Mexican flag casts giant shadow on Obama at border – Washington Times


This has to take the cake… especially when we remember that Mexico secures it’s Southern border like a prison and charges illegals as criminals, AND prosecutes anyone that aids an illegal; tell me again how the descendents of Cortez, Pizzaro and the rest of that jolly crew have managed to become victims after raping away ALL indigenous culture of a civilized nature from the social gene pool.

Turkish Ambassador Should Be Declared Persona Non Gratis According to Austrian MP Ewald Stadler

Respecting religion #3: Islam, Mohammed

Non-adherants owe no religion anything but fair treatment under the law

This is a nice, nice example of how any partisan, religious or otherwise, should be treated in a real democracy; this is a nice, nice example of how any partisan, religious or otherwise, should be treated in a real democracy.

Austrian MP Ewald Stadler lays into the Turkish Ambassador for hypocrisy – telling Turkish immigrants not to integrate then accusing the Austrians of not allowing them to integrate; passionate politics that is truly moderate.

Special Thanks to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for this one.

Strange Days Indeed!


It is very strange when the weirdest state (I lived there for 8 years; and no, it is not MY fault, I am just observing that I saw it first hand!) makes a rather sensible move.  It is like stern Aunt Imelda suddenly grinning from ear to ear; a bit un-nerving even if welcome. Hat tip to Jihad Watch for the link:

“Libel on tour: James Gill

By James Gill
April 28, 2010, 6:10AM

Within minutes Monday a legislative committee repudiated both Islamic and British law.
Neither, perhaps, represents an immediate threat to justice in Louisiana, but it was not entirely an alarmist and xenophobic stunt when the committee approved two bills by Rep. Ernest Wooton, R-Belle Chase. Mostly, but not entirely.

One of Wooton’s bills, which provides that no foreign law shall be applied here if it violates a right guaranteed by the American Constitution, is by any rational measure superfluous. But it is not unknown for immigrant litigants to invoke the tenets of Sharia to which, the committee was told, the Maryland courts deferred in a child custody case.
The Louisiana Supreme Court has so far insisted that cases in America are settled according to American law, but the committee figured it was wise to commit future jurists to that sound principle.”

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