Heretics Crusade Has a New Fan: Mansoor Muhammed of “Christ And Muhammad” Website


(note, the times in the comments are ahead because our dear bud Man the Macher lives in Hyderabad, India.)

It just seems that our playful new friend Mansoor just cannot be content even when he has the last word.  Here we have his latest series of diatribes, insults and authoritarian theocratic pronouncements.  He informs me that I am so heinously wrong that he is not passing most of my comments, but as we saw he offered to share them with simpatico “fellow travelers” who  want to wallow in the fully, most hypocritical sense of self-righteous indignation.

He is adamant that my simple discussion of science and history are on a par with the writings of a Pat Robertson or even a Fred Phelps.

Yes, he edits out the most unanswerable parts from some of the posts that he uses, and the rest  are put work to TRY to refute me.  But, he still cannot keep from answering virtually every one!  He is not content with the idea that he can delete me entirely and ignore my ignorant hateful rants :) It seems that he MUST show  me refuted, so deeply have my critiques of his fantasies been.

Even if no one but he and I know of a post he “trashes” he simply has not been able to give it a rest.  He gets more and more insulting and his typing gets more and more teenagerish with shortcuts and cell phone-style contractions as he progressively loses his cool.

This is my response, let the world see the WHOLE story…(text is as-is-when-posted, all typos by both of us have been left in unless clearly marked. Bolds within the body of the text are mine.

  • Guy DeWhitney // March 23, 2010 at 7:47 am

    Did I miss something or did you just condemn a Christian for wantonly attacking Islam, and then turn right around and promote a book (money, money, money) that attempts to shred the HINDU religion?
    Given that modern India is HALF the size it was before the Muslims “liberated” parts in a long series of aggressive wars, killing millions in the process, I find that just a BIT hypocritical.

  • theoworkshop // March 27, 2010 at 8:16 am

    yeah… i did condemn a christian for wantonly attacking Islam and yeah .. i do promote a book that attempts to shred the hindu religion. You got any problems with that? Atleast I dont talk of non sense stuff like justifying massacres done by Isreal like you. Lot of my best friends are hindus and some of them have appreciated the insight that book provides. They all know and agree that it is meant for scholarly and academic interest. Thats the kind of people i have here.

His Friends are Hindu’s and he can’t even be bothered to capitalize the name of his “friend’s" faith!

Short interlude with Jeopardy Music…

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Mansoor Muhammed: Threats, Lies and All of That


Yet another Da’wa site has become offended at historical fact…Christ and Mohammed (

The author, Mansoor Muhammed’s homepage shows him to be very hurt at the actions and words of Jews and Christians. He has this lament about the viciousness of Jews and Christians in his "about me" section:

"The world seems to be not satisfied with demeaning, defaming and misinterpreting us."

He is quite distressed at the horrific actions of Israel and the US in his neighborhood of the world.  Poor fellah! He is so upset at my not submitting to his "truth" that this “gentle soul of religious persuasions” (or should that be pretentions?) responds to my posting facts about history thusly:

"Note: For those of you who do not understand the cause of my outburst just leave a comment leaving your email ID and i will show you this dewhitneys demonic comment that i have trashed ( he had put it at some other place) This is the guy who would love to see the world burn."

Note that he promotes a book he penned about the inconsistencies of the Hindu religion but, sees nothing but bias and hatred if anyone speaks of problems with his own. To those who dare to provide a counterpoint view our dear fellow Mansour declares:

theoworkshop // March 27, 2010 at 8:06 am

I doubt he will ever be brought to see that he is being hypocritical.  See, he is not searching for “truth”, he KNOWS IT ALREADY, Muslims do not “seek” as most other religion do; followers just need to submit, and make sure the rest of us conform to their reality.