Forget Faith in Jesus or Mohammad – I Believe in Bugs Bunny


One thing seems to be consistent about religions all through human history; faith in the literal truth of the religion’s doctrines and dogmas is strongest in the least educated and least widely experienced, while the “elite” tend to range from religious beliefs with agnostic admissions to full-blown, cynical atheism.  This aspect of societal religion tends to favor the more partisan of each camp; the “masses” are peer-pressured to “show faith” and not think too much, while the “elite” are pressured in the same way to deny ALL aspects of deity and belief and God(s).  For those of us to who seeking understanding of God in a REAL sense, as opposed to a political or emotional/security sense, this is a bit of a hindrance.

To try to avoid the almost inevitable miscommunication that occurs when attempting to discuss God let me define my own terms; belief is not the same as faith; faith is something that causes grief and only causes good by accident; belief is what built civilization as we know it.

Faith is defined in Western culture as belief in something unseen, unproven, un-EVIDENCED other than by conflicting scriptural testimonies; this is a fool’s game at best!

Pseudo-religion has taken over much of the world’s “Faithful” by taking advantage of the tendency of the masses to desire a simple creed with an un-questioned authority to follow – just so that they do not have to ponder things that they do not have the experience or education to ponder with any confidence.

It is not enough, their preachers say, to believe in the bridge over the canyon, you must have and prove absolute faith that it is there…

The next sound you hear is the sound of crunching bones at the bottom of the canyon; and if the snake-oiled social-system-from-perdition that they are selling fails the test in the real world they have an escape clause; it is the fault of the poor soul who failed to “show enough faith”; you know who I mean, they are most likely a victim of the situation for which they are receiving (divine sanctioned) blame!

As you can see Virginia, I have never completely gotten over my desire to seek God, and lead others to know God better! Mea culpa; I still care. But, at some point I recognized that all the “Organized Religions” have long since been co-opted by pirates, parasites and reactionaries – who are their own enemies as well as everyone else’s; never thinking, believing then acting – just fighting the others while stealing as much power over people’s souls as possible.

Oh, let me point out that yes, Atheism is a faith; it takes a lot of ego-based, un-founded faith to KNOW that “our reality contains no form of anything that might be called God, period, debate closed; it is not even possible you know, why even bring it up in ‘intelligent’ company?”

Belief on the other hand is based on facts and experience and even intuition, if that intuition has a good track record; if every time you had something very bad happen in your life, and you had ignored a strong, distinct feeling to avoid the situation, eventually you would “believe” enough to listen; even though for years you might not have the “faith” to gamble on your premonitions being something other than a coincidental case of indigestion!

I have beliefs, I have very little faith; I like it that way.

Faith has to be blind; the blind tend to step on things, including other people’s toes, property, pets and even bridges that are NOT over canyons.

Of course many of the things that can fall under either label are good, or useful!

In a documentary film about the life and death of comedian Andy Kaufman (Man on the Moon) there is a scene where he is waiting to undergo a faith healing in India with full belief, from things he has seen and read and experienced, that he would find healing given by an honest healer. But instead, he sees from where his stretcher is laid that the “healer” is faking the procedure, and his belief dies.

Of course, the proponents of “faith” will tell us that if he had continued to ‘have FAITH ™’, instead of merely believing, the placebo effect would have worked with a holy head-start, and he might have found healing; I do not disagree but, I find that level of blind faith an evil, black magic; one that is less a slippery slope than a swift escalator to horrific abuses ( ones that we have seen over and over again in history when people forget the reality of their fellow man, and treat them solely according to their “faith.” Q.E.D. Virginia, Q.E.D.!

The bottom line is that true lover’s of God are recognized despite their religion, not because of it; mostly everyone stays for their entire life in the religion that they were born into; in some religions it can be fatal to become an Agnostic let alone change your religion; so much for an honest quest for God.

Yet there are good, godly, devout people wherever you find human hearts and human tears.  You can’t avoid that simple, obvious truth; unless you cling to “faith” in the notion that God made a special effort to make sure that you were born in the faith that you “happen” to believe in – all just so you could be “saved“! Of course, anyone not so favored was chosen by the ‘Infinite Power and Mercy of Deity’ to be born in an “un-Godly cult” that destines them to almost certain “damnation”!

If you do believe that this is true, then there is a quote from the Christians’ Bible that I believe is appropriate: “Jesus Wept“!

Calling Yourself Liberal and Religious won’t MAKE You a Good Person


Today we have two re-writes of older articles that seem very relevant today:

First, we will take the “Liberals” as well as the “Conservatives” to task for partisan hypocrisy…

Nowadays the word Liberal is often used as a pejorative; I often use it that way myself for good reasons.

Yet I am a moderate, and probably spend about 40% of the time cursing the idiocy of the Left, and 60% of it complaining and worrying about the Right (It is too bad there are not more real conservative minds in the Conservative camp these days.). Of the two the Conservatives tend to scare me a bit more but the Leftists in total power would be/ have been worse. But the actions of the radicals on either side do not condemn entire schools of thought to a mature mind.  This should be remembered by pundits on both sides in this age of attack politics.

 Lately a radically Conservative group has taken over almost all the political voice of conservative American Christianity.  They have used their pulpit to propound, and pound in, their own view of history, and how Christianity has influenced the development of the United States as a nation.

 They are not actually lying about the influence of the churches. The problem is that they have forgotten from just where in the Church all that influence came.  Yes, it was those damn liberals every time!

 In American history, every time the religious culture has had a profound positive influence (as judged by successive generations) on changes in society those influences have their roots in the Liberal-to-Radical churches. They most certainly did not come from the Conservative ones!

 The Conservative Churches in every case have held the line with the status quo through history whether it was regarding the Revolution, slavery, child labor, workers rights, racial equality or now, gay rights.  Yet the Conservative Churches of today want to shine their halos with the contributions made for the most part by the Liberal Churches of the past.

This activity is not unique to Christianity by any means.  A Radical Conservative Jew will spend much energy telling you about Judaism’s amazing contributions to Western society, but will refuse to see that his brand of thinking never produced any of it.  Find a Conservative Imam, and you will find a man eager to convince you that Islam has been an enormously positive contributor to civilization over the centuries.  But if you remind him that blind faithfulness to Islam’s Conservative philosophy had nothing to do with the various periods of (heretically liberal) Islamic glory that he is polishing up for you to admire; he may even take offense.

  In every case where religious and political power intermingle the things that modern world civilization would call progress has only come when the dominant Church(s) is(are) liberal to the point of being heretical (to the parent dogmas and doctrines), tolerant and more focused on understanding, accepting and spreading the “love behind the Law” rather than promoting a zero-tolerance attitude regarding adherence to the “Letter of the Law.”

But only stagnation and decay ensue when the Churches are conservative and cling to a memory, or fictitious ideal, of “the way it should be.”

 It should be noted that Conservative religious thought can have a greatly positive influence on society but, that usually the effects remain chiefly negative.

 Witness: the defense of slavery, and the stances of “Godly” preachers and priests against child labor laws, and minority civil rights laws.

Witness: the attempts at forced, coerced and violent conversions directed at any people of another religion that are under the influence of a politicized religion (theocracies, inquisitions, shari’a states).

 We all admit that Conservatism is designed to be highly successful at keeping the wheels of a society turning. Who but a fool will deny that there is a true virtue most times in maintaining most of the status quo; Leftists take note of the qualifications and keep your straw men to yourselves – I am not Christian, and never have been a Republican, or supporter of either Bush.

 But, it also must be admitted that Conservative governments and organizations have a poor track record when attempting to grease those wheels, to make accommodation for the fact that seems “odd“, “weird“, “different” to the average mind; whether the ideas are good ones or not!

When the going gets rough or to be a creative inspiration for the people who bear the main burdens of pushing the cart of civilization further, faster and safer than our ancestors ever believed it could go Conservatives can be of more a drag chain when they should be acting like the regenerative brakes that go with a hybrid engine.

 Conservative ideology certainly does not allow real flaws in the basic social system to be changed without a protracted, and often ugly, fight with the liberal mindset who are busy finding things that are not really broken to make into really nasty situations with well-meaning new laws and more, and more, and more tension from enforcement, and less and less elbow room for the well-intentioned citizen just trying to get along and improve their lives.

 Without a Liberal element in society, one that has enough influence to smack the current bosses on the head now and then but, not enough to dominate society  a person lives in what is at best a well upholstered slave camp destined to fade into the dust of history.


Without a Conservative element at the core to give perspective and balance a people will… well, just look at the aftermath of every single revolution in the past – the American revolution was actually a colony revolt – it was an independently evolving, functioning society that broke away from the parent nation/culture rather than an indigenous movement to topple all the central power structures and replace them ad hoc with unproven or dis-proven but, “much better” institutions; not long after they succeed the real bloodshed is just beginning!

 Who was it again that decreed with proven ‘Holy Authority‘ that all human problems can, and may, only be solved by a totally Left-wing or totally Right-wing ideology? When did admitting that your Party’s platform cannot solve all problems if followed by “good” people?

The voting public needs to take off their trendy, strait-jackets/sheep-outfits, grow up, and look at reality – of the real kind, rather than the oh-so-importantly-unimportant political sort – and then find the ideal solutions, not the solutions that serve your political tribe while walking over everyone else’s Lives’, Liberties, and frantic Pursuits of Happiness.

CNN Cheers on Hamas as They Make Their Own Children Bleed!

We All Saved! CNN has put out a FAQ on Hamas and Israel and their conflict! World Peace is IMMANENT!


That FAQ was actually almost MOSTLY objective; but boy is that ‘mostly’ a big one!

Did you notice Virginia, that the author left out the fact that after Hamas won enough of the Gazan elections to control the Strip they violently and illegally ejected all non-Hamas persons of authority from their positions and made Gaza a virtually independent HAMAS territory; while the West Bank remains controlled by a somewhat pseudo-democratic mix of Fatah and Hamas and others?

Their violent conversion of political dominance into dictatorial control in Gaza puts a very different spin on a lot of things that have happened since then!

The author might as well put on a sweater declaring “Hamas, Hamas! RAH! RAH! RAH!”

The tone of the language used about the Palestinians is very neutral, objective and non-judgmental while the language used to describe the actions of Israelis is full of prejudice and filtered through a bigoted lens.

Some Examples

Four years after the last major conflict in the region, Israel and Hamas are once again on the brink of war in Gaza. So what is the group, and what does it hope to achieve by its rocket attacks on Israeli targets?

A psychologist might find it amusing to note that usually, when insider describes something like their political, criminal, or terrorist group for the most part they refer to them with terms like “the group” rather than the more formal names used by outsiders such as “the Catholics” or “the Smith’s” or “the Bronco’s.

Terms like “the Church, “the family” or “the team” are reserved (mostly) for group’s with which the speaker likely self-identifies. Yet here Hamas is referred to as “the group.” It is as though a member of a new Christian cult explaining to you what “the group” was about as opposed to someone telling you about “the Moonies” –  a term that a non-Moonie would use to explain “that group” as opposed to “The Group“; just saying.

After failing to mention any of Hamas’ more ‘unsavory’ activities in the years since its founding the author goes on to say:

Hamas’s refusal to recognize the state of Israel is one reason why it’s been excluded from peace talks. In 1993…

Then it never mentions the bombings, rocket attacks, and relentless television propagandizing on the Palestinian people by Fatah and Hamas; the “FAQ” even fails to notice the recent Palestinian government dedication of a public square in celebration of the mother of several suicide bombers. A woman who expressed the wish that all of her sons would die killing as many Israeli civilians as possible; that occurred in the “moderate: West Bank

Later on we have this gem, remember Virginia that virtually all of the Muslims you see on TV declare that ‘Jihad’ and ‘Holy War’ are not at all the same thing!

However, the founding charter of Hamas, published in 1988, called for jihad, or holy war, and marked a decisive split with the Muslim Brotherhood’s philosophy of nonviolence.

After the FAQ gives paragraph after paragraph of “facts” simply stated regarding Hamas’ actions (All reported in the most neutral tones, whether good or heinous but focused almost solely on the positive) we get this kind of tone about the Israelis:

Israel also accuses Hamas of using civilians in Gaza as a “human shield,” and the territory’s schools and hospitals as a cover for military hardware…”They bury their military infrastructure inside civilian areas,””

Given that everything in the sentence above is an established fact about the tactics Hamas uses regarding civilians, hospitals and children it is hard to understand the sudden change in tone from the Hamas description earlier in the ‘FAQ‘:

Hamas has sections dedicated to religious, military, political and security activities. It runs a social welfare program, and operates a number of schools, hospitals and religious institutions. It also has about 12,500 security personnel.

The FAQ reads like it was written half by an actual moderate seeking to explain facts on the ground and half by an actual member of Hamas; then some utterly clueless CNN suit chose which to include in the limited of space they had for this piece; this FAQ explains nothing but the need for people to go out and look at information for themselves to decided who did what to whom in each case.



Comment on YouTube Video of David Horowitz’s BBC Israel Diatribe


I got this comment last month on my YouTube Channel for a video of David Horowitz n England:


I think the full picture is that we should end occupation. Them being bad doesn’t give you the right to steal their land, kill their children, and rape their daughters and wives. Educate yourself focus and listen to some Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Robert Fisk and others.


Here is my reply:

@hicham437 Noam Chomsky? Washington and Jefferson would have held him down while Franklin shoved the Declaration and Constitution down his throat!  He makes the word “Liberal” into a curse instead a badge of honor.

He is a classic Marxist fellatiating “progressive” who thinks people like Mao, Ho, Pol Pot and Stalin were “O.K. dudes”!
That said, if you would understand the modern situation in Israel and it’s neighbors study the history going back all the way to the mid 1800’s.

This is when most of the ancestors of both Arabs and Jews started flocking to the area; this influx of Arabs and Jews continued until the early 30’s, with many Arabs coming to work in British and Jewish initiated jobs; jobs that did not exist where the Arab immigrants, mostly Syrians and Jordanians (new countries Hand-Delivered Compleat including new & improved infrastructures to the local Arabs by the British and French, those “Colonializing Bastards”, after centuries of callous foreign domination by the Turks) were from.

When looking at the actual history, as opposed to the rampantly political rhetoric from the extremes of both sides, you will find that the “Palestinian people” does not, and never did, exist as either a cultural or ethnic division from Arabs of “Greater Syria.”
Indeed, the concept of a Palestinian people that did not include Jews was created in the early 60’s as an open and blatantly political tool to “win” in the battle to remove Israel. Prior to that any and all accounts of “Palestine and “Palestinians” in general referred to ALL inhabitants of the area, including, and and especially, the Jewish elements that had been the majority population of Jerusalem for some time. The “Palestinian mandate” referred to Jews, not Arabs, they having been given the vast majority of the entire region when the Turkish Empire folded up after they sided with Germany in WWI.  Government was gone in those regions, Saudi Arabia was Arab ruled solely because of British intervention on their side against the Turks; and the British and French stepped n and established modern infrastructures of government and social services then let themselves be kicked/invited out of control before the locals had grown beyond their tribal-based endemic corruption and nepotism.

At that point both the Arab nationalist movement and the Jewish nationalist movement gained steam and a foothold; until the office of Mufti of Jerusalem fell into the hands of a rabid anti-Semite this was more a joint venture than a competitive one!!! This man was a buddy of Hitler, and had his own Muslim S.S. division!

He may, emphasize may, have been the originator and motivator of the entire “kill them all, and we won’t HAVE a problem” quote unquote ‘solution’ dear Adolph and others so hideously embraced. He was poised to apply it in his own backyard when things went sour for the Axis and he had to go on the run; mainstream history, if you bother to look it up!

As to “occupation”, follow the history and you find that never in hundreds of years, and then only briefly, has sovereignty been exercised in the region by locals, Arab or Jewish; even when it was Arab it was foreign Arabs, not local tribes.  There cannot be a legal “occupation” if there was never a settlement of the disputed territories; which is what Gaza and the West Bank LEGALLY are by any and all BINDING international declarations, agreements or UN Security Council commandments; deal with it, or stop talking about international “law” and how Israel is breaking it.

Declare Your Allegiance – Heretics Crusade Gear in Time for Christmas

This Could Almost Make Me An Anti-Semite!

I am so jealous! Imagine a whole COUNTRY filled with people who belong to a culture that has cornered the market on the Comedy Writing gene!  Too funny, and the more you know of the history of the region the funnier it gets.

Thanks to Caroline Glick for this Sunday chuckle.

Here are just some of the AMERICAN Jewish comedy greats:

(Edited and abridged excerpt from Wikipedia)

  • Jason Alexander, comedian, actor, writer, and director known for playing the iconic character "George Costanza" and for directing episodes on Seinfeld
  • Marty Allen (1922–) Stand-up comedian and part of the comedy team of Allen & Rossi, also dramatic actor in TV roles
  • Woody Allen (1935–) Yiddish speaking film director, writer, actor, musician and stand-up comedian who was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family[23]
  • Morey Amsterdam (1908–1996) television actor and comedian[34]
  • Edward Asner, comedic actor
  • Dave Attell (1965–) acclaimed stand-up comedian, and host of Comedy Central’s Insomniac with Dave Attell[35]
  • Jack Benny (1894–1974) Comedian, vaudeville performer, and radio, television, film actor, who pioneered the stand-up comedy art form, and who was an influence on the situation comedy television show genre.[36]
  • Milton Berle (1908–2002) Comedian and actor, who pioneered the vaudeville and stand-up comedy art forms [37]
  • Shelley Berman (1926–) comedian, writer, teacher, and actor[38]
  • Lewis Black (1948–) stand-up comedian, author, playwright, and actor[39]
  • Elayne Boosler – (1952-) comedian
  • Victor Borge (1909–2000) humorist, and concert pianist[40]
  • Alex Borstein (1971–) actress, writer and comedian[41]
  • David Brenner (1936–) stand-up comedian, actor, author, and filmmaker
  • Fanny Brice (1891–1951) Comedian, singer
  • Albert Brooks Stand-up comedian, director, screenwriter, and actor.
  • Mel Brooks,director, writer, actor, producer, composer, lyricist, and stand-up comedian, who pioneered the comedy style and genre of mixing comedy with real historic events, in an innovative manner
  • Brother Theodore, legendary and infamous monologuist and comedian known for pioneering the rambling, stream-of-consciousness dialogue style known as "stand up tragedy."
  • Lenny Bruce (1925–1966) Stand-up comedian, writer, social critic, satirist, and free speech martyr, who drastically revolutionized the stand-up comedy art form,[42]
  • George Burns (1896–1996) actor, comedian
  • Red Buttons (1919–2006) comedian and actor[23][43]
  • Eddie Cantor (1892–1964) comedian, singer, actor, songwriter[23]
  • Sid Caesar, actor, writer
  • Andrew Dice Clay, comedian
  • Louis C.K., (real name Louis Szekely), stand-up comedian, writer, actor, producer and director, who stars in his own show Lucky Louis.
  • Myron Cohen, comedian
  • "Professor" Irwin Corey, comedian
  • David Cross, comedian, actor
  • Billy Crystal (1947–) actor, writer, producer, comedian and film director[23]
  • Rodney Dangerfield, comedian
  • Larry David, Emmy-winning writer, director, comedian, actor, producer, co-creator of Seinfeld and creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Bob Einstein, comedian, writer, Super Dave Osborne
  • Ray Ellin, comedian, talk show host, actor, producer, writer
  • Wayne Federman, comedian, actor, writer
  • Larry Fine, the Three Stooges
  • Al Franken (1951–) comedian, actor, author, screenwriter, and U.S.Senator[44]
  • Jeff Garlin, comedian, producer
  • Andrew Ginsburg (1979–) comedian, actor, and three time champion bodybuilder[45]
  • Elon Gold, comedian, actor
  • Judy Gold (1962–) stand-up comedian and actress[46]
  • Shecky Greene, comedian, actor
  • Charles Grodin, comedian, actor
  • Christopher Guest, comedian, screenwriter, composer, musician, film director, actor, and founding Spinal Tap member
  • Buddy Hackett, stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and producer, who used a lot of Jewish humor in his act, and who also served with an anti-aircraft unit during World War II, and set up the Singita Animal Sanctuary in the San Fernando Valley, California
  • Chelsea Handler (1975–) actress/comedian[47]
  • Goldie Hawn, comedic actress in films and on television Laugh-In
  • Jonah Hill, comedian, actor, writer
  • Steve Hofstetter (1979-) comedian, author, and columnist
  • Jeremy Hotz, eccentric stand-up comedian who has perfected the neurotic Jewish person schtick.
  • Kenny Hotz, writer, director, actor, comedian, producer, photographer, who is the creator/co-star of the television show Kenny vs. Spenny (along with fellow Jewish comedian Spencer Rice), and creator/co-writer of the Showcase/FX series Testees.
  • Moe, Shemp & Curly Howard, the Three Stooges
  • George Jessel, comedian
  • Al Jolson, comedian, actor, singer
  • Jonathan Katz, stand-up comedian, actor, voice-actor who is known for creating, writing, and starring in the acclaimed animated sitcom Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist
  • Mickey Katz, comedian, musician, singer-songwriter, Klezmer clarinetist, director, writer, actor
  • Andy Kaufman, groundbreaking avant-garde comedian, who was the son of two devout Jewish parents, and pioneered the concept of anti-humor.
  • Danny Kaye (1913–1987) comedian, film actor and singer [23]
  • Alan King, comedian
  • Robert Klein, comedian
  • John Lehr (1967–) actor and comedian[48]
  • Tom Lehrer, satirist, musician[49]
  • Oscar Levant, comedian
  • BJ Novak, comedian, writer and television actor on "The Office"
  • "The Reverend" Bob Levy, stand-up comedian and frequent Howard Stern guest
  • Jerry Lewis (1926–) comedian, singer, actor, film director, writer, film producer, and humanitarian, known for his slapstick humor and his charity fund-raising telethons, who wrote, directed, produced, and starred in his own classic films such as The Ladies Man (1961), The Errand Boy (1961), The Patsy (1964) and The Nutty Professor (1963), among many others [23]
  • Richard Lewis, comedian
  • Bill Maher, stand-up comedian of political humor, among other styles.
  • Marc Maron, comedian, radio host
  • The Marx Brothers, (Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Zeppo, Gummo), legendary Jewish American comedy team
  • Jackie Mason (1931–) stand-up comedian[50]
  • Anne Meara (1929–) [ Converted to Judaism ] Comedienne and actress, partner and wife of Jerry Stiller[51]
  • Lorne Michaels (real name Lorne David Lipowitz), comedian, writer, director, producer, who is the sole creator, writer, director and producer of Saturday Night Live and who also produced the various film and TV projects that spun off from it, among other things
  • Bette Midler (1945–) singer, actress, and comedian, also known as The Divine Miss M[52]
  • Larry Miller (1953–) stand-up comedian, actor[53]
  • Dan Mintz, acclaimed idiosyncratic stand-up comedian known for his extremely deadpan delivery, keeping his eyes fixed straight ahead and never looking toward the camera or audience, who is one of a few stand-up comedians to use non sequitur oneliners in his act.
  • Jan Murray (1916–2006) stand-up comedian, actor[43]
  • Gilda Radner, (1946–1989) comedic actress
  • Harold Ramis (1944-) comedic actor, director, writer, producer
  • Carl Reiner, comedian, actor
  • Paul Reiser, comedian, actor
  • Paul Reubens, comedian, actor aka Peewee Herman
  • Spencer Rice (aka Spenny), writer, director, producer, and comedian, who is the co-star of Kenny vs. Spenny along with fellow Jewish comedian Kenny Hotz.
  • Don Rickles, stand-up comedian, actor; pioneer of insult comedy
  • Ritz Brothers (Al Ritz, Jimmy Ritz, Harry Ritz), legendary Jewish American comedy team[23]
  • Joan Rivers (1933–) comedian, actress, talk show host[54]
  • Seth Rogen, comedian, actor, writer
  • Jeffrey Ross, stand-up comedian, known as "The Roastmaster General".
  • Rita Rudner, legendary and influential female Jewish stand-up comedian who uses Jewish humor in her act.
  • Paul Rudd, actor, and screenwriter, who is the son of two devout Jewish immigrants from England
  • Mort Sahl, stand-up comedian and actor, who is credited with pioneering a style of stand-up comedy that paved the way for Lenny Bruce, Nichols and May, and Dick Gregory, and who also wrote jokes for speeches delivered by President John F. Kennedy.
  • Adam Sandler (1966–) actor, stand-up comedian, screenwriter, producer, and musician[43]
  • Andy Samberg (1978-) actor, comedian
  • Robert Schimmel (1950–) stand-up comedian whose material is often X-rated and controversial[55]
  • Sam Seder (1966–) actor, comedian, writer, producer, director[56]
  • Jerry Seinfeld, comedian, actor
  • Gary Shandling, comedian, actor
  • Al Shean, comedian, actor
  • Allan Sherman, satirist, musician
  • Sarah Silverman, stand-up comedian, actress, and writer
  • Phil Silvers, comedic actor
  • Bobby Slayton, comedian, The Pit Bull of Comedy
  • Robert Smigel, humorist, comedian and writer known for being the puppeteer behind Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog and his Saturday Night Live "TV Funhouse" cartoon shorts, who also contributed to the Jewish album The Jewish Songbook: The Heart and Humor of a People. He is the son of two devout Jewish parents, and was raised with a strong Jewish identity, which included Jewish day school, travels to Israel, and Jewish summer camps.
  • Kira Soltanovich, comedian, actress, writer, star of "Girls Behaving Badly" recurring on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"
  • David Steinberg (1942–) comedian, actor, author, writer and director.
  • Stella, acclaimed Jewish American comedy team consisting of Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, and David Wain.
  • Jon Stewart, stand-up comedian, actor, author, who is the host, head writer, and producer of The Daily Show[20]
  • Ben Stiller (1965–) comedian, actor, and film director[43]
  • Jerry Stiller (1927–) comedian and actor[51]
  • Rich Vos, comedic actor
  • Gene Wilder, comedic actor
  • Steven Wright, comedian, actor and writer, known for his lethargic voice and slow, deadpan delivery of ironic, witty, philosophical and sometimes deeply confusing or nonsensical jokes and one-liners with intentionally contrived situations
  • Ed Wynn (1886–1966) comedian and actor[23]
  • Henny Youngman, comedian and violinist who used oneliner comedy style
  • Comedy is not like running a bakery, if it isn’t in you, you cannot fake it.  Talent tells and for comedy  there is no denying the Jewish talent.