Evil, Amoral Sedition Runs Rampant Amongst Iranian Youth

Evil seditious youth riot in Tehran desecrating Ramadan!

Evil seditious youth riot in Tehran

 Yes VIrginia, Evil, Amoral Sedition Runs Rampant Amongst Iranian Youth; if you are if you are an Iranian Mullah or member of the Iranian “Morality” Police dedicated to eradicating fun that is.

  My last post was about the water fight in Tehran’s Water and Fire Park (abo-atash-park) on July 29, 2011. 17 “youths” were arrested but, it seems no one has been actually charged with “promiscuity between men and women”, but, the warnings extended to being chastised for enjoying water during the Ramadan Fasting period.

I am glad though that none of these heinous terrorists of Western Decadence suffered a worse fate for daring to have fun one hot summer’s day in Tehran.

Forget Hollywood and Bollywood Ayatollah Films Releases the Hot Wet n Sexy Psychodrama/Musical: HIJABLOOSE

Well Virginia, doesn’t this beat all! According to an article in Ynet on the first of this month the authorities in Tehran are going ballistic because some kids had fun with a water fight, and some hijabs got “loosened“! Two days later some kids tried to get the fun going again and, were arrested for acting “abnormally” and going against Islamic values.

I originally decided to pass on writing about it because of this snippet from the very end of the Ynet article:

Pictures from the water fight have been uploaded to a number of different social websites, causing some concern for participants whose faces can be seen clearly, as many fear reprisals from authorities.

This is what the reaction looked like on Islamic sites (emphasis added):

Conservative Friendfeed user ‘Seltoon’ condemned the event saying that it was a disaster for Iran society: “What is happening to this country of ours? Oh, strike me down Imam Reza! Someone [from the Revolutionary Guard] has just been martyred in a fight with PJAK [the Kurdish liberation group] and our countrymen are eating hot dogs, sitting in comfort beneath their air conditioning units and now having this ‘mixed party’ in the park.” Ultra-conservative Friendfeed user ‘Abel Santamaría Cuadrado’ invited those who had participated in the water gun fight to play with fire: “Hey dummies, your water game is over? Now it’s time to fight with fire … Would you even dare to show up for that game?”

‌But anti-government Friendfeed user ‘Ali Ba’ mocked the conservatives: “I’ve just discovered that the entire foundation of the Islamic regime has been attacked by girls armed with water guns!” Most anti-government internet users believe that the backlash against this event shows that Iran’s regime has a problem with people outwardly showing happiness in public.

That was on the 1st, now the photos have been spread so far and wide that my reposting a few will not harm or help any of the poor souls pictured if the Iranian police have singled them out as examples; that aspect of the situation changes something that should be hilarious into something at best bitter-sweetly funny.

Men, women, and children of all ages beat the heat in Tehran on Friday with a water fight at the city’s Water and Fire Park, drawing criticism from conservatives for their “immodest” behavior and dress.

Local police threatened to arrest the revelers after press agencies published numerous photos of the event.

Tehran water gun festival threatens morality and stability. Heretics Crusade says Baloney!
Welcome to Iran: Who says a nation cannot exhibit Multiple-Personality Disorder?

Virginia, what Muslim Middle Eastern nation’s population is the most Westernized? You don’t know? Okay, can you guess which one has a government that is one of the most anti-Western in word and deed? You don’t know that either? What would you say if I told you that the answer to both questions is the same, that the Muslim Middle Eastern nation whose population is most Westernized while the government one of the most anti-Western is Iran?

 tehran water gun festival islamic thought police get panties in twist threaten arrest
You can see why Obama refused to support these thugs!

Here is a quote from an interview at Bigpeace.com  with Reza Kahlili, a Former Member of Republican Guards recruited by the CIA after the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

…barely a year or so after the revolution, the Iranians were praying for an overthrow of this regime, that they have been dearly for over three decades in rising up to the radicals in Iran and that have continuously been betrayed by the West with their behind scene negotiations and at times collaboration with the Islamic regime in Iran. The Iranians are one of the most westernized people in the West and have nothing but love for America. They desire freedom and democracy.

The other big misconception that I once again have detailed in my book is about the radicals ruling Iran. The West has wrongfully believed that negotiations will result in change of behavior. They have continuously sidestepped their own principles of humanity, freedom and democracy to negotiate with the Iranian leaders and they have continuously failed. Their failure is due to the lack of understanding of the philosophy / ideology that the clerics believe in. They don’t understand “Red Shiaism” which calls for endless bloodshed and endless wars until such time that Islam conquers the world. They don’t understand that the Iranian leaders take it literary from the Quran “Deceive thy enemy until such time you are strong enough to destroy them” or “Jihad on infidels, killing them until there are no more sinners on Earth and all are believers of Allah.”

Fast forward to 2011, a year after Obama sat on his hands and responded to the almost counter-revolution in Iran with a heartfelt “Yeah, so?” and we see that in a generation whose parents were toddlers when the Shah fell a lust for freedom of spirit and good old un-Islamic fun are far from dead in the land of Omar Khayyám.

The park’s manager said the water fight had been coordinated [on Facebook – Guy DeW]. He added that many of the women’s headdresses fell victims to the splashing water, “but police couldn’t get control of those involved“.

tehran water gun festival islamic thought police get panties in twist threaten arrest
Somehow I don’t see these two strapping bombs to their kids.

All of this gives me an idea for a sure-fire hit for the next Iranian Ministry of Truth summer blockbuster movie:


The place: Tehran
The Time: 10 minutes past tomorrow

When his father divorces his rebellious mother and renounces him Young Iranian student Jameel Weladah (played by with a tangy flavor by Lahimah Himzir Mohdad) moves from his properly Islamic small town to wild and bustling Tehran he can hardly imagine the wonders and agonies that await him to challenge his submission to Allah.
Jameel is entered into a mutah marriage by his evil uncle with the wild-eyed, corrupt daughter of a virtuous Imam played with a soulless, mercenary perfection by the lovely Lori Mohtrib.
Watch as Mohtrib’s heartless character manipulates the naive but virtuous Jameel into promoting a sinful and rebellious water fight to celebrate the end of the school term; she hopes by this action to taint the souls of as many of her virtuous peers as possible to offset her shame for her many sinful acts and desires.
Will Jameel give in to this Satanic attempt to bring “fun” to Islam or will he find the strength to stone this harlot in the public square by the side of her father and cleanse his honor, her father’s honor, the honor of Iran?

This Summer be SURE to go see the biggest blockbuster in Iran…(or face arrest)

More pix of the sinful and subversive crowd of decadent blasphemers:


But is Moderate Fanaticism That Much Better?


I just read what has to be the most actually moderate piece of writing by a Muslim who is not under fatwa for apostasy!

The piece in question is on Dr. David Liepert’s blog; Liepert seems to be a devout Muslim who also wishes to see reform toward a more humane model, but in his "liberality" there are some land mines of dogma that can blow his whole claim of moderation out of the water to Western minds.

This is the first piece I have read by a non-persecuted-minority Muslim that is honestly self-critical of Islam or any of its practices.  Not one word about how it is the fault of Westerners that we "perceive" heinous things that just aren’t real, not one bit of blame for evil Zionists causing emotional turmoil and riot to break out in otherwise peaceful peoples; but then there are the little bits that tell us that the good Doctor has not let go of the supremacist aspects of traditional Islam at all!

"Islamic punishments for “adultery” have been in the news a lot lately, but it looks to me like the real crime is nothing but barefaced misogyny. First off, it’s always the women being punished, which begs the question, “Where are the men?” But then you have to ask how stoning became part of the “Islamic” punishment for adultery in the first place, when lashing is what the Quran commands. Asking that question opens a whole different kettle of fish entirely.""

This is one of those parts I spoke of: Dear Doctor Liepert, I am SO glad that a woman will ONLY be lashed, maybe hundreds of times, instead of being stoned, this makes me feel SO much more open to the idea of all Muslims as Godly people who seek only peace. This argument might fly with Muslims, but with non-Muslims you just make your situation worse; Westerners reject ALL pain-inflicting cruelty in "judicial" proceedings… ALL!  You also fail to mention the several and sundry Hadithi that support the idea of stoning as being Islamic but was "misplaced" when the Quran was codified. Why? No one can agree.

"Strangely enough, stoning for adultery isn’t mentioned in the Quran at all. The practice was common in the Middle East because it is the prescribed punishment in both the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible in Leviticus 20:10, and Deuteronomy 22:22.

Modern day Christians like to pretend otherwise, but Jesus (peace be upon him) didn’t change that. In fact, he told his followers:

Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. Matthew 5: 17

So Christians who want to play the “my faith is better than your faith” game really don’t have a leg to stand on. However, what Jesus (pbuh) did was command, “Let he who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” Which made executing the punishment problematic. But then, Mohammad (peace be upon him) did him one better.

One better? I am not even a Christian, and I can see the flaw in that argument!

Jesus told the adulteress "go, and sin no more." That is, in my opinion, a hundred times "better" and more merciful and "godly" than if Jesus had called out the whip boy and had her given a hundred stripes. By the way, anything over 40, in those days, was considered equivalent to a death sentence; infection, dehydration and all that you know… Oh, and while we are on the subject, if Muslims "revered" Jesus so much why is this verse totally ignored by Shari’ah? For that matter why did Mohammed ignore ALL of the verses about mercy in the OT and NT, and all of the verses and Hebrew and Christian commentary about Love of God being behind the Law and being of greater import than mechanically enforcing the letter of those laws? Other than a few injunctions about prayer I find these attitudes missing entirely from the Quran and aHadith.

"The Quran is quite clear. From the Suran called An-Nur, meaning, “The Light”, verse 2 states:

The woman and the man guilty of fornication, flog each of them with a hundred stripes: let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day: and let a party of Believers witness their punishment."

Okay then! Personally I go with Hillel when he says that it is no sin to break the Law to fulfill the Higher Law of God’s Love. So, to violate the Sabbath to do a good deed for a neighbor is upholding the higher law… It seems Mohammed did not appreciate the Hillel approach

That means Muslims should have stepped it down a notch. However, they actually stepped it down all the way, because two verses later came the command:

"And those who launch a charge against chaste women, and produce not four witnesses, flog them with eighty stripes: and reject their evidence ever after: for such men are wicked transgressors.

That’s right. The Islamic punishment for accusing someone of adultery without proof is almost as bad as the punishment for the crime.

Doctor, are you unaware of the commandment in the Jewish and Christian religions that forbids bearing false witness?  This is hardly anything original with Mohammed.

Where do we go from here? I’ve read the Hadithi in question, where stoning was invoked under Muhammad (peace be upon him), and one thing is clear: Muhammad (pbuh) hated stoning. Two of the tales recount transgressors obsessively confessing, and Muhammad (pbuh) doing everything he could to try and prevent them from making their confessions! But even Muhammad couldn’t change God’s laws.

So, do you feel that Christians and Jews are somehow LESS devout than Muslims because they are not willing to subordinate their God(Or Allah)-given compassion at the command of a Priest (Imam)? The history of the rabbinical movement and the Hillel school of Pharisaic thought dominate Judeo/Christian ethics!

So instead he prayed, and AlLah change His laws himself, and I think that’s where today’s Muslims should take our lead: There are even tales of a verse that commanded stoning for adultery that miraculously disappeared, making God’s intent very clear. Out of Love for His Messenger, AlLah Decided He Hated stoning too.

It’s horrifying. In the Muslim world, women are being flogged, stoned and killed for being raped, for being pregnant, or even simply for being caught out without their headscarves because men have “tweaked” the laws so far away from AlLah’s intent and the earliest Muslims practice that they do the opposite of what those laws were meant to do. This, from the religion that first declared men and women equal before God, and first created a society that truly had equal justice for all.

Personally, I’m horrified by how far we’ve fallen from the path, but I’m still hopeful, because of God, and Muhammad (peace be upon him).

There is a reason why we have the Quran and the Sunnah. The Quran is a complete book, but it was revealed into a changing world. To understand the message, you need a deep knowledge of history, context and exactly what any particular Ayah did to the Ummah the day it came. If you don’t have that, then for God’s sake ask someone who does before you go killing someone! Because what Muslims are doing out of ignorance is nothing less than an abomination.

Here we go again! Are you saying that if your "authority" says "ok, you have it right, in this case you are allowed to kill them all and let Allah sort ’em out", that this is ok with you? And you have problems with Christians who have done the same thing 3 to 5 hundred years in the past, but not a problem when done by Muslims, as long as they have properly consulted their Imam???

My solution? Non-Muslim and disaffected Muslim “reformers” are calling for Muslims to change Islam so that it’s more like the modern world. Instead, we need to change Islam so it’s more like it was the day it began.

But Doctor, what about the Islamic Supremacism in the Quran? What about overthrowing all man-made governments in order to "free" the world to "choose" to realize they were "born Muslim"? What about all that disparity between men and women and their rights and duties?

Because actually? All the rights, and freedoms, and justice regardless of race, creed or gender that the modern world love so much, our world owes to Muhammad (peace be upon him) the man who brought them into the world first. AlhamdilAllah!

Now that is just silly!  Go read Lysistrata my dear, Doctor.  For that matter Roman Citizens were of all races and religion’s! The only thing that mattered was citizenship, if you had it you were a "Roman", if you didn’t you were not.  Also, it is not sexual equality to be forced to only live out the local social "norm" for your sex as though it is divinely mandated.

If this is the best that "moderate" Islam" can do the rank and file need to replace their leadership with men with hearts instead of calculators of sin and punishment.

Does Obama Know That He is Encouraging Iran to Attack Israel; accident or intention?


This dose of reality piece is from Ynet with a tip of the hat to Jihad Watch.

Iranian fighter turned US spy: Tehran will attack Israel

Former Revolutionary Guard member who relayed its secret operations to CIA for 10 years says Iran will commit ‘most horrendous suicide bombing in human history’ if not stopped

Kahlili accused the Obama Administration of being naïve. According to him, the American overtures are viewed by the Iranian regime as a sign of weakness, while the Iranian people consider the efforts to engage the regime an act of betrayal against their struggle for freedom.

Kahlili said he joined the Revolutionary Guard following the Islamic revolution of 1979, but volunteered to work for the CIA when he became disillusioned with the Khomeini regime after witnessing acts of rape, torture and murder.

Read It All…

Iran, not Turkey has the most secularly oriented population in the Muslim world.  Iranians were the only Muslim population to come out into the streets in *sympathy* for America after 9/11.  There is little doubt that the Shah abused the Iranian people and that they were justified in wishing him removed. However the general Iranian population had no idea that the end result would be slavery to the most conservative religious elements.

I firmly agree with those that believe that if Obama had shown any support for the Iranian (almost) revolution after their last election the “almost” would be missing completely.

Deoband fatwa: It’s illegal for women to work, support family


Darul Uloom Deoband, the self-appointed guardian for Indian Muslims, in a Talibanesque fatwa that reeked of tribal patriarchy, has decreed that it is "haram" and illegal according to the Sharia for a family to accept a woman’s earnings. Clerics at the largest Sunni Muslim seminary after Cairo’s Al-Azhar said the decree flowed from the fact that the Sharia prohibited proximity of men and women in the workplace.

"It is unlawful (under the Sharia law) for Muslim women to work in the government or private sector where men and women work together and women have to talk with men frankly and without a veil," said the fatwa issued by a bench of three clerics. The decree was issued over the weekend, but became public late on Monday, seminary sources said.

At a time when there is a rising clamour for job quotas for Muslims in India and a yearning for progress in the community that sees itself as neglected, the fatwa, although unlikely to be heeded, is clearly detrimental.

Even the most conservative Islamic countries, which restrict activities of women, including preventing them from driving, do not bar women from working. At the peak of its power, the Taliban only barred women in professions like medicine from treating men and vice versa. But there was a never a blanket ban on working, although the mullahs made it amply clear that they would like to see the women confined to homes.

The fatwa, however, drew flak among other clerics.

"Men and women in Sharia are entitled to equal rights. If men follow the Sharia, there is no reason why women can’t work with them," said Rasheed, the Naib Imam of Lucknow’s main Eidgah Mosque in Aishbagh.

Mufti Maulana Khalid Rasheed of Darul Ifta Firangi Meheli — another radical Islamic body which also issues fatwas — criticized the Deoband fatwa as a retrograde restriction on Muslim women.

The fatwa was in response to a question whether Muslim women can take up government or private jobs and whether their salary should be termed as `halal’ (permissible under the Sharia) or `haram’ (forbidden).

Well-known Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawwad, however, justified the fatwa. "Women in Islam are not supposed to go out and earn a living. It’s the responsibility of the males in the family," he said. "If a woman has to go for a job, she must make sure that the Sharia restrictions are not compromised," he added, citing the example of Iran, where Muslim women work in offices but have separate seating areas, away from their male counterparts.

In Lucknow, a city with strong secular and progressive traditions, where Muslim families train their daughters to be doctors, engineers and executives, there was a sense of shocked disbelief even in conservative quarters that such a decree could come from those who consider themselves to be advocates of the community.

"I am also a working woman and also ensure that my Sharia is not compromised," said Rukhsana, a lecturer at a girl’s college in Lucknow and a member of the executive committee of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB). "It’s not necessary that one would have to go against the Sharia when going to work."

"Name one Islamic country which does not have a national airline and does not hire airhostesses? If I know correctly, even the Saudi Airlines has hostesses and they don’t wear a veil," said Shabeena Parveen, a computer professional in the city.

Source: The times of India