Freedom to These Jackals Means Shutting Up Before You Provoke Them

Lar Viklund tried to show a film in Sweden and found out that anger and “acting out” are the proper response to anything Muslims do not like.  Nabeel Qureshi over at Answering Muslims has the whole thing on video and an excellent analysis of the incident.  Cheers to you and take it away Nabeel!

“1 – Lars Vilks attempts to show a film (yes, it was offensive; no, it wasn’t pornography)

2 – 20 seconds into the film, a Muslim yells "Stop the Film!"

3 – 8 seconds later, some kid flies over the desk and attacks Vilks

4- All chaos breaks loose, greeted by Muslims cheering "Allahu Akbar!"

5 – At the 3:55 mark, a man says "I said ‘stop the film’, and you didn’t stop it!"

6 – Muslims greet this by cheering "Muhammad! Muhammad!"

7 – At 5 minutes, the man is still asking "Why didn’t you stop the film?" to which the cop responds "I’ll explain that later"

8 – At 5:20, the Muslims start saying "We pay taxes, Sweden is our country, why didn’t you stop the film? If you stopped the film, this wouldn’t have happened!"

9 – At the 6 minute mark, Muslims start saying to security "If you draw your gun, we’ll report you!" People continue yelling insults and being aggressive towards the security.

10 – At the 7:20 mark, the first and only rational Muslim voice speaks up and says "No aggression towards the police, respect the cops, they are here to do their jobs.

11 – At the 8:45 mark, an official gets up and says they will stop showing the film due to security reasons.

12 – Muslims burst into celebration over their victory

13 – At 9:15, a lone voice speaks up and says to the crowd that they are compromising free speech

14 – Immediately, the Muslim crowd is riled up in anger over this proclamation

15 – Everyone is dismissed

16 – People exit the room amidst chants of the Shahada.”

Go read it all at Answering Muslims