It’s About Time; “Environmentalists” Realise Ethanol from Corn = Bad Idea

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It seems not all rabid Earthers are stupid… Or maybe they just hate corporations more than they hate humans?

From the L.A. Times we get this more or less objective analysis of the current furor over the ethanol folly.

On the face of it, having a federal agency get behind renewable fuel seems like it should elicit cheers from environmentalists, and from pretty much anyone who is leery of our dependence on foreign oil.

Not quite.

Here’s what happened: The EPA issued a partial waiver Wednesday allowing the amount of ethanol in automotive fuel to rise to 15%, from 10%, but for use only in cars no older than the 2007 model year. That was happy news for corn states and the ethanol industry.

Among the first to blast EPA was a coalition of agricultural interests, including the American Meat Institute; the Grocery Manufacturers Assn.; the National Council of Chain Restaurants; the National Chicken Council; the American Frozen Food Institute; the American Bakers Assn.; the National Meat Assn. and the National Turkey Federation:

This list represents the overwhelming bulk of food production/consumption in America; certainly a group with a valid position on this issue!

E15 – which would be a 50 percent increase from the currently permitted level of 10 percent ethanol in gasoline – will result in dramatic increases in the portion of the U.S. corn crop used to make fuel rather than food and, when fully implemented, could result in more than 40 percent of the nation’s corn crop being diverted to ethanol production. The corn ethanol industry has received over $30 billion in federal subsidies over the last three decades. 

Kate McMahon, biofuels campaign coordinator at Friends of the Earth, used a broader argument:

“The only thing ‘green’ about ethanol is the color of the cash subsidies handed to it by Congress… Increased blends of ethanol in gasoline could increase emissions of toxic air pollutants, in particular nitrogen dioxide, when burned in engines not built to withstand more ethanol. This danger applies to the vast majority of engines currently in service, from cars to boats to lawnmowers.

Ethanol results in more greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline, according to the EPA’s own scientific analysis, which was included in the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS2) Regulatory Impact Analysis released in February 2010…The production of ethanol also has detrimental effects on human and environmental health.

The production of biofuels feed stocks, like corn for ethanol, takes land away from food production and encroaches on natural ecosystems. Large-scale agricultural production of corn for ethanol often involves massive inputs of fertilizer, requires large quantities of water, contributes to soil erosion, and produces deadly run-off of pollution into freshwater sourcesas illustrated by the Gulf of Mexico’s “Dead Zone.”

Read it all…

Save the Planet; Environmental Activists Are Combustible


If anyone had any doubt that the environmentalist movement was dead in soul and corrupted in body should find the CFL trend the straw that broke the camels back.

Today mercury levels in fish, both fresh and saltwater, are so high that they should be viewed as occasional treats; and be denied to children and pregnant/nursing mothers completely… in fact it is now considered "wise" for women of child-bearing age and intent to simply not eat a huge swath of marine products.

Mercury is not like sulfur dioxide, the other main pollutant of concern in the modern world.  SD is absorbed by the environment and in a very short time, if there is no ongoing influx of new SD, will vanish completely. In contrast mercury is a heavy metal and once in a system, eco of biological, it stays there virtually forever; toxic, heavy and stuck in your cells.  Today there are laws and movements whose intent is the removal of virtually all mercury from the products and industries of the world due to mercury’s longevity.

So of course this is the best time to introduce a mercury containing light bulb!  Formerly the chief source of household mercury contamination was thermometer breakage; how many thermometers have your broken in your lifetime compared to light bulbs?  Not only that, but the thermometers had mercury in a liquid blob; very easy to identify and clean up; the bulbs contain significant amounts of mercury but in a form that, once broken, will disperse quickly and NEVER be completely cleaned without a full hazmat assault!

Here is a little gem of horror for the tree hugging, global warming worshiping sheep out there; you can almost see your children’s gums turn black, can’t you? In this link you will find a report from the California state government recycling department In it we find regarding mercury lighting that…

"Mercury Lighting Usage
•670 million per year discarded nationwide
•About 25% get recycled"

"•Projections [are] for 300 million new CFLs"

"Current situation for public
•Infrastructure for recycling consumer lamps does not exist
•No convenient options for public
•Almost no retail take-back
•2-4% participation in HHWs
•Direct mail back to recyclers cost prohibitive ($2-3 per bulb)"

There you have it, on ALL other fronts, switches, thermometers, etc. are being banned and exchanged for non-mercury containing products while the CFL industry is humming away, filling our homes, schools and businesses with fragile yet seductive glass packages of permanent toxicity for us and our children.

The state of Maine has a web site dedicated to mercury reduction, exchange and removal. For the most part this site is very open and above board on the subject:

"We all can help prevent mercury pollution by buying mercury-free products whenever possible and by recycling any mercury-added or mercury-containing products when we no longer need them. One step Maine has taken is to ban the sale of mercury fever thermometers in Maine. Non-mercury thermometers which work just as well are readily available. Another step you can take is to buy an electronic thermostat instead of a circular mercury thermostat when building a new home or updating your heating system. There are programs throughout Maine to collect mercury-added products and other household hazardous wastes for recycling and proper dispsal so that the mercury from these products does not end up in our air, water, or soil."

But at the end of the page dedicated to CFL disposal we learn that the energy savings fully offset the mercury because…

"That means a lot less carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides going into the air and causing problems like climate change, acid rain, ozone and contaminated fish"

Problems like ozone? It is statements like that which show us the total Luddish ignorance of the current "environmentalist" movement… facts and science mean nothing compared to their holy good intentions. The fantasy of climate changed caused by humans is hugely more significant than the measurable and undisputed PERMANENT poisoning of their own bodies and babies with each bite of hormone-free, gluten-free, guilt-free sushi!

The only thing in that list that is in any way a significant problem, or even in the same league as mercury, would be sulfur dioxide; but that is a separate issue and, once reduced or eliminated has effects that disappear in only a few years.

But to the tree-huggers of today CO2 is our biggest concern while Mercury and sulfur dioxide can poison us all; just so long as the AGW faith is preserved.  When the dark lines on our gums become endemic will it become a fashion trend, a thing to be proudly displayed showing your dedication to the holy AGW cause?  Will the same thing happen with the birth defects and just plain stupid children with minds dulled to moronhood by a heavy metal never meant to be in their system in ANY significant amount.