should we think that this ADD will be any more honest than any other Muslim “outreach” has been since 9/11? What will they do FOR America given their stated agenda of seizing control of the national dialogue concerning Islam for the benefit of Muslim Americans? Why should they be viewed with any less suspicion than any other religious, political, or racial group that sought the same kind of exclusive control on discussions of their ideology and methods?
Creating a national philanthropic initiative on American diversity

 A national philanthropic initiative on American diversity would expand financial support to nonprofit, nonpolitical educational, research, cultural, and civic organizations in order to deepen appreciation of diversity in America and strengthen its expression in society.

 The initiative would focus particularly on the Muslim American experience, strengthening public understanding of that experience and creating opportunities for greater Muslim American civic and political participation. Funding would come from foundations and individuals during a one-time capital campaign. The initiative’s corpus would be spent over a defined period of time such as ten years.

My response to this is simply: WHY? Why do we need to do anything other than promote the idea that anyone is entitled to their religion as long as they do not violate the law in its practice? Why do we need to hurry to appreciate something that can be good, bad or indifferent when we should wait to see which it is in each instance first? Lastly, why are all other “diversity” groups slighted in favor of promoting what has to be one of the smallest and certainly the most self-isolating of them all?

 The recommendations in this report are offered as a step toward strengthening the democracy entrusted to us by the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution.

Excuse me while I go stop the Founding Fathers from spinning in their graves. The friction is about to set their coffins on fire.
The integration of minority groups, women, and immigrants into our civic and political processes has been slow, [ch]allenging work in the past. Yet its practical and symbolic importance cannot be underestimated. Muslims, like many other immigrant groups, came to the United States in search of religious and political freedom, in need of refuge, and in hopes of prosperity.
Many surely did, but many also came for the same reasons that the Puritans did, to have the freedom to bring their own religious prejudices to these shores and establish them as permanent institutions. Thankfully, all that the Puritans accomplished was to scare the rest of the colonies into agreeing inserting religious freedom into the Constitution! Let us hope these Muslim “pilgrims” are just as “fruitful” in their mission.
The tragic events of September 11 and their aftermath have challenged our security, put the dream of America to the test for Muslim Americans, and called our values as a nation into question.

 Yet with today’s critical foreign and domestic policy challenges, there is an urgent need for Muslim Americans to enter more fully into the national discourse. This is first and foremost the responsibility of Muslim Americans themselves, but also of the government, the policy establishment, the media, and other major American institutions.

By working together to ensure that Muslim American voices are heard, we will not only increase our own security, but make our foreign policy a truer expression of who we are as a nation and reaffirm our commitment to the ideal of E pluribus unum (one out of many).

I would have to agree with that last part, but, I don’t think the authors’ idea of what makes up the “Muslim American Voice” is an accurate picture of anything at all. Instead, it is the mask of a bandit who hopes to sneak past the guards by pretending to be “with the band.”



Back to CMSA: Assimilating American Muslims or Surrendering to Them?

.Today Heretics Crusade is going to be continuing to look at the Congressional Muslim Staffer’s Association (CMSA). In a series of changes CMSA made to their website there has been added new links to the Resources Page. Under Major Reports we find this document as the only report linked regarding Muslims in America.


Strengthening America: The Civic and Political Integration of Muslim Americans(The Chicago Council). It is this document that I will be analyzing. It is the sole document linked on the CMSA Resource Page regarding relations with American Muslims.
Despite the title there is little in this report designed to strengthen America. “Blaming America: Promoting Islamization Rather Than Integration” would be a better title in my opinion. Every word drips with a victim’s mentality, and the authors find many ways to blame America for every problem, real or imagined, experienced by American Muslims.
Meanwhile the document seems to be defining “real” Muslims as those who haven’t yet broken any laws to promote Islam no matter their ideology.
Hang on to your knickers Virginia, this is going to be a long strange trip.
Executive Summary
Muslim Americans were thrust into the spotlight by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, whose perpetrators claimed to be acting in the name of Islam.
From the first sentence the passive aggressiveness is apparent. M.A’s were “thrust” into the spotlight and the perpetrators only “claimed” Islamic imperative.
Many Americans, knowing little about Islam or about Muslims living in the United States, came to identify the terrorist threat with the Muslim community at large and to view Muslim Americans with deep suspicion and doubt.
This had nothing to do with the instances of “mainstream” Imam after Imam excusing attacks on non-Muslim civilians of course. It also had nothing to do with attack after unconstitutional attack in the courts on separation of church and state.  It CERTAINLY had nothing to do with the ideology demanded by the Shari’a; banish the thought.  It just “sort of happened” seems to be the theory, and a generous helping of Inherent American Racism And Xenophobia™ of course.
Nearly six years later, fears and suspicion remain. Terrorism remains an urgent threat, the terrorists continue to wrap themselves in the mantle of Islam, misunderstandings persist, and the ability of Muslim Americans to counter the rising tide of skepticism has been impeded, damaging the efforts of the many who are ardently trying to carve a constructive place in American society.
Interestingly, here we see a stark admission that “terrorism” and “the terrorists” are intimately linked with the “mantle of Islam.” It is not made clear just WHO is doing the “misunderstanding” however.  What we ARE assured of is that the faceless villains of this report are keeping the invisible (to non-Muslim eyes) proponents of “Muslim Americans” from carving out their piece of the American Dream.  From my reading of the news though, the biggest threat to moderate Muslim voices in America isn’t non-Muslims, it is the pretend “moderates” shilling for fundamentalist Islamist domination of Western Institutions who conspire to keep American Muslims from assimilating. Groups such as CAIR and the MSA.
Despite these limitations, many Muslim Americans joined with other Americans in responding to the September 11 attacks.  They volunteered time and money to relief efforts. Several leading national Muslim organizations came out immediately to condemn the attacks. Others have cooperated with law enforcement agencies to address homeland security challenges.
Forgotten here are the many “moderate” Imams and Islamic scholars who, at best equivocated on just who is “innocent” and just what is meant by “civilians.” We can also see better from two years later that the “cooperation” offered by these organizations has been lukewarm at best.
At the same time, extensive federal and other law enforcement investigations since September 11 have focused on Muslim Americans. These investigations have resulted in arrests and a small number of successful prsecutions on terrorism-related charges.


I think it would be better if the authors of this abortion manual just came out and admitted that they support global Islamization and stop with the transparent B.S. already.  Just a few paragraphs ago this very document admitted that “terrorists” used a “mantle of Islam.”.  Do the authors’ feel that it would be more productive to focus terrorism investigations on Lithuanian Jews?  Perhaps we could focus on Coptic Christians and gain Muslim trust by joining in on the accelerating genocide occurring in Egypt.
The worst bit though, is the downplaying of the charges and convictions resulting from terrorism investigations.  I must have missed the huge number of acquittals of accused plotters and abettors.  Or did I?  It certainly reads a little nonsensically; “a small number of successful prosecutions.” But, the report cannot feel the full number of prosecutions was excessive or surely it would have said so.  Would the authors have been happier if there had been a much larger number of charges and convictions?
Though any involvement of Muslim Americans with extremism raises strong concerns, independent studies have underscored that unlike in Europe, there is little, if any, publicly available evidence to date of widespread or entrenched extremist activity with links to al Qaeda or other global terrorist organizations.


More silliness that sounds like counsel from an enemy.  Are we to wait to be “concerned” about Muslim American “extremism” until AFTER global terrorists groups have “widespread or entrenched” cells in the U.S.”?  Are solo groups or individual extremists to be somehow off limits until that threshold is reached?  I think it is reasonable to start wondering by this point “whose side are they on anyway?”
Nevertheless, Muslim American efforts to dissociate themselves from the terrorist threat have not been fully effective for a number of reasons. The perception by many Americans that some Muslim American organizations and leaders have not fully and readily acknowledged the potential for radicalism within the community and the need for vigilance in countering it has been a barrier to understanding and dialogue.


My, isn’t the taqqiya getting thick now.  Note that it is the “perception by many Americans” of Muslim leaders not admitting potential radicalism or being vigilant in countering it that is the problem, NOT any actual failings by Muslim leaders.  Two years after the report was published this sentence is almost laughable in its transparent spin.  We do not have proper understanding and dialogue with Muslim Americans because non-Muslim Americans have stubbornly failed to see Muslim leaders doing something the report itself does not claim they actually DO.   We are probably also at fault when Muslim American children don’t floss.
Some Americans have continued to view Muslim Americans with suspicion because they question the compatibility of Islam with American values, focusing on issues such as the treatment of women and the separation of church and state.
This sentence actually is completely accurate, if you define the “they” as “Muslims Americans” and not “some Americans.” I would be willing to bet however, that this was NOT the authors’ intention. Americans are suspicious of Muslims regarding these matters because of the outspoken, anti-Western stand on them taken by MANY Muslim leaders claiming to be representatives of the mainstream.  The authors’ however seem to want us to believe that this suspicion is nothing but American Paranoia.
Many Muslim Americans and some other Americans believe that hostility toward Islam and Muslim Americans is preventing their voices from being heard and their contributions from being recognized.
Does your intelligence feel even a tad insulted yet?  No matter that every time a truly moderate Muslim voice speaks out CAIR and the other Taqqiya Moderates attack them for exposing Islam and Muslims to prejudice and potential violence, this report KNOWS that moderate Muslims are not heard because of non-Muslim hostility. They are not heard simply because the very people who sponsored this report work actively to suppress them and their voices.
Let us not forget that this report was prominently featured on the resources page of the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association!  We must assume that they carefully picked and chose just what links to include.  The disclaimer of association with the content is a tad disingenuous when there is but ONE link to ONE report on Muslim Americans provided.
The contention among some Americans that Islam is incompatible with American values is thought to fuel organized attempts to discredit Islam and exclude Muslims from the nation’s civic and political life. This has created fear and resentment among many Muslim Americans that has also contributed to an atmosphere of mistrust.


I like this one!  Another weasel word is introduced; contention. Forget about mentioning that ALL of the four main schools of Islamic thought agree that Islam is incompatible with ANY rule of law not based in Shari’a.  According to this eminent report it is merely the CONTENTION by evil Westerners that this is so that fuels the anti-Islamist tide that is rising in the West and in Islam itself.
Okaay. Are you still with us Virginia, you are looking a touch green about the gills.  Was it something you read?
The disengagement of Muslim Americans undermines American values, especially the conviction that the success of our nation relies on embracing our diversity and involving all our citizens in the public arena.


I wonder if anyone ever had the nerve to suggest to these people that “involving all our citizen’s…” means NOT treating Muslims ANY differently than anyone else in America?  That it means NO special enclaves, rules or accommodations out of line with those already afforded to other religions?  I for one would not put odds on it being likely they would listen.


The gathering climate of suspicion and mutual mistrust, exacerbated by the lack of engagement and dialogue, threatens to marginalize and alienate some Muslim Americans to the point where the danger of radicalization of a small minority could become a real possibility.


Such a nice country you have, it would be SUCH a SHAME if anything were to happen to it!

Is it a coincidence that the Mafia came from Sicily, where Islam just happened to have invaded and dominated the locals for a few hundred years immediately prior to their formation?  It must be. It just would not be PC to think otherwise, would it now?

It would take only a single, significant act of terrorism in the United States involving Muslim Americans to cement the impression that rampant radicalism has taken root within the community.


Really? Go tell that to CNN, CBS, ABC, FOX and all the other mainstream news channels that can’t seem to figure out why the Ft. Hood massacre happened.


Therefore, the Task Force believes that creating full and equal opportunities for civic and political participation of Muslim Americans is an urgent national need.


Who is it that is denying them these opportunities?  What I see are “mainstream” groups like CAIR telling the Muslim Americans to NOT act like they are fully American.  How else should we view CAIR’s instructions to Muslims residing in America to call a lawyer then notify CAIR if the FBI asks them about extremists in their community?


It is vital that Muslim Americans find ways to demonstrate visibly their commitment to America, its institutions, and its values. This well-educated, diverse group has the potential to make contributions to civic life and policy discourse as varied and numerous as those of any other group of Americans.


FINALLY, a statement that we can agree on without reservations!  It IS vital for Muslims in America to step up and be SEEN and HEARD supporting American values and institutions instead of demanding “respect” for practices outlawed long ago in the West for ALL peoples, religious or otherwise.


The Task Force prepared this report in order to present a balanced, nonpartisan assessment of the current Muslim American experience and recommendations for expediting the Muslim American journey to full civic and political integration. Many immigrant and minority groups have had to overcome suspicion and hostility in order to win full acceptance in the public sphere. While there is no doubt that Muslim Americans would in time achieve full integration in U.S. society, just as other groups have, the need to accelerate the process is urgent. The risks of inaction are substantial: further marginalization of Muslim Americans at best and serious alienation at worst.


Well we have seen how “balanced and non-partisan” first part of the executive summery is. Somehow I don’t think the recommendations will be any better.


The goal of bringing Muslim Americans into the fold of American life as quickly as possible is in the interest of all Americans. Muslim American leaders and organizations, government, the policy establishment, the media, and other major institutions all have significant roles to play in this process. The short-term need is critical, and the long-term gains cannot be overstated. The civic and political engagement of Muslim Americans will not only increase security, but enrich our policies, our society, and our standing as a nation that upholds basic human values of decency and fairness and that provides hope and opportunity for all.


So, once again we are assured that it is AMERICA that must adjust to Islam, not Islam to America.  Why do I get the feeling that the report’s idea of civic and political engagement for Muslims will not involve MUSLIMS giving up any of their non-Western ways?
Later I will look at the report’s six recommendations and the conclusion.  Right now I need a breath of fresh air.  I am feeling a bit nauseated by the smell of manure.

Congressional Muslim Staffers Invite Knox Thames: Islamist or Moderate?

In Heretics Crusade’s latest look at the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association we examine their first published “event.”


As I showed in earlier articles, the CMSA requires attendance at their events and programs in order for its members to obtain voting rights. The rub was that until recently there were no events posted on the CMSA website. After I highlighted that omission several times the CMSA obliged with this:


Congressional Muslim Staffers Association
Public & International Affairs Briefing Series

A Briefing on U.S. Monitoring of the International Status of
Freedom of Thought, Conscience, and Religion or Belief

Presentation and Q&A with:

Knox Thames
Acting Executive Director
U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom

Friday, November 13, 2009
11:00AM to 12:00PM
2456 Rayburn H.O.B.
U.S. House of Representatives

Knox Thames? Who is he you ask? I would like to be able to report that Mr. Thames is an outspoken moderate who stands firmly against the Islamist mentality. We do not always get to do what we like. This is one of those times.


The Religious Liberty Dinner 2010 website says:


“H. Knox Thames, Esq.


Mr. Thames served as Counsel to the United States Helsinki Commission, a federal agency that works with Congress to monitor human rights within the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) region, from 2001 to 2007. Mr. Thames led the work of the Commission in monitoring religious freedom and issues concerning refugees and internally displaced persons in all 56 OSCE countries. He also served as a member of U.S. State Department delegations to numerous OSCE meetings, and has traveled on behalf of the Commission throughout Europe and Central Asia. The State Department also selected Mr. Thames to serve as one of the two U.S. appointees to the OSCE Panel of Experts on Freedom of Religion or Belief.”


In following Mr. Thames’ trail across the internet I have come to the opinion that he is like a very skilled doctor that calmly and accurately diagnoses an aggressive cancer and goes into detail about what is wrong and what the progress of the cancer will be… then tells the patient to continue with the aspirin their mother gave them; she knows best.


When it comes to Islam Mr. Thames shows even more double-think than the usual Leftist. He is interesting in that he goes into full detail in laying out a fairly objective view of a situation and then makes conclusions that come solely from his programmed ideology instead of the facts.
I could only find a couple of pieces that reflect Knox’s own views rather than a group consensus.
I will focus on one he wrote in 2005 titled Governmental Responses to Muslim Populations in Western Europe:


“Islam qua Islam is a religion of peace and not of violence. Muslims who pervert the teachings of Islam to justify terrorism are a small, radicalized minority of the faith.”


Here anyone who is familiar with the details of the Quran, Hadith and Shari ‘a can see that this statement is totally disingenuous. It may be that many Muslims wish to ignore Shari ‘a and re-edit the Hadith to support their own, personal urges toward a civil religion. It is false however to say that ISLAM is about peace and not violence.


At least to Western minds it is false. It is a habit with Muslim apologists to point out that Islam did not spread the religion by the sword. It merely conquered those evil non-Islamic governments so the people could be “free” to choose the “right” faith.” Then they had peace!

Yet after the September 11th attacks in New York and the March 11th train bombings in Madrid [and London 4 months after this was written (GDW)], the threat of Islamist-based terrorism has loomed large in the minds of Europeans. European governments must now grapple with how to provide their citizens with security and effectively investigate leads, yet avoid painting all adherents of Islam as dangerous to society.”

I think that here he needs to define just what he means by “adherent” and, especially, “Islam” before we can accept this statement. The problem is the Shari‘a that “adherent” Muslims are supposed to follow. This religious law is based in the Quran and the Hadith; stories about the acts and words of Mohammed compiled two hundred years after his death. That compilation contains many tales justifying horrific cruelty and discrimination against women and non-Muslims, even children. Under Shari ‘a it is murder to kill someone unjustly, unless that person is your own child or grandchild, then the Islamic Law says it is not a crime at all. To an “adherent” Muslim an honor killing is not murder, it is more of a familial house cleaning in order to maintain rightness in the eyes of God.


Further the “adherent” Muslim is instructed by the Hadith and Shari ‘a to strictly avoid submitting to ANY secular laws that conflict with Shari ‘a. How far each individual Muslim takes this injunction is a personal matter. What is not personal is that virtually all “devout” Muslims accept this concept as a matter of course.


Also personal is how far each Muslim takes the injunction to spread Islam BY ANY MEANS. The injunction itself however, is not equivocal nor is it something that goes against “the grain” of Islamic ideology.


Add to this that it is a core teaching of all the major sects of Islam that Mohammed was as perfect as a human could be and that his acts and words form a template for the “ideal man.” As such anything that Mohammed did CANNOT be wrong and anything Mohammed disliked or put down is inherently evil.


The problem is that this man devout Muslims hold up to be imitated was a thin-skinned warlord who ordered people killed for insulting him and advised his followers to break any oath if “they find something better [to swear to]”, lied about what people said to sooth someone’s feelings, consummated a marriage with a nine year old and forced a Christian woman to marry him after he had killed her husband and father; so he could “protect” her of course.


This is not a figure that strikes a Westerner as ANY kind of role model but Muslims are taught from birth that he is the ONLY true role model. Cognitive dissonance is a polite term for what results when you take a devout Muslim and place them in a Western country.


The fact of the matter is that the “devout” Muslim is “peaceful” only when their religious supremacism is not challenged in a meaningful fashion. Muslims may choose to live lives of peace but Islam, an ideology that insists that the murder of a non-Muslim (criminal against God) is ALWAYS less evil than the OPPRESSION of a Muslim, clearly does not promote peace. At least not as Westerners think of it.


In witness of this observe how often a “devout” Muslim REFUSES to condemn any action by a Muslim to a non-Muslim NO MATTER THE RIGHTENESS OR WRONGNESS of the act!!! There can be no better indication than this of how the Islamic mindset DEMANDS a bi-polar view of humanity with non-Muslims occupying an eternally lower tier, in terms both of their rights, and worth in God’s eyes.


“Over the past several years, European governments have initiated efforts to engage their Muslim populations, while also monitoring them in an attempt to control perceived sources of instability, violence, and conflict. From an academic perspective, it has been interesting to observe the actions of governmental and political leaders in response to their large and marginalized Muslim communities. From a human rights and civil liberties perspective, it has also become increasingly troubling.”


Here we go again with the Leftist two-step of declaring actual sources of instability to be merely “perceived sources” followed by an appeal to victim status with the label “marginalized”. No effort is made by Mr. Thames to comment on the largely self inflicted nature of that marginalization.


“It is not difficult to see why Europe is concerned. Four of the 9/11 hijackers were students together in Hamburg, Germany. Richard Reid, the so-called “shoe bomber,” was born in London and carried a British passport. The perpetrators of the Madrid train bombings came from terrorist cells in Spain and possibly Italy.




“Yet it is here that the tension between respect for civil rights and effective security measures is felt. These realities present two questions with no easy answers. First, how strongly can a government legitimately push for assimilation of religious minorities before its actions unduly burden legitimate human rights? Second, how far can Western democracies reach in order to preempt Islamist-based terrorism, without further marginalizing their Muslim citizens?”


Here we first see Mr. Thames’ talent for stating an objective analysis and then homing in on the wrong issue. The line is bright and clear for all who do not seek to cross it; laws must be followed by all and all laws must by applied equally to any act “religious” or otherwise, no matter who “commits” it.
The only people who can’t seem to deal with those rules are the very people who seek to make THEIR religion master of all the other’s.


“In this article I will highlight several examples of where Western European governments are improperly limiting, or could potentially abridge, the civil liberties and basic rights of their Muslim populations. Government efforts to force assimilation, along with steps to combat terrorism, have in some cases unduly limited or vitiated the enjoyment of fundamental rights.”
Here genuflecting at the altar of Political Correctness, H. Knox shows how far he can go to ignore any obligations the “Muslim Populations” might have to assimilate and combat terrorism in their host’s land.
Granted that it is not good to “unduly limit or vitiate the enjoyment of fundamental rights” Mr. Thames says nothing about what constitutes “duly” when a population actively refuses to respect local laws.


“Policymakers must be mindful of the explosive confluence of a growing Muslim population, the events of 9/11 and 3/11, and increased government scrutiny of minorities. Infringements on civil liberties may well push Muslims further from the European community and only serve to alienate and radicalize them.”


I must say that Knox got plenty of bang for his bucks in his rhetoric classes. I count two implied threats followed by two direct threats, leading into a subtle but extortionate demand, followed by a final double threat. And he did it all in only two sentences!
The demand is basically to stop paying attention to what goes on in the Islamic community and to not interfere when local laws are violated by Muslims for “religious” reasons. The threat is obvious; 9/11 after 9/11 until the Muslim population is large enough and then…well, I think the message that Mr. Thames wants to convey is a twisted form of “what ye sow, so shall ye reap.” better phrased as “You let us sow your fields, now reap the whirlwind”!
“With deep historical roots in Europe, Islam is often cited as the fastest growing religion within the member countries of the European Union, with an estimated 12 million adherents living mostly in religious and ethnic enclaves throughout the continent. As a result of continued immigration and a decreasing birthrate among non-Muslim Europeans, Islam is increasing its representation. At the same time that “traditional” Europeans are declining in number due to changes in family size, the EU is continuing to expand into the former realms of the Ottoman Empire. Considering Turkey’s 68 million citizens, 99 percent of whom are Muslim, along with significant Muslim populations in Bulgaria and Bosnia, Islam’s demographic significance within the European Union will only continue to grow.”

It is growing harder and harder as we read this document to pretend that Mr. Thames is on the side of Western civilization against the Islamic Supremacists. “…deep historical roots…”? Is that what we now call centuries of invasion and cultural genocide by Muslims against European nations? The much gentler activity by the West toward non-European lands is called evil colonialism. Forgive me, but I think I see a double standard here.

In this paragraph we can see once again how many distortions and interpolations Mr. Thames can pack into his casual flow of words. He parrots the canard about Muslims growing faster, while avoiding admitting the draconian rules that force a maximum number of Muslims and prevent loss of “official” Muslims from the tally. Topping off the arrogance is his assumption of complete inevitability regarding Turkey being granted E.U. membership. He then uses that assumption as his trump card, saying (correctly) that when Turkey is a member resisting the Islamification of the E.U. will be completely useless.


“The changing demography has produced growing pains, as secular European governments struggle to adapt to their large and devout Muslim populations. … In addition to increasing numbers, Muslims are more devout than the average European. … In an age of religious skepticism and high regard for complete secularism, resolute adherence to the faith has caused further divisions between European Muslims and traditional Europeans.”


Bombing and riots and arson and rapes and “no-go zones” are a bit much to be called “growing pains in my book. In fact I find the term to be insulting to the intelligence of anyone aware of the facts. Also insulting is his triple assault on Western legal traditions (won with blood and suffering in our own religious wars) by claiming a greater “devoutness” as though this abrogates the 300 years of Enlightenment tradition that underlies European culture.


“…Just as European governments began to grapple and engage this oft-neglected community of immigrants and their progeny, the events of September 11 shocked the world. Distressed that several of the hijackers came from extremist Islamist cells within Europe, governments took resolute actions to apprehend criminals by looking for individuals hiding in Muslim communities. Scrutiny of Muslim communities also intensified because of the rise in anti-Semitic attacks in Europe. In the spring of 2002 Western Europe witnessed a profound spike in anti-Semitic acts unparalleled since the 1930s and 1940s. Many indicators suggest these incidents are not just examples of the “old” anti-Semitism of the far right, but also a new type of anti-Semitism, namely that stemming from disenfranchised European Muslim youth.”


At first glance the above bit is puzzling. Suddenly Knox seems to be looking at the situation from the other side. Fear not gentle reader, Mr. Thames’ taqqiya is intact if this is just another way for him to say “Nice little Europe you have here, shame if something happened to it…”!


“Searching for ways to engage their Muslim communities and protect their citizens from future attacks, some governments are increasing surveillance and restricting civil liberties, essentially forcing Muslims to assimilate to the traditional culture of their countries, rather than allowing them to organically integrate. The propinquity of these demographic realities with the “war on terror,” and the subsequent concerns about small, insular, and devout religious communities being sleeper cells within Europe, have left peaceful Muslim communities with a sense of isolation and often bewilderment.”


This is one of those paragraphs where you read it, shake your head, and read it again to see what it means, and then go back and SLOWLY read it a third time to try to figure out what it REALLY means.


Since there were few “anti-Muslim” laws back in ’05 I can only read this to mean “restricting civil liberties” is used instead of saying “making Muslims obey the laws relating to the human rights of family members, especially women and children.”


As nearly as my Accutron FanaticBabble 2.0 translator can tell, the last sentence in the paragraph means that the very real threat of sleeper cells in the Islamic communities of Europe makes those communities nervous. Given that their faith commands they not expose these (misguided but still Muslim) cells to authorities they regard as Satanic, it is not surprising that even the non-violent Muslims are “nervous.”


“.. They did so by limiting foreign influences and subsidizing mosques (and other religious communities) in an attempt to promote conformity with Spanish culture and limit Islamist rhetoric and extremist actions. Concerns about Saudi funding of the fundamentalist Wahabbi version of Islam are certainly justifiable, but Spanish efforts may only serve to interject the government into intra-religious discussions in which it does not belong.”


More stunning double-think from H. Knox. Mr. Thames admits that concerns about Saudi funded Wahabbi influence are “justifiable” but once again passes by that camel to strain at the gnat of government interference in “intra-religious” discussions. He ignores that Saudi Arabia is a massively oil rich country that is already interfering in that “discussion”. Mr. Thames certainly does not give an alternate solution to excessive Saudi influence.

The balance of his “report” is more of the same. Mr. Thames recognizes the threats that Islamists pose to European society but takes the view that a hybrid Eurabia culture will be the inevitable result. He completely ignores the actual history of Islamic groups in Europe, their aggression and disinclination to allow the non-Muslim majority to live THEIR lives in the manner they choose.

In the end I am afraid that the CMSA has produced exactly the sort of “event” that I expected. Mt Thames is a smooth speaker who shows that he is not ignorant of any facet of the situation… the problem is that he is wearing out colors but not playing on the Western team!


I urge every moderate and conservative employee of Congress to attend the meeting:


Friday, November 13, 2009
11:00AM to 12:00PM
2456 Rayburn H.O.B.
U.S. House of Representatives


Show up, listen, think, and question.


And please, write to me and let me know what is said. Audio, video or official transcripts would be fabulous!

Modern Politics in Action: The Congressional Muslims Staffers Association

Over the last few weeks I have posted several articles about the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association (CMSA). In response to this series the CMSA seems to have made several changes to their website.
The last change was to restore the listing of the Executive Board members to the site. It appears that someone explained to them that even if some nasty blog like Heretics Crusade looks up the embarrassing things you have said or done Congressionally Approved Organizations don’t get to hide their leadership from public view.

I see it as but a small step in the right direction. The CMSA website has many things about it that are disturbing to anyone familiar with the 1st Amendment.

Today I am going to summarize the most troubling elements afresh. If there to be links missing to any information you will likely find the sources in my earlier pieces on the CMSA.

First and least politically significant: someone at the CMSA needs to take up a collection from any Saudi princes hanging around Washington so their web designer can pay the 29.95 or whatever it is for their web template. Then they can take the “A WebsiteBuilder Website” out and put in professional titles for their pages.

Let’s look at the first page of the CMSA website “about” tab.

“…CMSA is a non-dues paying membership association open to any Congressional employee who defines his- or herself as “Muslim”, regardless of their race, gender, school of thought, personal level of “religiosity”, and country of origin…

I imagine that this clause is the CMSA’s attempt to get around the Establishment Clause. Even so, given the stated ideologies and associations of some of the board members I find it hard to believe that an Ahmadiyya Muslim or secularist Muslim like Dr. Wafa Sultan would be given a voice at their events.

As I read this, I could go and get hired by a Senator, walk up to Assad Akhter and say “I consider myself a Muslim” then walk away and expect to be added to the CMSA “membership.” Would I then be “in the loop” with respect to obtaining CMSA voting rights? I have my doubts.

Any Muslim Congressional employee is considered a CMSA member regardless of their level of participation or the degree that they publicly identify themselves as “Muslim”.”

Here is where it starts getting a bit Orwellian to me. Does this sentence mean that if the CMSA finds out a Congressional staffer who was raised Muslim but is now an agnostic has been hired they add another number to their “membership”? How can any group claim to represent those who never gave them that right?

Under “CMSA at a Glance” we find that:

Congressmen Ellison and Carson are the current CMSA sponsors for the 111th Congress. The CMSA is not a member of, nor formally affiliated, with any outside organizations or networks.”

The highlight is in the original text. It seems that the CMSA wants everyone to be clear on this. Of course it says nothing about unofficial affiliation or personal affiliations of the leadership.

WHO WE ARE: The CMSA is composed of Muslim American professional, administrative, and support services staffers who work in the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Congressional Library, Congressional Research Service, Congressional Budget Office, and Capitol Police Department.”

Would this be legal if the members were Christians? It seems to me that any group that attempts to ORGANIZE the people who are supposed to be objective EMPLOYEES of Congress in order to promote a completely religious agenda in the actions of elected officials is attempting to exercise undue influence. Lobbyists walk in the front door, they don’t insert their agenda into the “objective” briefings of Federal Committees and Officials in the guise of a “legislative assistant”.

I am just a little leery of their claim to represent ALL non-elected Muslims working on The Hill given that their Communication Director ignores the state of Israel and calls the entire region Palestine and the Community Outreach Coordinator was trained to represent conservative ARAB Muslim concerns by The Hala Foundation.

CMSA members come from all regions of the United States, representing the diversity amongst Muslim Americans (i.e. African, Black, Arab, South Asian, Latino, male, female, etc) and the plurality of personal practice and thought within the community (i.e. Sunni, Shia, liberal, conservative, secular, cultural, etc).

That is just silly. How can anyone buy this claim? Since the CMSA automatically claims any one even suspected of being “Muslim” as members it is disingenuous to turn around and tout how “diverse” your membership is.

Just imagine the laughter in the halls of Congress if any so called “Christian” group tried to claim to represent every Christian on The Hill including Conservative Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Coptic Christians, Unitarians, conservative Evangelicals, liberal Episcopalians, agnostics/atheists that used to be Christian, Gay pastors and Fred Phelps acolytes all at the same time!

Just to pick one example; how can they claim to represent both Shiite and Sunni interests given that both seek the total destruction of the other as evil heretics? How can they pretend to pursue the interests of both secular Muslims and Conservative Imams? It is nonsense on the face of it!
What is not known is the actual /religious/political orientation the CMSA promotes. That is because until today, while the CMSA site talks about holding events and having regular programming there was nothing at all about actual events or programs to be found.

Today for the first time an “event” has been listed:

Congressional Muslim Staffers Association
Public & International Affairs Briefing Series

A Briefing on U.S. Monitoring of the International Status of
Freedom of Thought, Conscience, and Religion or Belief

Presentation and Q&A with:

Knox Thames
Acting Executive Director
U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom

Friday, November 13, 2009
11:00AM to 12:00PM
2456 Rayburn H.O.B.
U.S. House of Representatives

I asked in an earlier post just how the “members” know about the events they have to attend to be able to vote for the board. I got no response from the CMSA board. I emailed them several times as well but still have gotten no response.

According to the CMSA website’s “Elections” page anyone who is even vaguely able to call themselves Muslim and works for Congress can vote for the Executive Board after they attend this event. It might be interesting if all the “members” showed up and then voted in the next election.

CMSA members are designated to perform diverse functions, including leadership duties including but not limited to chief of staff, legislative director, legal counsel, senior legislative assistant, communications director and other senior level assignments.”

Other than the Communications Director (Mouaz Moustafa) none of the above functions are listed as part of the Executive Board.

The CMSa claims to not work to place interns but does use them to pad their “membership”:

Muslims who acquire internships and fellowships in various Congressional Offices and Committee are granted non-voting membership privileges during their formal program.”

This means that they can be counted as members but have only the privileges of a non-Muslim to attend their events.

PROFESSIONAL PRIORITIES: First and foremost, all CMSA members hold their responsibilities to their Congressional Members, Chairs, or Support Service as their professional priority. Membership in the CMSA is voluntary and dues-free. Member’s participation in Association programs is secondary to their responsibilities in their Congressional Offices, Committees, and/or Support Service. Any participation in CMSA programming is independent and unrelated to a member’s professional obligations and responsibilities within their respective Congressional Offices, Committees, and Support Services.“

It boggles the mind at how much baloney can be fit in three sentences. Let’s break it down:

First and foremost, all CMSA members hold their responsibilities to their Congressional Members, Chairs, or Support Service as their professional priority.”

Well that sounds nice but since Mainstream Islam considers governments and laws not based in Islam to be “invalid” their “professional priorities” are not what I am concerned with! Given that mainstream Islam teaches that lying or breaking “kafir” rules to protect or promote Islam what “professional” priorities will result in a better place in Heaven I must be forgiven for not taking this line too seriously.

Membership in the CMSA is voluntary and dues-free.”

Another sense-free statement. We have already seen that the CMSA claims all Muslims, former Muslims and sort of Muslims working on The Hill as members. While it is true the members pay no dues they also do not get the option of NOT joining this (I hope) illegal lobbying group embedded in the Congressional staff.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The CMSA provides its members with professional development and social networking opportunities to expand their knowledge content and professional resources that improve their ability to serve their Congressional Member or Committee Chair’s policy agenda and/or constituent relations.”

Now that sounds interesting! Can I get a list of the publications or texts used for this purpose? It is not that I think there might be anything, um, seditious there; I just like to be careful where my freedom is involved.

CONGRESSIONAL RESOURCE: The CMSA is a valued resource to Congressional Members and staff, conducting programs that increase their awareness about the diverse Muslim American community and presenting the plurality of the community’s social and political perspectives and concerns. CMSA programs highlight how Muslim Americans are positively contributing to America’s civic, political, and economic sectors and strengthening its tradition of pluralism, multiculturalism, and democratic institutions.”

What programs? All I find is text about what KIND of programs they do. There is hardly a word about past, present or future programs or their content. What they do list for examples are not reassuring at all:

· “All DC-Area Muslim Summer Interns” Capitol Hill Reception.
· Resume collection for “Muslim American Congressional Resume Book
· Participation on panels at various symposium hosted by DHS, CAIR, MANA, etc.”

CMSA provides support to Congressional and other government offices to help their engagement with Muslim American constituencies and organizations.”

WHAT does that mean? Do they call the “Muslim American constituencies and organizations” and give some kind of Quranic password and tell them that “Sen. Wifflepoof is cool, you can talk to him.”? Do Congressional and other government offices need the CMSA’s approval for Muslim organizations to “engage” with them?

BRIEFINGS: CMSA hosts occasional briefings that increase awareness about the diverse social and political concerns of the Muslim American, and how the community’s vast resources can be in service to strengthening America’s civic, political, and economic institutions. CMSA features Muslim and non-Muslim academics, researchers, and community leaders as expert speakers in its briefings. The CMSA acquires Congressional Member sponsorship to reserve rooms for briefings in Congressional facilities.

Now there is something! How about the CMSA post an archive of past briefings to verify that ALL American Muslim concerns are being addressed? Somehow I have a feeling that the answer will be no. But can MR. Akhter explain why not? Surely the CMSA’s briefings to Congress include nothing to embarrass his organization!

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: CMSA encourages Muslim Americans to participate in civic and interfaith activities that benefit their local communities throughout the United States, and to increases their constructive relations with their elected officials and engagement with government and law enforcement representatives.”

Now that doesn’t sound bad. But, it all hinges on just what the CMSA considers “constructive relations” and “engagement” to mean. If they use the same definition that CAIR seems to employ then “constructive” means “benefiting the spread of Islamic principles and privileges in the U.S.” and “engagement” means “keeping America from listening to actual Moderate Muslims or any who seek to reform Islam”.

Someone needs to let Diala Jadallah know that some concrete examples would go a long way to putting the legitimate worries of citizens to rest. Or they might show that the CMSA has an agenda other than what they reveal on their website. Call it our need to know.
Now we move on the Association’s objectives, which are to:

“• Represent the social and political concerns and initiatives of the Muslim American community to Congressional Members, staffers, and other Federal officials. CMSA will allocate balanced attention to both domestic and international affairs that are relevant to the Muslim American community and the larger Muslim world.”

THAT IS LOBBYING! How can it be legal for a self described lobbying group to take unfair advantage of the working relationships of Congressional staffers and the Elected Officials they serve?

“• Provide authentic representations of Islamic principles and Muslim practices to government officials and pubic affairs organizations. CSMA strives to present Muslim traditions in a way that recognizes the plurality of religious thought and diversity of cultural practices in the American Muslim community.

First, please fix the term PUBIC affairs organizations. I put the traditional polite (sic) in my first article but I guess no one picked THAT up in the rush to obscure the conservative Shiite link. For the enlightenment of those who might be somewhat new to English the word pubic refers to the genital region of the human body.

With that out of the way I have to ask what kind of authentic representation the CMSA thinks they can make? The CMSA site itself speaks of the “diversity amongst Muslim Americans (i.e. African, Black, Arab, South Asian, Latino, male, female, etc) and the plurality of personal practice and thought within the community (i.e. Sunni, Shia, liberal, conservative, secular, cultural, etc). “

Given that the Outreach Coordinator was trained by a racist Arab organization and the Syrian born Communications Director claims that “Northern Palestine” is legal home do we dare believe that this statement is sincere? Tell me President Assad; wouldn’t an archive of briefings and programs shut up pests like The Heretics Crusade? Or would it just make others even more suspicious? In this day and age I would suggest that the advice given Caesar’s wife might be germane.

“• Act as an intermediary between the Muslim American community and Congressional Members, Offices, Committees, and other Federal departments and agencies. To facilitate engagement between Federal officials and Muslim leaders, CMSA collaborates with America’s mainstream, moderate Muslim organizations that specialize in advocacy, community organizing, media, public affairs, or research.

Now here is a key bit. Let us remember that it was Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR that first brought this groups existence to the attention of main street America (Moi included). The scandals involving CAIR and its leadership are a legend in their own time. I have always entertained the possibility that the CMSA really IS true to the part about mainstream and moderate.

At first glance the final list of Islamic resources they provide is broadly moderate. They do seem to have made an effort, but they still include that link to the Shiite site that declares marrying infants legal.

What speaks louder to me is that CAIR is NOT on the CMSA list at all! This may be significant; it may be only Taqqiya. I would like more data before I decide. With the recent news of a NY Imam ratting out the FBI to a suspected terrorist, I am not hopeful.

“• Foster a Capitol Hill environment that is conducive to the professional, social, and spiritual development of Muslim staffers and community members.”

Spiritual development? Once again; who decides what make up a valid “spiritual development”? Conducive means to tend to cause; with the ridiculously diversity of Muslims the Association claims to represent how can they possibly agree on what kind of spiritual development that environment should encourage. For that matter why should The Congressional working environment be “conducive” to anyone’s spiritual development? I thought the idea was for The Hill to be neutral in that regard and allow the individuals to pursue their own damn choice of “Spiritual Development”.

“• Promote civic activity by Muslim Americans in their local communities, to engage with local elected officials and government representatives, and increase the number of Muslims who pursue careers in government and public affairs professions.

We are all just supposed to believe that there is NO agenda driving all this effort? Not a single partisan action has been committed by the CMSA leadership in pursuing this engagement and promotion of Muslim influence beyond their representation in the population? We are just to accept that the CMSA does it all in the name of “African, Black, Arab, South Asian, Latino, male, female, Sunni, Shia, liberal, conservative, secular and cultural Muslims slighting no one in their representation?

This is a lie on the face of it since representation that would satisfy Shiites might well be hateful to Sunnis and both would see a “cultural” Muslim’s agenda as something they are forbidden to support. IF we want to know the CMSA’s agenda we need to know more about the agendas of the individuals that make up its controlling body.

At this time the only CMSA leaders publically listed are the:

Members of the Executive board:

1) Assad Akhter, President

2) Moon Yousif Sulfab, Vice President

3) J. Saleh Williams, Program Coordinator

4) Mouaz Moustafa, Communication Director

5) Diala Jadallah, Community Outreach Coordinator

In my first article on the CMSA I went over all of the associations and personal utterances I could find for each Board Member. Even with my limited resources those results were not encouraging.

Less encouraging was the CMSA’s brief apparent attempt to avoid criticism by hiding the identity of the Executive Board. Someone please page George Orwell. I think I saw him over in the corner having a drink with Robert Heinlein.

Update: The list has been replaced on the site; did someone remind them of a legal concept we call public information?

The CMSA has also added a “media” tab to their site with a few vanilla articles. The one on the formation of the Association contains almost no information that cannot be found on the group’s website (the J. in Mr. Williams’ name means Jihad but that is not a very useful tidbit). The article seems to be mostly that very text juggled around a bit. It is not an article, it is a press release.

It is worth noting that the article says that the MCSA membership is what “leaders call a microcosm of the politically, ethnically, and religiously diverse American Muslim communities.” What it doesn’t say is who those leaders saying this are.

Somehow I do not think the term “leaders” as used here means “a broad spectrum of Elected Officials.” In fact I would bet that the leaders referred to are none other than the Executive Committee itself! Of course there was no attribute to the quote to help settle that bet.
There is some new info there but again it is a blatant distortion of reality seemingly meant to enlarge the credibility of the group’s views and actions:

One of the group’s active leaders, a legislative assistant named Jihad Saleh, says that CMSA is a “big tent” organization that eschews differences that may divide and has built upon the knowledge and know-how of a broad base of government employees that encompass Democrats and Republicans, as well as Sunnis and Shi’as.”

How can I believe that? For two years this site provided no links to any Islamic information other than a conservative Shi’ite website. Then they added a vanilla Taqqiya site after my first article appeared. And then BOTH links disappeared only to reappear surrounded by a collection of more moderate links.

We should also note that according to my latest information there is ONE member of the CMSA that is a registered Republican. Most of the members reportedly work for solidly Left-leaning Senators and Congressmen. That one (registered) Republican member allows the CMSA to organize as a “non-partisan” association. Without this person they would lose many of their rights and privileges as a group.

I am a naturally optimistic person. I would love to find out that the leadership of the CMSA is now committed to a pure Jeffersonian Liberality like that enshrined in The Constitution. All the evidence though seems to say that I would have to be an idiot to put any money on that horse.
In closing I want to put the cherry on top of this rather alarming sundae. President Obama was reported by the Denver Post to have worked with the estimable Jihad Williams to vet a list of 300 names down to 45 for employment… by the WHITE HOUSE.

How many people work in the white house minus elected and appointed officials? If Muslims make up .025 percent of the American population (a generous estimate) then how many Americans of all sorts must work for the White House in order for 45 Muslims to be “representative”?

According to my trusty calculator if .02% is equivalent to 45 then 45 * 50 = 2,250 or 1% and 225 times 100 equals 22,500 for 100%. If all that Obama and the CMSA seek is a fair representation for Muslims in the White House Staff then we should find 22,500 Americans working for the White house!

Um, does that number seem just a tad high to you? It does to me. Let’s go find some facts.
According to Wikipedia, if we subtract the military and Secret Service, the White House employs between 1500 and 2500 employees. It seems that with the best of intentions (assuming that the 45 are intended for military and Secret Service jobs and volunteers et al.) we have less than 6500 people employed by the White House including such Executive Office entities as the OMB!

Once again we can do the math.

.02% of 6500 is 13. Hmm, it seems that just maybe President Obama and Jihad Williams of the CMSA are seeking to give specially selected members of one religion three and a half times more representation on the White House staff as they have in the general population…BY INTENT!

For the nth time I have to ask; is this right, is this Constitutional? Is this LEGAL?

Freaked-out Americans Want to Know!

Stay Tuned!
Next, Heretics Crusade looks at Knox Thames, Acting Executive Director U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

Update on Congressional Muslim Staffers Association

This month Heretics Crusade has been highlighting the existence and policies of the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association. Today we bring the first evidence of the success of their mission to be the premiere voice of “American Muslims” regardless of whether those Muslims want the CMSA to represent them or not.
It took me a while to track down the original article for this information but here it is in all its glory:
Obama gets list of top Muslim Americans
Denver Post Wire Report
Posted: 03/27/2009 12:30:00 AM MDT

CHICAGO — In a bid to get more Muslim Americans working in the Obama administration, a book with resumes of 45 of the nation’s most qualified — Ivy League grads, Fortune 500 executives and public servants, all carefully vetted — has been submitted to the White House.

The effort, driven by community leaders and others, including U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., was bumped up two weeks because White House officials heard about the venture, said J. Saleh Williams, program coordinator for the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association, who sifted through more than 300 names.

It was mostly under the radar,” Williams said. “We thought it would put (the president) in a precarious position. We didn’t know how closely he wanted to appear to be working with the Muslim American community.””
My alarm at the mission and goals of the secretive MCSA just jumped to a new level! This is a group that claims to represent ALL Muslims that work for Congress including those that do not publicly identify as Muslim and regardless of the “religiosity” of said “Muslims”.
This is a group that seeks to influence Senators and Representatives directly in the name of “American Muslims” that did not give them that mandate. This is an association that hid its Leadership list from the public as soon as I highlighted the partisan ideology of members of the Executive Committee.
We have a list 300 Muslims reduced to 45 to be recommend for jobs in the White House. This “vetting” was done by a group that until recently thought the only “Information on Islam” they need provide was to a VERY conservative Shiite site that warns men that if they allow one wife to SUCKLE another “wife” the first one becomes forbidden to him(yes, the 2nd wife would be an INFANT in this case). We have this organisation with (formerly) open ties to anti-Semitic and anti-Western groups intentionally selecting BY THEIR RELIGION “qualified” people to work in the White House. And all this with the open purpose of INCREASING THE INFLUENCE OF MUSLIMS well beyond their numbers in the general population.
Is it just me or is all this completely unconstitutional? Everyone is talking about CAIR and their agenda. In the heat of that inquiry Ibrahim Hooper tried to toss the MCSA to the wolves as a distraction but no one seemed to notice. Except Heretics Crusade.
The plot continues to thicken and I can’t help but wonder when the main anti-Jihad sites are going to pick it up.

Ibrahim Hooper Sent Me – Part 3:

On the 15th of last month Heretics Crusade posted a story about a group called the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association (CMSA). In that post I looked at the results of some basic internet research on the association and its executive committee.

Some of the results of that research were a bit alarming. But it was the reaction by the association to my articles that set off the most alarm bells.

The first reaction by the CMSA to my piece was to add a 2nd Information on Islam link to the one that directed viewers to a hard core Shiite website: The new link was to a whitewashed bastion of Mr. Rodgers style Taqqiya.

At that time the CMSA made no other changes to their site. Their Mission still had its shady goals and the group still claimed to represent Congressional employees that might well be hostile to the politics of the groups leadership.

But then after I did a follow up piece on the changes to their information page both links vanished for several days. Now a new information page is up along with a number of alarming changes to the transparency of the group’s leadership.

To recap the earlier stories; I found that the executive committee of the CMSA ranged from bland to positive to all but forthrightly Islamist. Of special note were Mouaz Moustafa, Communication Director and Diala Jadallah, Community Outreach Coordinator.

These two are connected with completely political and partisan factions that are in no way moderate to my mind or open to sharing their voice with more “open minded” Muslims. Yet these two are the very ones in charge of Community outreach and communications!

How alarming should it be then when I find that all information about the Executive Committee has been scrubbed from the CMSA website? That is right, no names listed, not even the positions to be held. Nothing.

Since they do not seem to answer “kafir” emails how does the public find out about this possibly unconstitutional group?

We not only have a Muslim organization of Congressional employees that has leaders with anti-Semitic and Islamist sympathies but they are now hiding who their leaders are from the public!
And how does the CMSA pick their leaders? I do not know how the current crop got their posts but here is the most recent information on elections from the CMSA website itself:

“Association members become eligible for voting in elections by attending at least one Association event or contributing to an event’s production (i.e. financial or in-kind donations, program planning and coordination, etc.) in the year of the election.
An Association member is eligible to run for an Executive Board position if they have attended and/or contributed to the production of at least two association events in the year of the election.”

On the surface it seems innocent enough. But one of the things I noted in my earlier stories was that the Events page was blank (still is). So was the News page (now gone).

So how do Muslim staffers with differing politics find out about the events? The CMSA has not answered a single email of mine. How do we know they answer the emails of all people claiming to be Muslim?

If there are any Muslim employees of Congress that have been given the cold shoulder on event information of voting rights please email me.

Ibrahim Hooper in a panic offered up the CMSA (because of its Shiite associations?) for investigation. With my acceptance of that invitation I have found that the CMSA indeed might desire to bring an intolerant, anti-Semitic, Islamist influence to Congress in the guise of their mission to, how did they put it again:

“Represent the social and political concerns and initiatives of the Muslim American community to Congressional Members, staffers, and other Federal officials. CMSA will allocate balanced attention to both domestic and international affairs that are relevant to the Muslim American community and the larger Muslim world.

• Provide authentic representations of Islamic principles and Muslim practices to government officials and pubic(sic) affairs organizations. CSMA strives to present Muslim traditions in a way that recognizes the plurality of religious thought and diversity of cultural practices in the American Muslim community.

• Act as an intermediary between the Muslim American community and Congressional Members, Offices, Committees, and other Federal departments and agencies. To facilitate engagement between Federal officials and Muslim leaders, CMSA collaborates with America’s mainstream, moderate Muslim organizations that specialize in advocacy, community organizing, media, public affairs, or research.”

I find this a bit disingenuous. In their past personal and professional lives the Committee members charged with communication and community outreach have shown no such willingness to entertain a “moderate Muslim” outlook much less represent it.

Now it seems that the CMSA is not too happy with CAIR for prompting this disclosure. CAIR is NOT one of the organizations listed under National Organizations and Networks on the new information page.

Given an opportunity to distance themselves from the “Taqqiya Muslims” the MCSA has chosen to hide from the public eye rather than answer questions. Their facebook page has been deleted and their Leadership has been scrubbed from their website. They do not answer my emails asking for information despite a promise to include their views in my subsequent stories.

Committee members Mouaz and Diala seem to me to be blatantly partisan and sympathetic to anti-Israeli and anti-American foreign groups. I do believe this is why their names have been removed from the site.

The group whose communication arm they control openly organizes Congressional employees in the name of a religion and claims to represent people that certainly did not give them that right. It looks like Ibrahim was right all along.

Next time I will look at the new information page and see how “moderate” the new list really is

Congressional Muslim Staffers Association reacts.

(HH here: On Oct 15th I posted a piece about the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association (CMSA). A quote by a beleaguered Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR prompted me to take a look at the Association and its leaders.

While not incredibly alarming it did seem to me that the political orientation of this group was troubling considering its stated goal is to influence congress’s attitudes and actions regarding Muslims in and out of the country. That the CMSA also claims to “represent” virtually ALL Muslims or former Muslims who are not public about their conversion (apostasy) makes this goal of being the “the premier Federal employee association representing Muslim American interests and concerns, particularly within Congress“.

Premier? To me that means that the CMSA seeks to have a louder and more effective voice than other organizations seeking to speak for Muslims in the Federal Gov. And they even include the caveat: “ESPECIALLY in Congress.”

The CMSA web site is very sparse. “News” is “under Construction” and “Events” is a blank. But there has been at least one change since my research visits. In the days since I posted the bit about the MCSA I have been watching a flurry of hits coming from D.C. They come from everywhere from the Library of Congress to the House of Representatives and lots of private ISPs.

Now one of the things I pointed out in my article was that the site presented only one link for “Information about Islam”. As you can see there are now TWO links. The original one to and a new one to My quibble with the al-Islam link was not only that it was a single source but that it was a VERY conservative Shia site with all the traditional, anti-woman and anti-apostate/infidel laws fully represented.

Of all the things that I discussed about the site this is the only change that has been made. The CMSA still claims to represent ALL Muslims that work for Congress no matter who they are or what they believe.

But what about the new link? Does it provide a balance? Short answer? Yes. Long answer? It seems to “represent” the more “Liberal” and moderate Muslim world yes, but it also utterly whitewashes all aspects of Islam that seem odd or evil to Western eyes.

In discussing women’s rights and marriage laws and apostasy the site glosses over all the real-world negative aspects while taking the stance that the real problem is a misperception of what Islam Really Means that seems to be shared by the vast majority of Imams.

The height of silliness is seen when we read the article by Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq on apostasy. Dr. Farooq lays out a very reasonable logic for Apostasy as it is meant today in the West, a solely religious conversion, is not what the historical and traditional Sharia has meant.

He feels that “misinterpretation” is rampant: “Another well-known Muslim scholar and jurist of our time, whom I also generally hold in high regard, is Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi…Dr. Al-Qaradawi also fails to separate apostasy from treason. It is unfortunate that such scholars of high repute have shown such serious lapse[es]…Views and positions of scholars and leaders, such as Maududi and al-Qaradawi, not only provide powerful ammunition for propaganda against Islam and Muslims, but also confound the mind of our own community, including our youth.

Am I the only one that feels Dr. Farooq is a bit confused? He “hold[s] [Qaradawi] in high regard” but Mr. Qaradawi completely disagrees with Dr. Farooq about Apostasy. Not only that but here are a few of the other things that Mr. Qaradawi has said that Dr. Farooq does NOT take him to task for:

From al-Jazeera television via MemriTV:
Oh Allah, take this oppressive, Jewish, Zionist band of people. Oh Allah, do not spare a single one of them. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one

Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them – even though they exaggerated this issue – he managed to put them in their place. This was divine punishment for them. Allah willing, the next time will be at the hand of the believers.”

Never have I seen a single verse, paragraph, or sentence in the Torah which calls for peace. Everything in the Torah constitutes a call for war. They even call God “Lord of Hosts” – they don’t call Him “Lord of the Universe” or “the Compassionate, the Merciful…[The Torah contains] the notion of annihilation. We saw it when the Europeans went to America – they tried to annihilate the Indians. When they went to Australia, they tried to annihilate the aboriginal people. Indeed, they annihilated them. This is a biblical notion – annihilate them totally, do not leave a living soul among them.”

From Wikipedia:
Qaradawi strongly supports Palestinian attacks on Israeli targets. Qaradawi claims that hundreds of other Islamic scholars are of the same opinion. Defending bombings against off duty soldiers Qaradawi told BBC Newsnight that:
“An Israeli woman is not like women in our societies, because she is a soldier.”

“I consider this type of martyrdom operation as an evidence of God’s justice.”

“Allah Almighty is just; through his infinite wisdom he has given the weak a weapon the strong do not have and that is their ability to turn their bodies into bombs as Palestinians do”.[36]

At the press conference held by the organizations sponsoring Qaradawi’s visit to London, Qaradawi reiterated his view that Suicide attacks are a justified from of resistance to Israeli occupation. In the past, Qaradawi has justified those actions on the basis that all Israel civilians are potential soldiers since Israel is a “militarized society.”

Due to this, Qaradawi has been accused by many Western countries and Israel of supporting terrorism. However, he is opposed to attacks outside of the Palestinian territories and on other than Israeli targets.

I included that last bit so I am not accused of being completely biased. Yes, Qaradawi says that Jihad attacks should be confined to “Palestinian territories and Israeli Targets”.

But let us not forget that to the mainstream Islamic world the entire West is a “Zionist plot” and controlled by Israel. That doesn’t leave a lot of ground protected against Jihad in his eyes.

Though Mr. al-Qaradawi has more than one troubling belief according to Western eyes he is held in “high regard” by the author of IslamiCity article about Apostasy. Though the author clams to be puzzled as to why Mr. Qaradawi defends the opposite interpretation.

The rest of the site seems to be much of the same. A soft-focus, Mr. Rogers’ version of Islam that seems more geared to Taqqiya than honest Dawa. At least the al-Islam site was open about Islam invading and conquering it’s neighbors.

Of course it does claim though (truthfully if that makes it any better to those subjegated) that it was not done to CONVERT the populace (true as far as it goes) but to FREE them from the evils of non-Islamic governments (a sin against God and the people kept from True Faith) so that the people would be “free” to choose to submit to Islam. Sounds a bit Orwellian doesn’t it? But that is orthodox Islam for you.

IslamiCity’s bio of Mohhamed omits virtually all of the incidents of Islamic violence (political murders, assasinations, expulsions.) except the ones that were actual self defense. Its treatment of women and marriage is disingenuous at best. Take a trip on the Taqqiya railroad and follow their “Understanding Islam and the Muslims” tour.

In IslamiCity’s favor the article on the Shia and Sunni is very fair and balanced and gives no high ground to either faction.

In summary it is nice to see that the MCSA is not incapable of change. Well at least a little bit. Instead of one fundamentalist Shia info site they now link to that one and a site that is the Muslim equivalent of an upper-middle class Presbyterian church in Pasadena; completely in the middle and with all the passion removed and scripture whitewashed of anything objectionable for the sake of tender ears.

Now let us see them change their claim to represent all Congressional Muslims. Or how about publishing those events that a Congressional “Muslim” must attend to have voting rights?

I would also love it if the MCSA eschewed politics and focused on being a social/religious networking/support group rather than a partisan political action group claiming to represent people to Congress who have given them no such mandate.

I would like to see them explicitly denounce the idea of organizing the employees of Congressmen in order to influence said elected officials in their public duties. It may pass the Constitution but no matter what group does it is a circumvention of the very idea of an objective elected official.

Radical Christian organizations have tried this game, though they usually go for the Senators and Representatives themselves. It has also been tried in the Military.

ANYWHERE it happens it needs to be put under a bright light so that all can see just what agenda drives the groups efforts. This is never more true than when the group doing the organizing is under the influence of foreign groups hostile to the values of the U.S.!!!

If any members of the MCSA want to write and give me their point of view I would be happy to add it to the info I have and to further articles regarding your group.

If there are any Muslims working for Congress that do NOT agree with the stands of the MCSA feel free to let me give you a voice. Please provide documentation, rumor is not what I want, I can get that from any Right Wing or Leftist demagogue.)