Evil, Amoral Sedition Runs Rampant Amongst Iranian Youth

Evil seditious youth riot in Tehran desecrating Ramadan!

Evil seditious youth riot in Tehran

 Yes VIrginia, Evil, Amoral Sedition Runs Rampant Amongst Iranian Youth; if you are if you are an Iranian Mullah or member of the Iranian “Morality” Police dedicated to eradicating fun that is.

  My last post was about the water fight in Tehran’s Water and Fire Park (abo-atash-park) on July 29, 2011. 17 “youths” were arrested but, it seems no one has been actually charged with “promiscuity between men and women”, but, the warnings extended to being chastised for enjoying water during the Ramadan Fasting period.

I am glad though that none of these heinous terrorists of Western Decadence suffered a worse fate for daring to have fun one hot summer’s day in Tehran.

Islamophobia? Kuffar? New Designs in the Heretics Crusade Shop!


Here we have two new designs for gear at Heretics crusade’s Cafepress Shop!

First we have a design with Kafir (infidel) in arabic and “infidel” in a psuedo-Arabic looking font… this comes int two variations; one with a casual font and the other with a more stylized font; islamophobes Unite, you have nothing to lose but your head!

The second design is a colorful rendering of “If You Support Gays, Women and The First Amendment then YOU Too Might Be Islamophobic! Whatever happend to the concept of free speech and separation of church and state?








And dozens of other items with these designs…

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Putting These In The Right Hands Could Save America

It should be a law that all religious leaders, political leaders, pundits and elected officials must possess and regularly view the following four films as a Leader Hubris Prevention Measure.

I Propose an immediate vote on an LHM Amendment to the  US Constitution

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